Scravir II, Lacklight


“The perfect follow-up to the first SCRAVIR book

Then: Whitby, winter 2016. Chaos. Emaciated corpses and the scravir on the streets of the old town during Goth Weekend. Daniel Murray saw Thor Lupei’s body burning in a castle in Romania as he escaped, stealing pages ripped from an ancient book.

Now: What do the pages contain, and why are the powers Lupei gave him now alarming Daniel? Can good intentions protect him from evil?

Daniel’s girlfriend Tiffany is getting on with her life in Whitby, but former Dutch policeman Get Muyskens just can’t let go of the past…

…and then mysterious deaths begin to happen again. Are the scravir back? Is Lupei really dead? How is Daniel involved in all of this?

Where is Daniel?

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“Intelligent, thought-provoking, fast-paced and dark as Whitby Jet”

“The perfect follow-up to the first SCRAVIR book

“A tense, suspenseful, page-turning sequel which will remain with the reader long after the last page has turned.”

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