Smuggling in Whitby
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Smuggling tales from around Whitby

Throughout history, men have made a living from smuggling goods and living under the nose of the taxman. Whitby and the surrounding villages were a hotbed for smuggling for generations, with tales of hidden tunnels and secret societies a plenty. Here are a few Whitby smuggling tales for you to enjoy. […]

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Five Whitby Folklore Tales

For centuries sailors and fishermen have swapped stories to either scare or entertain their listeners whilst they drank up all the liquor Whitby had to offer. Here at The Whitby Guide, we have compiled a list of five Whitby folklore tales. Enjoy… […]

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Who Was St Hilda?

St Hilda is one of those names that, much like Caedmon, is seen all over Whitby and the surrounding areas. Anyone who lives in Whitby will know who St Hilda is, but for those who don’t know the famous saint, read on… […]