Scarborough is a lovely seaside town that appeals to visitors of all age groups

Today, Scarborough sets the record for being the largest holiday resort on the entire Yorkshire Coast. Scarborough is also known as being one of the most vibrant and diverse seaside towns on the North East Coast. There is an abundance of activities to cater for all age groups and tastes.

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Scarborough is approximately 36 minutes drive from Whitby along the coast. Click here for directions.

Scarborough Seafront
Scarborough Seafront. Photo credit: Immanuel Giel

Scarborough History

Aside from being one of the largest settlements throughout all of North Yorkshire, its history dates back to 966 AD when it was supposedly founded by a Viking raider, Thorgils Skarthi. Over the years, archaeological studies have been able to confirm traces of Stone Age along with Bronze Age settlements throughout the land. After many years of destructions and historical massacres throughout the land, Scarborough was finally recovered under the kingship of King Henry II. During his tenure as king, he constructed a stone castle on the headland and then officially granted the town charters in 1155 as well as in 1163. Those charters permitted a market to exist on the sands and also established rule by the burgesses as well.

Scarborough survived the Middle Ages and even made it through the First World War, after the town was surprisingly bombarded by German soldiers and warships that were part of the High Seas Fleet.

Scarborough Beach
Scarborough Beach. Photo credit: Tim Hill

Things to do in Scarborough

There are so many different things that you can do and places that you can see while you are visiting Scarborough. This article barely scratches the surface when it comes to the overabundance of amazing experiences that are waiting to be enjoyed whenever you decide to visit.

Indulge yourself with the arts

If you are interested in enjoying a cultured experience while you are on vacation, then you do not need to look any further than Scarborough. This town is overflowing with artistic experiences and exhibits that are ready and waiting to be explored by you. Since the town is the home of the University of Hull’s School of Arts and New Media, it is a breeding ground for new and evolving artists that are eagerly searching for ways to creatively express themselves.

The Wood End Museum was converted into a creative centre in 2006 that provides open workspace for artists along with an exhibition space for them to display their work to the world. A multi-million pound renovation project was recently completed on the Rotunda Museum to turn it into a national centre for geology and you can even visit Yorkshire Coast Art while you are there.

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