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Circular Walks From Boggle Hole

Boggle Hole is a small cove just a mile south of Robin Hood’s Bay, with its very own myths and legends. On the Cleveland Way, it’s also a fantastic starting point for a circular coastal walk!

Whether you’re staying at Boggle Hole YHA, just visiting for the day, or leaving a treat for a boggle. Boggle Hole is such an exciting place to spend time. In this article, we list a selection of our favourite circular walks from Boggle Hole.

What is Boggle Hole?

Boggle Hole and the surrounding area is such an exciting place to explore. Many people believe a boggle lives at Boggle Hole; according to local folklore, hobs, hobgoblins, and boggles were mischievous creatures that lived in caves along the North Yorkshire Coastline and remote areas of the moorland.

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Some believed these boggles had magical healing powers, and mothers would bring their sick children to the hob holes, hoping they would be cured.

Boggle Hole and Boggle Hole Beach.

People also used the caves along the coastline to hide their smuggled contraband, such as rum and tobacco. Nowadays, the caves are a popular destination for fossil hunters and explorers.

The rocky foreshore is home to many fossils, such as belemnites and ammonites, making it a fascinating place to explore. Additionally, the beach is dog-friendly.

Circular Walk from Boggle Hole to Robin Hood’s Bay

Circular Walk from Boggle Hole to Robin Hood's Bay.

Easy family walk | 2.9 miles | Takes up to 1 hour

This is a perfect family-friendly walk that offers a breathtaking view of the North Yorkshire coast. You can start the walk at Boggle Hole car park and follow the Cleveland Way North. As you walk, you’ll be surrounded by fields of cows, horses, and coastal birds. Be cautious and keep your dogs on leads to ensure their safety and not to scare any wildlife.

The walk will take you to the village of Robin Hood’s Bay, where you can stop for some delicious fish and chips or ice cream. At low tide, you can get back to Boggle Hole via the beach, but be sure to check the tide times carefully. If the tide is in, head back along the clifftop way. The walk takes about an hour there and back, perfect for a fun day with your family.

Find the full route here.

Boggle Hole to Ravenscar Low Nook Circular

Moderate walk| 7.9 miles | Takes up to 6 hours

Ravenscar signpost.

Begin your journey by crossing the footbridge over Mill Beck to the road from the hostel. Turn right and take the steps to the left. Follow the Cleveland Way/Coast Path and cross the footbridge over Stoupe Beck.

Head up to the road and follow it, then take the footpath on the left at the fingerpost. From there, turn left at the fingerpost to the Alum Works and follow around the works. Then, turn left back onto the main track and bear left to stay on the concrete track, which follows alongside a golf course.

Head up the hill towards the turrets of Raven Hall, which can be seen on the skyline. As the track bends sharply to the right, follow the path at the fingerpost across the golf course toward the cliffs.

Continue to Ravenscar

Follow the path down to a viewpoint and information board. Retrace your steps to the sharp bend and continue along the track into Ravenscar. At the road, take the track on the right and pass the visitor centre. Follow this path (Cinder Track) for the next 3.8 miles to the junction with Middlewood Lane (just past two seats to the left of the path).

Turn right onto the road, left onto Mark Lane and take the footpath at the end of the lane on the left. Turn right onto the clifftop path towards Boggle Hole. Shortly after a wooded section, the path descends steep and uneven steps back to the hostel.

Follow the full route here.

Boggle Hole to Whitby Circular

Difficult walk | 15.8 miles | Takes up to 12 hours

Whitby To Robin Hood's Bay Coastal Walk. Yorkshire Coast.

This route is long but easy to follow. Begin by turning left up the steps from the hostel and following the clifftop path until you reach Robin Hood’s Bay.

From there, cross the beck and continue onto Station Road. Turn right onto Mount Pleasant North, bear right onto the Cleveland Way/Coast Path and follow it to the road near Whitby Abbey.

From there, turn right to the car park, take the path to the left of the church and go down the 199 steps onto Church Lane. Turn left onto Church Street, right onto Bridge Street, cross the bridge and turn left onto New Quay Road. Pass the station, turn left onto Windsor Terrace, then bear left onto Waterstead Lane.

This walk is more difficult but rewarding!

At Gledhill Drive, take the footpath on the left and pass under the A171. Turn right to arrive at the college entrance and continue ahead, taking the footpath in the back left corner of the car park. Follow alongside the playing fields, join the Cinder Track, turn left to cross Larpool Viaduct and continue for just over five miles to Robin Hood’s Bay.

Leave the Cinder Track onto Elm Grove, turn left to join Mount Pleasant North, and cross over Station Road. Finally, follow alongside the car park to Thorpe Lane, turn right, then re-join the Cinder Track at the fingerpost on the left. Continue until the track crosses Middlewood Lane, turn left onto the road, left onto Mark Lane, and take the footpath at the end. Turn right onto the clifftop path and retrace your steps back to the hostel.

Follow the full route here.

These three circular walks from Boggle Hole offer varying difficulties, each one offers something a little different. Please ensure you check tide times when participating in any walk that involves the beach around Boggle Hole. The sea will come right up to the hostel, cutting you off at high tide.

Let us know in the comments if you have ever visited Boggle Hole and tried any of our selected walks! We’d love to hear what you thought. 

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