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Reach over 100,000 potential customers each month. We offer a unique, highly targeted platform to advertise your local business. We use the latest digital marketing techniques to expose your businesses to thousands of highly targeted customers each month.

Want to advertise your business on The Whitby Guide?

We offer several advertising opportunities for local businesses in Whitby and the surrounding areas. Our blog is one of the most popular independent travel guides for Whitby and the North Yorkshire region.

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How many people can you target when advertising with us?

Over 1000 website visitors a day

On average, we have over 1000 websites visitors to our website a day, in peak season, this is closer to 2000 visitors a day

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We have a very active and responsive Facebook community. All our advertisers get exposure on our Facebook page.

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We have a huge list of email subscribers who have subscribed to receive updates and offers from our advertisers.

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