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Whitby RNLI Lifeboat Museum

Lifeboats crewed by the people of Whitby have been helping those in trouble at sea since 1802. Today, you can visit the Whitby RNLI Lifeboat Museum and learn more about their incredible work and lifesaving missions.

Once an RNLI lifeboat station, the Whitby RNLI Lifeboat Museum is a Victorian double boathouse celebrating Whitby’s award-winning lifeboat history. The museum is a treasure trove of paintings, medals, photographs, and mementos from famous wrecks and rescues. Here’s more information and how you can visit.

Visit the Whitby RNLI Lifeboat Museum

Whitby old no.2 lifeboat at the RNLI museum in Whitby.

The Whitby location is one of eight RNLI museums across the UK, created by Eric Thomson in 1958. The building was previously used as the RNLI boat house before being relocated to its current site further up the harbour.

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The RNLI Lifeboat Museum in Whitby recently had some major renovations. The 124-year-old former boathouse has been completely restored and refreshed as part of the renovation project. The highlight of the renovations is the complete restoration of ‘Robert and Ellen Robson’, a 104-year-old lifeboat, by volunteers. They spent hundreds of hours restoring the woodwork and paintwork before returning the boat to the museum.

The museum offers an extensive collection of lifeboats, historic rescue equipment, and interactive exhibits that showcase the history and heritage of the RNLI and its life-saving work. It’s an excellent place to learn about maritime history and the brave volunteers who risked their lives to save others at sea. The RNLI Lifeboat Museum is a great place to visit if you’re interested in Whitby’s maritime history.

Admission and parking for Whitby RNLI Lifeboat Museum

Admission to the Whitby RNLI Lifeboat Museum is free. The museum is located at the end of Pier Road, easily accessible by public transportation. Visitors can also park their cars in the public parking area in town.

Robert and Ellen Robson, old Whitby lifeboat.
The completed restoration of ‘Robert and Ellen Robson’, a 104-year-old lifeboat, by volunteers.

The museum and shop are now open and subject to volunteer availability. You can visit them daily from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. and support the RNLI’s cause. Please do consider donating to the RNLI via the donation boxes at the museum.

Location: Pier Rd, Whitby YO21 3PU

Website: Please click here

New lifeboat carries the names of 10,000 people

New lifeboat carries the names of 10,000 people
Image from RNLI Whitby Facebook.

The RNLI fleet recently acquired the latest all-weather lifeboat, the Shannon, which costs £2.5M. Thanks to its waterjet propulsion system, the Shannon is their most manoeuvrable lifeboat yet. It is named Lois Ivan after a generous donor named Mr George Ivan Stone and his late partner Lois, who left a substantial legacy to the RNLI. The lifeboat is marked with the number 1349 and features the names of 10,000 loved ones added by donors as part of the Launch a Memory campaign. Read more here.

How you can volunteer for the RNLI

RNLI Flag.

Volunteering is a wonderful way to make a difference. There are countless opportunities available for those who wish to get involved. Whether you’re interested in assisting at lifeboat stations or running RNLI shops, becoming a water safety volunteer, or joining a fundraising group, the RNLI depends on individuals like you who are willing to devote their time and effort to saving lives at sea.

Learn more about how you can volunteer or make a donation.

The Whitby RNLI Lifeboat Museum is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in maritime history and the incredible bravery of lifeboat crews. The museum’s exhibits are well-curated and informative, and the volunteers who staff them are passionate about their work. Overall, the museum provides a fascinating look into the history of lifesaving at sea and the vital role the RNLI plays. Learn more about the different Whitby museums here.

Whitby RNLI Museum opening times

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