27 Whitby Restaurants You Must Visit, Our Guide To The Best Restaurants In Whitby

Here are 27 of the best Whitby restaurants for you to discover. Whitby has a wide variety of restaurants, and you have the impossible task of picking a favourite! 

Walking through the centre of Whitby, or even along the seafront, you will find various restaurants offering different types of cuisine. So regardless of what you are feeling in the mood for, chances are there will be plenty of restaurants in Whitby to satisfy your hunger. Whitby being a seaside town, there is no shortage of places to get high-quality fish and chips. There are also several Whitby restaurants where you can find locally sourced seafood.

Most restaurants in Whitby pride themselves on being able to source all of their ingredients from the Yorkshire area. Hence, people who are visiting can try some genuinely local food. Whitby has so many high-quality restaurants that it is tough to name just a few that would be considered among the best. Therefore, here are 26 highly recommended Whitby restaurants for you to enjoy.

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Please note: These restaurants are not listed in any particular order!

1. Harry’s Lounge Bar and Brasserie

Harrys Bar & Restaurant in Whitby

Harry’s is a modern and luxurious lounge bar in Whitby’s centre. Their bar offers a wide range of cocktails and other drinks, and they strive to change their menu constantly to match the change in seasons. If you decide to spend the night at Harry’s Bar, they have three luxurious rooms offering a fantastic Whitby harbour view. Those of you with a four-legged friend in tow can sit outside Harry’s under the heaters and blankets provided.

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2. Abbey Wharf

Abbey Wharf Whitby

Abbey Wharf offers fantastic views of the harbour in this stunning panoramic restaurant. Serving various delicious seafood, steaks, salads and other dishes alongside vegetarian options. Abbey Wharf has established itself as one of Whitby’s premier restaurants and bars. Live entertainment is also commonplace, especially during busy periods and weekends. Abbey Wharf is also dog friendly; you can even take your dog for an evening meal. The stunning panoramic balcony lets you soak in the Whitby atmosphere, day or night.

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3. The Fisherman’s Wife 

If you're looking for a restaurant in Whitby with sea views, there is no better view in town than from The Fisherman's Wife.

If you’re looking for a restaurant in Whitby with sea views, there is no better view in town than from The Fisherman’s Wife. The restaurant serves traditional fish and chips along with an extensive seafood menu, including some mouth-watering shellfish dishes. All ingredients used at the restaurant are locally sourced wherever possible, and the friendly staff are always happy to assist you with any meal selections or dietary requirements. The location of The Fisherman’s Wife couldn’t be better, just a short walk down through the Whale Bone Arch from the bed and breakfasts and hotels on the West Cliff.

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4. Magpie Cafe

Magpie Cafe

Magpie Cafe has developed quite a strong reputation over the years. It has become one of the best places for fish and chips in the Whitby area. People have travelled from all over the globe to sample fish and chips in the Magpie Cafe. Their plaice and lemon sole have become one of their most popular seafood dishes, along with the more traditional haddock, a very popular dish throughout the year.

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5. The Stables

Cross Butts Stables

Cross Butts Stables is nestled in the heart of the North York Moors in easy reach of the charming seaside resort of Whitby, a fabulous wedding venue with an award-winning restaurant and luxury accommodation. The Stables pride themselves on freshly prepared homemade food and offer various seasonal dishes. All meals are created by a team of highly experienced chefs using locally supplied quality produce.

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6. The Duke Of York

The Duke Of York

The Duke Of York is an excellent restaurant if you want something more traditional with the atmosphere of a good old-fashioned local pub. They have a wide range of ales and ciders that you can sample in the bar before heading to the restaurant to enjoy a wide range of high-quality fresh food. They have a range of daily specials, so it’s worth looking at their specials board. You will also find a range of memorabilia and historical items on the walls to enjoy.

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7. The Board Inn

The Board Inn

The Board Inn is another popular restaurant in Whitby, overlooking the harbour with stunning views out to sea. Their menu is also a delicate blend of traditional and modern dishes. The menu is also constantly being updated, and there is a special board where you can find some of their speciality dishes. So whether you want curry or traditional fish and chips, they will have meals to suit you.

