5 Things To Do In Whitby When It’s Snowing

Our top 5 things to do in Whitby when it's snowing. The snow offers a unique time-limited-opportunity to do some wonderful things. Heavy snow is a rare and joyful thing to be enjoyed before its gone. A fun and stimulating reminder of the fleeting importance of life and that every moment is to be lived to the full. Deep snow, deep chat. We’re a philosophical lot here eat The Whitby Guide.

Here’s our top five things to do in Whitby when it snows

Whitby Spy Glass

Walk Up To Whitby Abbey To Look Through The Spy Glass.

This is our favourite thing to do since we love the view our across the West Cliff towards Sandsend very much, so to see this vista covered in powdery white snow is a rare and fleeting treat that must be sen to be believed. The headland at Sandsend is a triumph of patchwork black and white as the snow melts and drifts and swirls. The spy glass is located at the far end of the common (you’ll notice the Caedmon Cross on the near side), then towards the cornet theres the bright yellow telescope that we’re talking about. Be sure to take plenty of 50p pieces. It’s the best view in Whitby and you’ll eat to see it again and again.

Whitby Snowman
You can go an CHILL out at the Riviera Guest House when its snowing. Learn more about the Riviera here.

Build A Snowman

Whether you’re in at school (unlikely), knocking about town or up on the moors there’s plenty of scope to build a snowman. A great place in Whitby to build a snowman ties in with our number one thing to do in Whitby when it snows; the common up next to Caedmons Cross. There’s a bunch of space so you’ll find plenty of snow and there’s a great view as a backdrop when you’ve finished to take a photograph. If you happen to be an adult of more than 18 years of age then there’s a delightful reward waiting for you over at the Whitby Brewery.

Whitby Sledging

Sledge Down The Khyber Pass In Old Town (parental supervision essential)

Take great care when sledging around the town centre but if you find a quiet street like Khyber Pass and the surrounding grassy areas, we reckon you’ll be just fine. The Khyber Pass is steep and has a sharp bend in it so only skilled sledge handlers will make it down to the Harbourside. The steep grassy areas in this part of Old Town are ideal training grounds for budding Winter Olympian bob sled or skeleton contenders. Where’s you favourite place to go sledging?

Snowball Fight

Have A Snowball Fight

Urban warfare or open battle? There’s many ways to engage wit the enemy; the only sure things is that you need a decent pair of gloves, a good throwing arm and a keen eye to hit your target. As old as the day is long, a snowball fight is the great leveller; suitable for all ages, and one of the best ways to settle a score. Boys Vs Girls, West Cliff Vs East Side? You decide. Pack your snow solid and pile up your balls – the party starts and there’s pride at stake! Attack!

Whitby Museum & Pannett Park

Visit Whitby Museum in Pannett Park

If you’ve managed to get this far in the article you’ve either got soggy clothes and cold hands or you’re hoping for something slightly less energetic to do when it snows in Whitby. One such activity is a visit to the fabulous Pannett Park Museum. Find out all about the history of Whitby, the Jet industry, local heroes, and much, much more. A visit to Whitby Museum is one of our favourite things to do in Whitby at any time, but with the snowing up outside its easy to spend a few hours delving into the wonderful archive and the rich tapestry of events that make Whitby what it is.

Add your suggestions for things to do in Whitby when it snows to the comments section below and we will add them to this article.

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