Changes I have seen in over 20 years letting out holiday cottages in Whitby

Whitby Holiday Cottages

I have been letting out holiday cottages in Whitby since 1994 and wow how it’s changed.

In the early 90’s I talked to someone who let out a pretty cottage near the Abbey. They asked the guests to clean the cottage when they left and to leave the keys. The next guests (who had been sent keys) brought their own linen and just hoped the previous guests had made a good job of cleaning. All the owner had to do was occasionally call in and collect a pile of keys. Yes, the price was cheap but nobody would put up with that now.

Holiday cottages were used as an excuse to furnish them with all the old rubbish from your house and get new for yourself, now it is the exact opposite. I don’t remember what the year was but I think it started to change with new fire regs that said any upholstered furniture should have the “carelessness causes fires” sticker on them. That’s when the uncomfortable “antique” beds and chairs went to the tip.

Someone coming on holiday to Whitby now, expects better, or at least as good, as what they have got at home. Big flat tellies, free WiFi, comfortable beds with hotel quality bedding and well-equipped kitchens are just for starters.

Prices have crept up but so have expectations. Even now the price for a cottage can be as low as £9.50 per person per night (6 sharing a 3-bed cottage for a week in low season). We at Owners Cottages include electric and heating in the shown price. We welcome dogs free of charge. We have free WiFi in all the cottages. All the cottages are rated 4* by the AA inspector. We don’t charge for credit for debit card payments and we don’t charge extras such as booking charge or office charge or whatever.

The 14 cottages are owned by 8 separate owners who pay a commission for each booking we get them. There are no other charges. Not for advertising or website entries, we even pick up the charges for AA inspection and grading. If you own a property in Whitby and would like to advertise with us please contact me on or ring 01723 871028.

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Owners Cottages

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