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8. White Horse and Griffin 

White Horse and Griffin

White Horse and Griffin is a beautiful restaurant that takes full advantage of its location. It has a seafood-orientated menu where you can enjoy a wide range of traditional and modern dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. So whether you are just looking for a spot for a bite to eat or you want to enjoy a lovely Sunday lunch with the entire family, the White Horse and Griffin will be able to provide you with a beautiful meal.

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9. Humble Pie and Mash

Humble Pie and Mash restaurant in Whitby

Humble Pie is a sixteenth-century shop, lovingly restored to its timber-framed beginnings. Relax in front of their open fire and unique surroundings and enjoy the traditional home-cooked fare. Try their range of meat or vegetarian pies that can be enjoyed on their own, or for a classic combination, try with their mash, peas, and topped off with delicious gravy. Ideal for lunch or supper! Humble Pie is a family-run business; all the pies are homemade and baked fresh every day on the premises, and they only use the best natural ingredients.

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10. The Angel Hotel Wetherspoon

Centrally situated, this beautiful hotel stands proudly on the harbour side, overlooking the River Esk. After undergoing a multimillion-pound renovation, this 34-room hotel has seating upstairs and downstairs for food and drink, plus a beer garden. Perfect for a spot for lunch, it is affordable and serves good pub food. 

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11. Rusty Shears 

Rusty Shears restaurant in Whitby

Rusty Shears boasts homemade cakes, pastries, speciality teas, coffees and over 150 gins. Slightly off the beaten track, it is located below and behind a grade II listed building on Silver Street. The interior is quirky, with lots of Victoriana and exciting charm. They also have a huge sheltered courtyard where guests can sit away for hours chatting and people-watching.

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12. Trenchers Fish and Chips

Trenchers fish and chips restaurant in Whitby

Trenchers take great pride in serving the best quality fresh fish. They also enjoy being one of the few seafood-based restaurants in the area that offers a takeaway menu for people who want to take their food and sit by the harbour. They offer a wide range of meals from starters to desserts and a varied children’s menu.

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13. Hadley’s Fish Restaurant in Whitby

Hadley's Fish and Chips

Some claim that Hadley’s serves the best fish and chips in the world, a bold claim; you must visit and taste for yourself before passing judgment! Hadley’s has been around since 1937. Its founder, Alan Hadley, believed in quality fish and chips at a sensible price. His beliefs have continued through the years, and now, with over 75 years of experience in the industry, they have perfected the humble fish and chips.

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14. Passage to India

Food at Passage to India in Whitby

If you are in the mood for an Indian meal, Passage To India is a great place to go. Like many Whitby restaurants, their menu is vast and has something for everyone. It has a beautiful family atmosphere, so you can always feel happy taking the kids there for an early evening meal. They also have a takeaway menu, ideal for people with self-catering accommodation who want to enjoy a night in.

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15. Moutreys

Moutreys Italian Restaurant In Whitby

Moutreys is a restaurant that enjoys cooking food the old-fashioned way. All of their ingredients are delivered fresh daily, and they are cooked in an old wood-fired oven. Their kitchen is also open, so you can watch as your food is prepared with tender loving care and using the most traditional methods. People who have visited the restaurant have raved about the quality of the seafood cooked in their wood-fired oven. It is a beautiful place to go with your family or even for a party.

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16. Pizza West 

Pizza West Whitby

Pizza West on the West Cliff, Whitby, opened their doors on the afternoon of 3rd June 2021. The food and service are lovely. Pizzas are delicious, and the toppings are fresh, using local ingredients where possible and some unique ones. 

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17. Cosa Nostra 

Cosa Notra Whitby Restaurant

Cosa Nostra serves a selection of pizzas, pasta and other Italian favourites. The central location ensures you are only a stone’s throw away from the town centre. They have a vast selection of wines and a variety of beers, spirits and soft drinks. The relaxed atmosphere and the friendly staff ensure this is a solid choice when dining in Whitby. You can’t go wrong with a pizza or pasta dish from Cosa Nostra, simple, great food at sensible prices.

