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Places You Can Eat Lobster in Whitby

Whitby is famous for its seafood, and many restaurants serve the finest lobster. It’s fresh, locally sourced and sometimes cooked creatively. Here are some places you can try lobster in Whitby.

If it’s lobster you are after, you are in luck. Whitby has many excellent restaurants serving delicious seafood, with visitors returning for years! We have researched some of the best places to try lobster in Whitby.

1. Fisherman’s Wife, Whitby

Fishermans Wife, Whitby Lobster with Garlic Butter Whitby

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The Fisherman’s Wife in Whitby is famous for its fish, chips, and fantastic seafood. Its sea views are pretty famous too. They have over 50 years of experience, their fish only comes from well-managed sources, and their crab and lobsters are caught locally by Andy and Bryan of A.B Shellfish using lobster pots in the bay right outside the restaurant.

They offer a wide range of dishes here to suit various tastes. For example, they serve a half or a whole lobster grilled in garlic butter served with salad and fries, a half or a whole lobster with luxury Thermidor sauce served with salad and fries, and a half or full lobster salad served with fries or new potatoes. Service is always friendly and attentive, and there is outdoor seating too.

2. Magpie Cafe, Whitby

You can get Lobster in Whitby from the Magpie Cafe

The Magpie Cafe is one of Whitby’s most well-known and well-loved seafood restaurants. However, there is always a queue outside this restaurant, no matter the season! So you must try one of their seafood dishes for yourself.

On their menu is lobster Thermidor, a whole locally sourced lobster in a rich Thermidor sauce served with deep-fried scally onions and salad or potato dish. Our mouth is watering! The seafood here is locally and sustainably sourced, and service here is second to none; they are located on Whitby Harbour, and customers return from all over the world year after year.

3. The Marine, Whitby

Lobster served at The Marine Whitby

The Marine is in a great location on Whitby Harbour. If you love seafood and a relaxed dining experience, then you will love The Marine. They offer chilled seafood platters to serve one or two people bursting with lobster, a whole dressed crab, oysters, prawns and crevettes. Just perfect for sharing while watching the world go by from the window. They also feature a half or whole lobster, served chilled, Thermidor or with garlic butter and salad or chips. Now we’re getting seriously hungry!

4. Trenchers, Whitby

Lobster served at Trenchers in Whitby

They are situated on Whitby’s iconic harbour side. It’s no secret that Trenchers is our favourite place in Whitby for fish and chips. We shout it from the rooftops! But did you know they do other great seafood and often feature lobster on their specials menu here too?

They offer seafood salads, crab, lobster, fresh fish, homemade pies and lasagnas, Whitby scampi, vegetarian options and a dedicated children’s menu. So you are sure to find something to suit you here. Service is always friendly and attentive, and the booth seating is ideal for families.

5. Estbek House, Sandsend

Estbeck House Sandsend Lobster

Estbek House in Sandsend was the Yorkshire Coast’s first two AA rosette restaurant, which continues to impress! This award-winning restaurant offers impeccable service and seafood! They buy fish, meat, dairy produce and eggs from local, family-run businesses. Sustainability and environmental responsibility are at the core of Estbek so that many more generations can enjoy all Sandsend has to offer.

Their menu is varied, and there is something for various tastes; they offer a whole Whitby lobster with crayfish and brown shrimp, served with either light Thermidor sauce, seaweed Butter or provencal tomato sauce, and finally served with accompanying chunky chips.

6. Hart Inn, Sandsend

Seafood Sharing Platter with Lobster from the Hart Inn Sandsend

The Hart Inn in Sandsend is a welcoming pub and restaurant serving fantastic fresh seafood. Their menu offers plenty of home-cooked dishes as well as lobster. In addition, they provide a special seafood-sharing platter which features lobster and gets rave reviews. Service here is always excellent; there is onsite parking and a great beer garden.

Please let us know in the comments if we have enticed you to try lobster in one of these Whitby restaurants or if you already have a favourite. We love to hear your opinions.

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