Join Whitby Whale Watching on a trip to discover Yorkshire’s best kept secret!

Whitby Whale Watching

So few people realise the North Sea, just a few miles off Whitby, boasts such a rich variety of sea life below the surface.

Every summer Whales arrive off our coast of Whitby to feast on the migrating herring which come to spawn. In the last two years we have seen numerous Minke Whales, Sei, Fin and Humpback Whales, White Beaked and Bottlenose Dolphins and Porpoise along with Seals and many species of birds.

Whitby Coastal Cruises offer several trips on the “Yellow Boats”. Coastal cruises from Saltburn in the North to Robin Hoods Bay in the south, Trips to the Seal Colony at Ravenscar, Staithes trips, River cruises and Sunset and Twilight cruises and our ever popular short trips around the bay.

See the tell-tale swell, the whales showing themselves while swimming alongside the boat, sharp jets of water being shot into the air from their blow holes and experience the smell of fish on their breath – before they breach and disappear again to the murky depths below!

You don’t need to travel the world to experience this amazing sight, you can do it off the coast of Yorkshire’s premier resort; Whitby. Whitby Whale watching is a unique experience that is open to all.

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We are easily located on Whitby’s famous harbourside. All trips depart from the Brewery Steps (St Ann’s Staith) Whitby. Just look for the yellow boats of our sister company Whitby Coastal Cruises

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