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Goathland, Heartbeat history and filming locations

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The TV Series Heartbeat was filmed in Goathland, a village nestled in the North York Moors. This quaint moorland village is an excellent hub for hikers, history enthusiasts and Heartbeat fans seeking a holiday spot.

Goathland is a moorland village located on the eastern edge of the North York Moors National Park. As you stroll through the village, with sheep leisurely grazing in the background, it’s easy to feel transported back to the 1960s. The area is famously known as Heartbeat Country! Goathland is situated approximately 20 minutes from Whitby (approx 9 miles). 

Goathland is a moorland village located on the eastern edge of the North York Moors National Park.
Goathland is a moorland village located on the eastern edge of the North York Moors National Park.

What was Heartbeat?

In the 90s, Heartbeat was a big deal in British television. It was based on Nicholas Rhea’s “Constable” novels. Heartbeat was first aired on Friday, 10th April 1992 and continued for 18 series, with over 350 hour-long episodes that concluded on Sunday, 12th September 2010. The show was an instant success, with early series regularly attracting more than 10 million viewers and reaching a peak audience of 13.82 million in 2001, as well as 12.8 million viewers in 2003.

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It aired on Sundays and was the perfect kind of show for families to enjoy together every week. The show was set in the 1960s in the fictional town of Ashfordly and the village of Aidensfield. The show’s focus was on the police officers who worked in the area, as well as the villagers, who were all unique characters.

Many of Heartbeat’s key characters came straight out of the books by Nicholas Rhea, while other characters were adapted and new ones introduced. The show’s main characters were PC Rowan, portrayed by Nick Berry (known for his role as ‘Wicksy’ in Eastenders), and his wife, Dr Kate Rowan, played by Niamh Cusack. In later series, new characters were introduced, such as PC Walker, played by Jonathan Kerrigan, and PC Mason, played by Joe McFadden.

Heartbeat was filmed in the village of Goathland

The filming location for Heartbeat was mainly in the village of Goathland. The moody Yorkshire countryside was a constant backdrop to the show, with the winding roads through the moors. Occasionally, they would include nearby locations like Whitby, and the spin-off series, The Royal, was set in Scarborough.

Heartbeat Filming locations

The Goathland Hotel otherwise known as the Aidensfield Arms.
The Goathland Hotel. Image from Facebook.

The Goathland Hotel (The Aidensfield Arms)

Most British TV shows have a pub that serves as the central meeting place for the characters, and Heartbeat is no exception. The Aidensfield Arms was a popular spot for the main characters to unwind after a long day’s work. Interestingly, the Aidensfield Arms is the Goathland Hotel in real life. During the earlier seasons of Heartbeat, the interior shots were filmed within the hotel. However, as the show’s popularity grew, a television studio created a replica to facilitate more filming without inconveniencing the hotel’s guests. The exterior shots, however, remained the same throughout the show’s entire run. Today, you can visit the pub to enjoy a meal or a drink and even stay overnight at the hotel. The Goathland Hotel remains a beloved location for fans of Heartbeat.

Aidensfield Garage in Goathland. BKP, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Scripps (Aidensfield Garage)

You may spot the Aidensfield Garage near the Aidensfield Arms just across the way. This vintage-looking garage has made many appearances on the show and was taken over by Bernie Scripps in season 5, earning it a new name. It was a popular hangout spot for Greengrass and his schemes. Nowadays, you can still visit the garage, but it’s been transformed into a gift shop that also serves up small refreshments. The outside of the garage is adorned with vintage signs, pumps, and old cars. It is a prime spot for some memorable photo opportunities. If you’re a fan of Heartbeat, this is worth a visit, as the gift shop has a ton of memorabilia and souvenirs to choose from.

Aidensfield Stores has been featured on TV and is famous for the classic cars often parked outside.
Aidensfield Stores has been featured on TV and is famous for the classic cars often parked outside. Image from Facebook.

Aidensfield Stores

Be sure to take a little detour to the nearby shops and tearoom. One of the shops, Aidensfield Stores, has been featured on TV and is famous for the classic cars often parked outside. You might even spot some tourists snapping photos! It’s a great spot to grab some souvenirs or snacks if you need them.

The Railway Station located in Goathland is an absolute gem, and it’s worth taking a short walk downhill from the village to get there. Subarite, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Goathland Railway Station

The Railway Station located in Goathland is an absolute gem, and it’s worth taking a short walk downhill from the village to get there. It gained popularity due to its appearance in the Harry Potter films as Hogsmeade Station, but it has also been featured in the Heartbeat show. In one episode, it was the site of a dramatic train accident involving PC Walker, but thankfully he survived! If you’re lucky, a train might arrive while you’re there. You can even take a steam train to other destinations in North Yorkshire, like Whitby or Pickering.

How to get to Goathland 

Goathland is situated in the North Yorkshire Moors, making it reasonably remote. Click here to get directions.


The village is approximately 40 miles (1 hour) from York, 10 miles (20 mins) from Whitby, and 25 miles (40 mins) from Scarborough. You can park your car in the large car park in the village. In case it is full, another one is right next to it. Although parking is available at the train station, it is small and mainly intended for train users. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use the village car parks instead.

