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Things To Do In Yorkshire As A Solo Traveller

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For those seeking adventure, culture and scenery that will leave you breathless, Yorkshire is perfect! And what’s more, with so much to see and do, it’s a great place to explore solo. Here’s our list of things to do in Yorkshire as a solo traveller.

Whether you are interested in historical landmarks, tasting local food, strolling through a vibrant city, or taking on a hiking trail, there are plenty of things to do in Yorkshire that will make your solo trip truly unforgettable. Here are our favourite things to do in Yorkshire as a solo traveller.

Solo traveller enjoying Whitby, in North Yorkshire

Why travel solo?

Exploring the world and stepping out of your comfort zone can be one of life’s greatest excitements. Travelling solo allows you to do exactly what you want, when you want, and experience new things on your terms. It’s also a great way to meet new people.

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Step back in time at Castle Howard

Castle Howard is a remarkable historic house in the North York Moors National Park. It’s only 15 miles away from York. It’s a gorgeous place to spend a day exploring. Castle Howard is situated in a parkland spanning over 1000 acres.

Castle Howard

Things to do at Castle Howard as a solo traveller

Visit the house

Exploring the house is an absolute delight. It boasts over 145 rooms, although not all are open to the public. The beautiful chapel in the mid-18th-century West Wing is one of the house’s highlights. The chapel’s interior is adorned with stunning Pre-Raphaelite designs by renowned artists Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris. Interestingly, the chapel is still used for services to this day.

Enjoy the gardens

You can explore the walled garden, woodland garden, lakes, fountains, temples, monuments, and more. Additionally, you’ll find a mausoleum on the estate that is still used as a burial place for Howard family members. It’s an impressive sight, standing 90 feet high and featuring 20 decorative pillars, although it’s not open to the public.

Explore the Arboretum

The Yorkshire Arboretum is managed in collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. Spanning over 120 acres, this garden is home to trees from various parts of the world. This includes several rare species, native plants and wildlife.

Take a tour

Castle Howard offers pre-booked talks and tours. They range from private tours of the house in the early morning to talks on intriguing subjects such as the secret lives of women in the castle and Queen Victoria’s visit. The ‘Grand Tours and Farcical Journeys’ tour covers stories of Howard’s travels and the objects they brought back for a more lighthearted approach to history.

You can find more information about their events on their website.

Castle Howard Farm Shop.

Where to eat, drink and stay at Castle Howard as a solo traveller

Several cafes and the fabulous Fitzroy restaurant are scattered around the grounds. These dining options offer fresh, local, and seasonal produce every day. There are two gift shops to browse for souvenirs or unique items on the premises. Additionally, the garden centre and tree nursery are worth a visit.

Castle Howard offers a caravan and camping park, a lakeside holiday park and holiday cottages just a stone’s throw away from the house. The estate is around a 25-minute drive from York and a 1-hour drive from Whitby.

Wander around the city of York

York is a great city to visit solo. York draws in thousands of visitors from around the world each year. Here are a few of our favourite things to do when visiting York solo.

York Shambles.

Things to do in York as a solo traveller

See The Shambles

If you were to do only one thing in York, this is it. The Shambles is undeniably the most picturesque street in the whole country. The Shambles means slaughterhouse in Old English, was initially built in the late medieval era to house the city’s butchers. It still retains its historic charm with its timber-framed shops and boutiques. It is undoubtedly one of the best examples of how well-preserved York is.

Walk the city walls

One of the first things you’ll notice in York is the 3km long fortified walls surrounding the city. These walls are considered the best-preserved and longest medieval walls in the country. Walking along the walls is a great way to see the city from a totally different perspective.

Take part in a Ghost Walk

York has quite a reputation for being one of the most haunted cities in Europe. So, it’s only fitting that you participate in a ghost walk and explore thousands of years of mystery and legends. Often, you can turn up and pay on the night to join in. Find more information about York’s Ghost Walks here.

If your time is limited, a hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus tour is perfect for hitting York’s highlights.   

