Video Post – The Yards of Whitby

A clip from the BBC TV program ‘Secret Britain‘ which featured the famous “Yards of Whitby”. This behind the scenes look at some of Whitby's oldest yards gives us an insight into what it was like to live in Whitby in years gone by.

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  1. Hello
    My name is Colin Jamieson when I was young my mother who was born in Whitby 1913 use to tell my brother and i many stories about Whitby when she was a young girl, my grandad Thomas Graham was a fisherman and used to work on the whaling boats..
    One story was about giants who lived in Whitby my grandad and some other fisher men on a rowing boat where rowing back into the harbour when they saw the Giants on the Whitby Abby side of the cliffs shaking chains my mother said those in the fishing boat could not get home fast enough I .thought these were just ghost stories our mother was telling my brother and I i read recently on one of theses sites it mentioned Giant people who lived in Whitby could you please give me anymore information on this as i thought it was just a story ? My Mother was married in Whitby Abby My Father who was in the navy my mother said she had to stand up in that round turret in the Abby then walk down the 199 steps that were lined by all the navy ships crew. My Grandad Thomas Graham My Grandmother Hilda Mary Baptiste Born 1814
    I still have a lot of relations in Whitby .I myself live on the Wirral Merseyside aged 74 in July 2020 Colin


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