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Loggerhead Yard Whitby 1926 by Thomas Middleton


Loggerhead Yard, Whitby, 1926

This mounted print is taken from an original watercolour painting by recently discovered Whitby artist Thomas James Middleton.

High-quality mount and undermount: Yes
External Size: 203x305mm
Aperture Size: 152x264mm

Fits: 8 x 12 inch frame.

This is an exclusive print, only available via The Whitby Guide.

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Thomas Middleton was born at Brown's Yard, Haggersgate in Whitby. He was known fondly as ‘Tot' and he was a steelworker at the Cargo Fleet Iron Company which was established in 1864 as Swan-Coates.

He resided with his family at 3 Prospect Place, Cargo Fleet so he didn't have to travel far to work. Demolished in the 1970s, it was very convenient to visit the Crown Hotel which was also known as the ‘red ruin' as it was always covered in red iron-ore dust. The steel workers' wages were often spent in here! Thomas Middleton was a furnaceman by trade, a well-known boozer but especially a talented watercolour artist. When unemployed he supported his large family by selling landscape paintings and other scenes including Whitby Harbour.

Thomas Middleton Whitby Artist

He is said to have been a father to fourteen children however nothing is known of his wife. The Eldest of his children was Thomas James Middleton Jnr (1901-1983). Other known sons were Sidney and Fred who remained bachelors. His son Stanley sadly drowned when he was a young man in the Tees at Cargo Fleet. Jack, a marine settled in Stevenage after marrying a German. His known daughters Vera, Freda and Madge all married.

Thomas sadly passed away from a brain tumour on the 18th November 1940 at the home of his daughter Freda Joel.