Fancy Hank's Bar & Kitchen.
Fancy Hank’s Bar & Kitchen

Where to eat in York as a solo traveller

There are many fantastic places to eat in York. A favourite of ours is Fancy Hank’s Bar and Kitchen. It is located on the quieter streets of the Minster Quarter and serves delicious comfort food that takes inspiration from the travels of two brothers through the 11 states of America’s Deep South.

Where to stay in York as a solo traveller

The Guy Fawkes Inn is worth considering if you’re a solo traveller looking for a unique place to stay in York. Located next to the iconic York Minster and the birthplace of the infamous plotter, Guido Fawkes, the Inn boasts thirteen individually decorated ensuite rooms with all the comforts you might need. The property has an excellent pub, beer garden, and restaurant.

Explore the North York Moors

Discover the beauty of the North York Moors with its heather-covered hills, picturesque valleys, charming villages, and stunning rugged coastline. There are 1,408 miles of footpaths and 26 miles of coastline to explore.

North York Moors.

Things to do in the North York Moors as a solo traveller

Levisham Moor and Hole of Horcum walk

5 miles | 3 – 4 hours | easy route

A great walk in The North York Moors, perfect for solo travellers, is the Levisham and Hole of Horcum walk. This 5-mile walk offers breathtaking views of the heather-covered hills and valleys as you follow a well-defined path over Levisham Moor from Saltergate to the Hole of Horcum. Along the way, you’ll also come across some significant archaeological remains, including Skelton Tower, which is a slight diversion but worth it for the views.

As you go through the ravine of Dundale Griff and return through the valley to the Hole of Horcum, be careful, as the path can be slippery in places. However, the views of the natural amphitheatre of the Hole of Horcum, which is 400 feet deep and over half a mile across, are worth the effort.

Follow the full route here.

Visit Mallyan Spout

The origin of the water flowing from Mallyan Spout can be traced back to the springs in the moorland above Goathland. As the water descends from the highlands, it eventually comes across New Wath Scar. A deep ravine that was carved out by the flowing water of West Beck over thousands of years, cutting through the sandstone in the process.

When the water reaches Mallyan Spout, which is approximately 70 feet high and almost vertical, it has no choice but to cascade over the edge, creating a magnificent waterfall that is a sight to behold. However, it’s essential to exercise caution while visiting this spot, especially after rain when the rocks can be slippery and dangerous.

Find more information and trail information here.

Hop on The North Yorkshire Moors Railway

This charming vintage train takes you on a scenic journey across the North York Moors National Park, offering breathtaking views and stops at quaint stations. Take the chance to visit the famous Goathland station, which served as the original Hogsmeade Station in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Mallyan Spout Hotel.

Where to stay in the North York Moors as a solo traveller

The Mallyan Spout Hotel is an excellent choice. This 19th-century country house offers stunning gardens and breathtaking views of the Esk Valley. The hotel is just a short stroll from the Mallyan Spout waterfall. The rooms are spacious, modern, and tastefully decorated, each with all the necessary amenities. The hotel also features an onsite restaurant. The location of The Mallyan Spout Hotel in the heart of the North York Moors makes it an ideal base for exploring the surrounding countryside and embarking on scenic walks and outdoor adventures.

Visit Leeds

There are loads of fun things to do in Leeds for budding culture vultures; for the solo traveller, they couldn’t be more accessible.

Leeds At Night.

Things to do in Leeds as a solo traveller

Take a cooking class

If you’re ever in Leeds and looking for a great solo activity, consider taking cooking classes! One of the best places to do this is at the Leeds Cookery School. This school is led by talented chefs who provide step-by-step instructions for all levels of expertise. You’ll learn new techniques and recipes you can take home and impress your friends. One of the best parts about this school? All profits go towards supporting a local charity, so you can feel good about investing in your skills while helping the community.

