5 Must Visit Self Catering Holiday Cottages In Whitby

If you’re looking for a quick getaway that is in a place as beautiful as it is filled with things to do then there is no better place than Whitby. Whitby has many beautiful self catering holiday cottages that are available all year round at reasonable rates. To help you plan your holiday to Whitby we have compiled a list of five self catering holiday cottages in Whitby that are definitely worth staying in.

The Corner House Holiday Cottage

The Corner House Holiday Cottage Whitby

The Corner House is a beautiful 2 bedroom self catering holiday cottage in Whitby available to stay in all year round. Situated just on the corner of Grape Lane, The Corner House sits just over the road from the home where Captain Cook lodged and learned his trade, which is now a museum dedicated to Whitby’s most famous son. If you’re looking for a place to stay that’s right in the heart of Whitby town then The Corner House is perfect, there are no steep hills or long walks into town as it is right on your doorstep.

Sleeps up to: 4
No parking

Telephone: 01924 273652
Website: www.thecornerhouse-whitby.co.uk

South Haven Holiday Cottage

South Haven Holiday Cottage in Whitby

South Haven is situated just around the corner from Doctor Crank’s Bike Shop, so not far away from town at all. This Whitby holiday cottage is very spacious with three bathrooms and three bedrooms, it’s the perfect place for a large family or for bigger groups of people to stay. The cottage is close enough to town to not have to walk very far but it’s also far away enough that you don’t get the noise from the town during busy periods.

Sleeps up to: 9

Website: www.southhavenwhitby.co.uk

Panorama & Harbour View Holiday Cottages

Harbour View Holiday Cottage Whitby

These two lovely four storey holiday cottages are owned by the same company and sit right next door to each other, so they’re fantastic for large groups of people. The two homes have plenty of parking spaces available too on the Ropery, where they stand. The two cottages are a ten-minute walk from the town, just down a small hill which can be a bit difficult for older people. The two homes have balconies with gorgeous views from them, it’s a fantastic place to stay if you want to relax and see Whitby from your doorstep as the views go all over Whitby.

Sleeps up to: 8 (Harbour View), 9 (Panorama)

Telephone: 07809 429 644
Website: www.harbourviewhousewhitby.co.uk

Seaview Apartment

Seaview Apartment in Whitby

This gorgeous apartment is big enough for a small family to enjoy. The apartment itself is on the West Cliff side of Whitby and from the windows you are greeted with sea views that will get you ready for the day when you wake up to the beautiful Whitby sea. You are in walking distance to the town and beach, though there are steps and slight hill that leads to the town centre. It’s the perfect place for a small party/family to stay and have a relaxing holiday in Whitby.

Sleeps up to: 4

Website: Click here for more information

Captain’s Quarters Holiday Apartment

Captain’s Quarters Holiday Apartment in Whitby

Captain’s Quarters is another apartment, though this one is placed right in the heart of Whitby. With beautiful views of the Abbey and the North Sea, Captain’s Quarters is perfect for those who want to be close to the beach as it is just a stone’s throw away. The gorgeous apartment is right next door to the amusements and is close to the nightlife, but you won’t be disturbed by noise during the night as it sits right on the end of the amusement/nightlife.

Sleeps up to: 6

Website: Click here for more information

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