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NYMR Light Spectacular Express 2023, Our Review

We gathered our family and boarded a steam train for the NYMR Light Spectacular Express! Here’s our full review.

NYMR’s Light Spectacular Express is back for 2023, and we visited their opening night to join in the magic. We were so excited to dance along to music, drink hot chocolate and journey through the North York Moors. Here’s our full review of the event.

Mum and son at the NYMR Light Spectacular.

Review of the NYMR Light Spectacular Express

The rain didn’t bother us on the 27th of October as we headed to Pickering for the opening night of the NYMR Light Spectacular Express. That’s one great thing about this event: a downpour won’t spoil your fun. You’ll be warm and cosy onboard.

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NYMR Light Spectacular Rainbow Colours.

We were excited for the event, a one-hour journey across the North York Moors in a beautiful heritage carriage with thousands of sparkling lights and a DJ-mixed playlist. We arrived at Pickering Station, where there was plenty of parking available; however, just be aware peak dates are much busier than the opening night, and the car park can get full quickly! There were plenty of parking stewards around who were very helpful.

We picked up our very own colourful flashing wristbands

NYMR Light Spectacular Rainbow Wristbands.

On the way onto the platform, we picked up a flashing wristband from one of the volunteers. He was so helpful and showed us how to use them. The NYMR is run by volunteers who help to conserve the railway. Each volunteer we spoke to was friendly, patient and knowledgeable.

Information Desk Pickering.

There’s an information room behind where you pick up your wristbands to find further information. 

Pickering Station

Light Up Train NYMR.

Next, we walked up to the platform where we first saw the train lit up with all the rainbow colours! Our little boy was so excited, and we got some fantastic photos here. Pickering Station itself is so pretty; this station was restored to its 1937 glory recently with help from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Pickering Station.

All original fixtures and fittings have been installed in the booking and parcels office, as well as the station’s tea room.

Tea Room Pickering.

We arrived early, so we wandered down to the Pickering Tea Room and Shop for some sweet treats and hot chocolates. We were impressed with the selection, from Prosecco to kids’ Halloween treats, something for everyone. There were lots of cakes, sandwiches and Yorkshire goodies. Everything we tried was delicious.


The event is perfect for the entire family regardless of accessibility needs.

We were impressed at how accessible the station is, with accessible routes to the platforms and an accessible learning centre. There is free disabled parking and accessible toilet facilities. It makes the event perfect for the entire family regardless of accessibility needs. For further information, click the link for their access guide.

We loved the NYMR Light Spectacular Express

Family on the NYMR Light Spectacular Train.

We hopped on board and found our seats; the train was beautifully maintained, warm and cosy! Once we set off, TV’s ‘Voice Over Man’ guided us through the journey, and we became part of the show as our flashing wristband synchronised with the music.

Cake and Hot Chocolate NYMR Light Spectacular.

We all loved the experience. Our little boy was singing and dancing along, looking for Boggles out the window amongst the Moors and interacting with the rest of our carriage.

Halfway through, a food and drinks cart served us, which was magical! Complete with Harry Potter chocolate frogs. We can’t recommend the experience enough, and we will attend next year. It was perfect for families and great value for money.

Watch our highlight reel below. View on Instagram.

There is still time to get your tickets!

Dates: 27th October to 5th November and 10 to 12th November 2023.

Times: Departing at 6.15 pm or 7.45 pm.

Tickets Prices;

  • Adult: £25
  • Child: £25
  • Careers go free with every full-paying guest. Wheelchair User (+2 Guests): £25

Your ticket includes;

  • A one-hour return train journey between Pickering and Levisham.
  • Synchronised flashing wristbands.
  • On-board narration by Voiceover Man and music.

Let us know if you have ever participated in this event in the comments; we would love to hear your thoughts. You can learn more about the event here.

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  1. While it was an enjoyable evening I do think paying full price for a 15month old baby is far too expensive, she could not have her own seat as she was far too small to look out of the window she had to sit on someone’s knee which made the wristband an expensive item. I did enquire before we purchased the tickets but was told basically that’s the price end of story.


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