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18. Kam Thai Restaurant

Thai restaurant in Whitby Kam Thai

Not consistently high on everyone’s list when they come to Whitby, Thai food is something everyone can enjoy, especially the dishes served at Kam Thai. Their menu features a selection of fish dishes, Thai curries, traditional Thai stir-fries, and grilled chicken and beef dishes. In addition, there is plenty of “hotter” dishes if you like to feel a burn in your mouth. 

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19. Alberts Eatery

Alberts Eatery

While Queen Victoria presides over the Museum of Whitby Jet at the beautifully restored Wesley Hall, her Prince Consort Albert inspires their unique dining experience. Surrounded by the history and character of Wesley’s main hall, including the chance to dine next to the world’s largest piece of Whitby Jet, Albert’s Eatery provides a traditional and unique menu selection, with a speciality and love of local seafood. Delivering a memorable dining experience, Albert’s expertly trained chefs specialise in using local produce and ingredients to make mouth-watering menu choices across all their dishes, whether visiting for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They are also fully licensed should you want to call in for a drink and take in the atmosphere.

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20. The Moon & Sixpence

Located right next to the harbour, The Moon & Sixpence is a popular place to eat and drink in Whitby. Their bar boasts an impressive selection of cocktails, beers, wines, and coffee, while the brasserie serves up delectable and innovative cuisine using only the freshest ingredients. If you enjoy a quirky cocktail, give this location a try!

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21. The Marine

Lobster served at The Marine Whitby

The Marine Restaurant is a popular seafood restaurant just a stone’s throw from The Moon & Sixpence. The Marine Restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with a relaxed dining area and stunning views. The decor is simple and modern, focusing on natural materials and a colour palette that reflects the coastal surroundings. This is an excellent spot if you enjoy seafood.

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22. Four Seasons

The Four Seasons Whitby

The Four Seasons is a great option located in the centre of Whitby. The menu has a mixture of Mediterranean and English cuisine; you can choose to eat in or take away. The reviews for this restaurant are fantastic, with many people recommending the fish and chips here. Many people return here whenever they visit Whitby because the staff are friendly and accommodating.

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23. Quayside


Quayside serves exceptional quality, sustainable fish and chips and seafood. There are so many places to try fish and chips in Whitby, and Quayside is a firm favourite with many people. The first floor here boasts panoramic harbour views so that you can enjoy your meal with a backdrop. Try their homemade gelato for dessert! It’s exceptional.

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24. The Edge

The Edge

The food, service and location are all fantastic at The Edge. There is plenty of meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan options. The portion sizes are substantial and reasonably priced. We love the prawn and lobster spaghetti here. Reviews cant recommend this restaurant enough, so check it out if you are visiting Whitby.

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25. Emma’s Diner

Emma's Diner Whitby

If you are looking for a place that’s a little less traditional Whitby and a little more American fun. Try Emma’s Diner, a 1950s/1960s-style diner located on Flowergate. The staff wear themed outfits and not only do they look fantastic they are also really welcoming and accommodating. Portion sizes are generous; you can get everything from fish and chips to American-style burgers here. Try the milkshakes here; they are so good!

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26. Velveteen

Velveteen French Restaurant Whitby

Velveteen is a cosy and laid-back restaurant. It is a classic Anglo-French café, bar, and brasserie. They use only the finest ingredients and follow time-honoured techniques to create delicious food. If you fancy a little bit of France whilst in Whitby, this restaurant is ideal. The Lobster Thermidor here is gorgeous, and the staff are charming.

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27. Ditto

Ditto Food in Whitby

Ditto is a small family-run establishment serving incredible food in an intimate venue. The restaurant is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, with the first booking available at 6 p.m. and the last booking at 8 p.m. Only seven tables are available, so be sure to book in advance. The largest table they can accommodate is for four people. They offer a set menu with two courses for £30 or three for £38. One of their standout dishes is the Steamed Cod Loin with Sesame, Potato Gnocchi, Creamy Leek Sauce, Celeriac Remoulade, and Apple Salsa.

