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We love Whitby
We've been creating high quality content about Whitby for more than a decade. We love our work but during these lean months we've had to take a serious look at how we earn a living from the website.

We love what we do but we need your help
It costs £1,000's each year in effort, time and money to create, curate and share content on The Whitby Guide. The revenue we make from direct sponsorship from local businesses has suffered during lockdown. We need to find a way a to make up the difference.

We've launched a Patreon page to offer you, our Whitby Super Fans, the opportunity to support our work directly.

We're asking Whitby lovers to support our work as we move into a new phase of creativity and to help us keep doing the work we love. Only with your support will it be possible to continue to provide the most up to date tourist information, stories and articles about our favourite seaside town.

The tiered membership offers four levels of rewards including early access to new content, exclusive Whitby experiences and of course, for our super fans, free Whitby merchandise.

Membership goals

We need to reach 250 Patreon members to secure enough revenue to continue our work. With this level of support we'll be able to create new content each week for Whitby and the surrounding regions and to share the latest news, updates and offers from all your favourite local businesses.

250 members at £3 per month means we can invest in new content on a weekly schedule.

500 members at £5 per month means The Whitby Guide could go Ad-Free.

1000 members means we can invest in exclusive video content.

Got an idea for a reward? We'd love to hear it – email James to share your thoughts.

If you love Whitby as much as we do, support us with a Patreon membership and help us to continue our important Whitby work.

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