Visit Museums and Art Galleries

You’ll find a wealth of museums and galleries in the city centre, such as the Henry Moore Institute, known for its internationally acclaimed sculptures. Leeds Art Gallery is another must-visit spot for classic artworks. The Tetley is an excellent place to explore contemporary artworks with its ever-changing programme. If you’re interested in learning about urban history, Leeds City Museum is the place to be, with its permanent displays and exhibition programme.

Trinity leeds.
Trinity Kitchen

Where to eat in Leeds as a solo traveller

Leeds has earned the reputation of being the foodie capital of the north, making it a top destination for solo travellers in the UK. If you’re visiting alone, you can check out the food hall in Kirkgate Market, where you’ll find a variety of street food traders cooking up a storm in a bright and communal dining space. Trinity Kitchen is another great option, with a rotating cast of traders catering to all tastes.

Where to stay in Leeds as a solo traveller

Leeds Art Hostel is the perfect spot to meet fellow travellers in their creative and quirky communal spaces. Alternatively, you can opt for a spacious apartment stay at Roomzzz, in the heart of the city centre. The Mansion Suits provides serviced apartments, ensuring you’re well taken care of during your stay.

Explore Whitby 

Whitby is an excellent destination for solo travellers looking for a mix of history, scenery, and culture. If you love being by the coast, Whitby is perfect.

Solo traveller enjoying the Whitby Harbour view.

Things to do in Whitby as a solo traveller

Visit Whitby Abbey

Not only is Whitby Abbey a stunning sight to behold, but it also has a connection to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, adding an extra layer of intrigue. English Heritage operates and maintains the Abbey. Several events are held throughout the year, including the highly anticipated Illuminated Abbey spectacle during Halloween.

Learn more at Whitby Museum

If you’re interested in the maritime history of Whitby, you should check out the Whitby Museum. It has a vast collection of exhibits showcasing artefacts from bygone eras and an impressive assortment of dinosaur fossils discovered along the fossil-rich coastline. Plan to explore the museum and its various displays for at least an hour. See the famous Hand of Glory exhibit, one of the most intriguing displays.

Day trip to Robin Hoods Bay

Leave Whitby for a day trip to Robin Hood’s Bay on the Yorkshire Coast. You can drive from Whitby and park at the top of the bay to get there. Or Walk there via the Cleveland Way. With plenty of places to stop for lunch or a refreshing drink, you can soak up the village’s history and imagine smugglers hiding as you walk along the cobbled streets. 

Where to eat in Whitby as a solo traveller

If you’re in Whitby, try the local fish and chips – it’s a rite of passage! One of the most enjoyable things to do is to savour this classic dish while taking in the stunning views of the beach or the harbour. However, keep an eye on your food to avoid having seagulls swoop down and steal your chips. There are plenty of places to get fish and chips in Whitby. All are great for solo travellers; here’s our complete list.

Where to stay in Whitby as a solo traveller

The YHA hostel in Whitby Abbey is an excellent option if you’re looking for an affordable place to stay. Situated right next to Whitby Abbey, it offers stunning coast views. You’ll have 24-hour access to the hostel and a restaurant serving delicious food. They offer shared dorms and private rooms, so you can choose whatever you are comfortable with.

Yorkshire is full of friendly people and perfect for solo travellers. Explore the countryside and discover vibrant cities! We hope this article helps you make the most out of your solo trip to Yorkshire. Don’t hesitate to head out to explore this beautiful region of England.

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  1. So, most of the things to do in Whitby as a solo traveller, is to leave Whitby and travel to other places according to what you’ve wrote above. I’ve been to Whitby 3 times, and found plenty to do in Whitby without traveling 15 miles to Castle Howard, Leeds and York. There’s plenty of places to visit. Not all of us have got a car.

    • Hi Andi. Thank you for your recent comment. However, the title of the blog post is “Things To Do In Yorkshire As A Solo Traveller”, not specifically Whitby, but the wider Yorkshire area as a whole. There is a completely different blog post for just things to do in Whitby. Many people visit Whitby as part of a wider your of Yorkshire, so we like to include content from across the county.


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