Saint Hilda Snakestone Soap


The box contains one Saint Hilda Snakestone Soap, wrapped in tissue paper sealed with a Mount House logo sticker. An information card with a drawing by Jo Witney or Whitby is included. There are two cards available selected at random.

Snakestones are ammonite fossils to which a snakehead has been added. Hilda, the founding abbess of Whitby in the 7th century, was said to have the amazing power to turn snakes to stone. The evidence for this is the plentiful ammonites looking like petrified coiled snakes found in the Jurassic cliffs of Whitby.

Minimum weight = 40 g, diameter = max. 6 cm.

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Essential oils scent the soaps. Rosemary and lavender grow happily in the garden at Mount House. These plants inspired the choice of scent and a little warming cedarwood was added. The soaps contain bladderwrack (bladderwrack adds nutrients not found in land plants), and the more authentically coloured black soaps have additional black clay and charcoal, which can be a bit messy due to the charcoal and black clay (avoid use with white flannels). The black glossiness of the black soaps is pleasing – and useful for washing really dirty hands after gardening as the dirt does not show on the dried soap.

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Black Clay & Rosemary, Black Clay & Lavender, Bladderwrack & Lavender, Bladderwrack & Rosemary