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Restaurants a little further afield

Estbek House, Sandsend

Estbek House, Sandsend restaurant

Having held an AA rosette since September 2004 and gaining a second rosette in April 2009, their daily changing menu is focused on the exact locality of Estbek; with the sea and moorland on the doorstep, it is hard not to enjoy the best of this beautiful corner of the world. They use only the finest fresh local ingredients to offer dishes that embrace the natural flavour, which is often lost in the modern world.

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Cod and Lobster, Staithes

Cod and Lobster Staithes

Real ale and tasty pub food on the seafront, overlooking the harbour in Staithes. The staff here are amicable and attentive—an excellent setting for a meal. We can sit here for hours! Give this restaurant a visit if you’re in Staithes.

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The Cove, Robin Hoods Bay

The Cove Robin Hoods Bay

The Cove is a converted chapel with a daily cafe and evening pizza menu. Here you can have a delicious handmade pizza with a stunning view. Relax on their terrace, which overlooks the North York Moors coastline, and try their locally sourced food with a view like no other.

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Recommend your favourite Whitby restaurants for inclusion in this article. If you have visited a great restaurant in Whitby and would like to add it to this article, please comment below, and we will add your chosen restaurant.

21 thoughts on “27 Whitby Restaurants You Must Visit, Our Guide To The Best Restaurants In Whitby”

  1. Abbey Wharfe deserves a mention – terrific staff & lovely, well presented food & impressive views .
    Rusty Shears is also a fabulous quirky eatery to try

    • Thanks Sue, your comment is approved so they are now mentioned. We will be compiling a more exhaustive list and publishing it shortly. Thanks for contributing.

  2. Come on you have to include Hadley’s ! The best fish n chips in town in fact the best fish n chips in the world !

  3. Not sure about one or two places on your list, but one that certainly should be there is the The Blitz Café & Tapas Bar on Church Street. It’s new in Whitby and the food and décor is great!

  4. We went to Passage to India as a couple earlier this year. Whilst we were there 2 fights broke out at either side of us and the police were called. Certainly wouldn’t call it a family atmosphere. Didn’t feel safe, it was an awful experience.

    • Sorry to hear about your experience Joanne. Sounds terrible. I’ve visited the restaurant a few times myself over the years but will visit again and see if it still warrants a place in our recommended Whitby restaurants list. Thanks for the comment. Have a great day.

    • Food in passage to India is ok but not outstanding, very average… being the only Indian around.. if you’ve never been anywhere else then you will enjoy it….but there’s way better

  5. Indian moments on church street is a better Indian restaurant than Passage to India, and does not have the same rowdiness. Definitely a step up from the other Indian. More modern Indian cuisine with some good specials.

    • Agree very tasty freshly cooked meals we make a point of booking at least one night at Indian moments every time we go to Whitby, my favourite Indian restaurant in the country.
      We had two different curry’s at passage to India and could not tell the difference between them.
      Classy chilled experience and good value.

  6. Take a walk to the butchers in rusurp the best bacon sandwich around the pies are amazing get there early or they will sell out regards mark h

  7. I don’t understand the hype around the Magpie cafe. In my opinion, Angel fisheries is far better and a lot cheaper. Blitz cafe served the worst cup of coffee I’ve experienced in over 40 years of living and working around the world. You should include the Singing Kettle – friendly, down to earth and the best (and best value) full English breakfast in Whitby. Java Cafe is also brilliant.

  8. The Edge at Whitby. Outstanding food, people and lovely atmosphere inside. We were there for four days and ate there every night with a great choice of meals. High recommended.

  9. Very helpful article and comments to the article. Thank you.

    I’m visiting Whitby with family including a baby aged 7 months early July. Any suggestions for places that have vegan options on the menus?


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