Since it was first founded by the Romans in 71 AD, the walled city of York has grown into one of Englands most charming towns

There are so many different tourism sites that you can enjoy while you are in York. York Castle is a complex of different buildings including Clifford’s Tower as well as the 20th-century entrance that leads to the York Castle Museum. The narrowly-constructed pedestrian routes known as the Snickelways lead towards the previous marketplace sites that were located in Pavement as well as St. Sampson’s Square. Along with these sites, you can also enjoy the Barley Hall, the Treasurer’s House, the National Railway Museum, the Mansion House, the Merchant Adventurer’s Hall, the JORVIK Viking Centre as well as the historical Richard III Museum.

York is an ideal location for a day trip from Whitby. Approximately 1 hour by car or coach York is easily accessible from across the North Yorkshire Moors, with many park and ride schemes available throughout the year.

More information: http://www.visityork.org

York is approximately 1 hour and 17 minutes drive (47 miles) from Whitby. Click here for directions.

York River Cruise
Why not explore York by taking a cruise along the river? Photo credit: Dave Noonan

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