The Regret


Named after The Regret, which was launched at Whitby in 1814. She traded with the East Indies under license from the British East India Company. A fire destroyed Batavia Roads in September 1822.

Never Regret giving yourself a little treat, full of Whitby’s most delicious flavours, you’ll never be able to just have one.

This treat package contains:

  • Whitby Distillery Spiced Rum (5cl)
  • Whitby Distillery RNLI Dark Spiced Rum (5cl)
  • Botham’s Whitby Heritage Ginger Loaf
  • Botham’s Ginger Parkin
  • Guppys of York Crystallised Ginger Dark Chocolate Bar (100g)
  • Guppys of York Dark Chocolate with Ginger Crunch (90g)
  • Fentimans Ginger Beer (275ml)
  • Presented in a Whitby Hampers Black Box
  • Free Personalised Whitby Postcard

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