Public Transport:

If you plan on taking the bus to Goathland, catch the 840 Coastliner that runs between York and Whitby. Remember to check the frequency of the service and the last bus departure time to avoid any inconvenience. 

Organised Tours:

If you’re looking to explore the area, one popular option is to take an organised bus tour of the village. Get your guide offer a Heartbeat TV Locations Tour – from York.

Steam Train:

To explore Goathland by steam train, hop on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and get off at Goathland Station. Find further information here.

Whether or not you are a Heartbeat fan, visiting Goathland is worth it. It’s a great place to visit and enjoy a day out. Comment below and let us know if you are a Heartbeat fan and have ever visited Goathland. We love to hear about your experiences.

Header image credit – © Copyright Pauline E and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

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If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it with your friends.

29 thoughts on “Goathland, Heartbeat history and filming locations”

  1. Visited goathland a few times. All the tea shops are wonderful and a great selection of souvenirs. If you have watched Heartbeat, then Goathland is a must. It won’t ever change so enjoy. I look at the view to the general store across the village green on my fridge magnet every time I open the fridge!

  2. What a wonderful place to visit. We always go a couple of times on our holidays in Whitby. Both the tearooms are excellent and all the other little shops are well worth a visit.

  3. Hi there
    To me Heartbeat is the best series ever made, it makes me so happy and always will, I have the complete box set, I used to go there regularly with My Dad and sister, we met the cast whilst filming, stayed in the Goathland arms, and visited the surrounding areas, I hope to go visit again soon, it’s just perfect.

    Thank you

    • my fav episode was series 12 no 12 with the zebra running down main street, 2nd for me greengrass drunk in charge of the train

  4. Take the easy and delightful walk from Goathland to Grosmont the Headquarters of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and return by train.

  5. I live in East Yorkshire about an hour from Goathland. Have been many times and love it. Have often enjoyed lunch in The Goathland Hotel AKA The Aidensfield Arms. Area of outstanding beauty.


  7. I have watched Heartbeat from day one and still never miss a program every weekday night. Its my era I was born in the early 40s so 60s music is my time and the bikes and cars are another reason for me watching. I have a BSA ex police motorbike just like the one in the program.

  8. We absolutely love everything about Whitby. We have been holidaying for years. My son who has Williams Syndrome loves the North Yorkshire Moors Railway still at 27 !

  9. I have visited many times I love the laid back atmosphere , i didn’t watch heartbeat when it was originally on tv but I have started watching it now and love it , I have also last wk started watching the royal too

  10. I lived in Goathland in the 1960’s, and started my first job in the garage in 1962, the garage was then run by Bob Sleightholme.
    Drank underage in the Goathland hotel ! Married in Goathland church 1965. So I can offer a valuable opinion on ‘Heartbeat’ . Loved every episode.
    Watch it almost every day, and never tire of watching repeats ????

  11. Myself & twin brother where extras in Heartbeat!

    We were adopted & found out our blood mother’s farther (our grandad) had a holiday property in the village.

    The owner of the garage used in the series is a lovely chap & we have met him several times. David & Michael, David.

  12. Although i grew up in Rural Cheshire,and not as many hills & dales i know,the programme takes me back to growing up in the 60’s,the programme was spot on in every detail,i visited Goathland Twice with my two sons twice,i lived and worked in Scarborough twice so was well aware of the setting,ive watched every episode 7/8 times,it just so takes me back in time,fantastic.

  13. Absolutely love this series ,I watch every evening on ch.10 .I love all the characters such good acting

  14. Went on a bus tour from Northern Ireland and visited Gothland and the Heartbeat film sets. Enjoyed it immensely, never watched the series back in the day. Since we came home, we watch one, sometimes two every night. 83 now, takes me back. Love the Francis Barnett motorcycle in the series.


    • Thank you for your comment Derek. I have very fond memories of Heartbeat when growing up. We watched it every Sunday as a family, I’m glad to hear you’re now a converted fan of the show. Goathland is such a wonderful little village to visit.

  15. I’m a serious fan of heartbeat and for first time in may I actually get to visit can anyone give me advice on where to visit etc connected to the series and good places to eat… Also see the garage is a gift shop want plenty of heartbeat memorabilia.. Thanku any info will be great

  16. My husband and l watch Heartbeat over and over, so much so are 10 year old grandson became a fan, he wanted to go to ‘Adensfield ‘ so last July ŵe stayed in Pickering for a few days and took him to Goathland on the NYMR, Had an absolutely lovaly day, a drink in the Adensfield Arms and ice cream from Bernie’s garage, now when watching we all comment that we have been there and seen that, loved it so much going back this year.

  17. I have been a fan of Heartbeat for many years and have visited Goathland quite a few times
    It is a great place to walk around and a short walk to the station is well worthwhile. I have also had a drink in the pub.
    In the opening pictures there is one where the police car goes through a ford ,
    I went through it but cannot remember where it is.
    What a wonderful series it was

  18. Love going to Goathland, and always visit it when in Whitby. Going to Whitby on June 28, so Goathland will be a must.


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