Whitby Krampus Run 2024

The streets of Whitby host an annual event that brings to life the Krampus legend. Krampus, a horned creature from Alpine folklore, is known to punish children who have misbehaved during the Christmas season. Typically depicted with fierce-looking features such as horns, shaggy black fur, and a long pointed tongue, the Krampus tradition dates back centuries and is still celebrated in many parts of Europe today.

The Whitby Krampus Run started as a small gathering in 2013 but has since evolved into a full-fledged public event. Each year, attendees don costumes and participate in street parades while embracing local folklore to offer a unique twist on the Krampus legend. This annual event is now in its tenth year and takes to the streets of Whitby to punish the wicked.



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