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Whitby Nightlife, Where To Go On A Night Out In Whitby

So you have booked a trip to Whitby, I bet you’re wondering what the Whitby nightlife is like? Here’s our guide on where to go on a night out in Whitby.

If you visit Whitby and if you have a conversation with a local person, they may enquire about what location in the world you come from. They may utter this question, “Wheear eur theur fra?”  this means, “Where are you from?” It is a common question you may encounter on a night out in Whitby.

The nightlife in Whitby is varied depending on the season. During the high season (June/July/August) bars and restaurants can get extremely busy in the evening, especially during major festivals like Folk Week & Regatta. During the quieter months, the Whitby nightlife is very relaxed, with something to suit everyone’s tastes. So whether you like a glass of wine while indulging in some of Whitby’s finest seafood, or prefer a few pints in a busy local pub, there is something for everyone during a night out in Whitby.

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Our favourite places for a relaxed drink on a night our in Whitby

We have selected a few of our favourite places to stop for a relaxed drink to soak up the Whitby nightlife.

The Moon and Sixpence

Whitby nightlife at the Moon and Sixpence in Whitby

The Moon and Sixpence is situated right on the harbourside in Whitby. It’s a relaxed place to meet for drinks or a meal, with some of the best views in town. The staff are friendly and take time out to talk to customers. The food here is also excellent if you get peckish.

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Harry’s Bar

Harrys Bar Whitby

Harry’s Bar also has a fantastic food menu, their dishes have more of tapas feel, so you can order small dishes whilst you slip on your Gin Brambles. My favourite cocktail is a Gin Bramble but the only problem is you get absolutely “Gin Brambled”!! But be warned, two for one cocktails soon turn into bottles of Prosecco and Jammy Dodger shots.  Their bar serves great cocktails, fine champagne, wines, beers and spirits from around the world, all expertly prepared by their trained bartenders.

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Great places for a full night out in Whitby

The nightlife in Whitby is varied, there are 31 pubs in Whitby in all, from your traditional pubs, cocktail bars, a chain pub and a nightclub. We look at some of the best Whitby nightlife spots below.

JD Wetherspoons, The Angel Hotel

The Angel Hotel Whitby

A great start for a night out is JD Wetherspoons, The Angel Hotel, or Spoons. This pub is over two floors and is also a hotel. It is great for cheap drinks to start the night off with. It is best to go upstairs, as there are more seats and the downstairs bar can get quite congested.

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From here you can take the route down towards the pier, where The Jolly Sailors, The Ship and The Pier Inn are, these pubs are very traditional Whitby pubs and great to stop in for a drink with the locals.

The Dolphin 

The Dolphin Hotel Whitby

If you decide to venture over the swing bridge, you come to the east side of Whitby. This part of Whitby is very quaint, with old cobbled streets and shops. The Dolphin has a good outdoor seating area and fantastic views over the harbour. They pride themselves on having a great selection of local cask and craft ales, ciders, and a great wine range. You won’t be disappointed! And if you’re a gin lover, their Gin Palace behind the bar with up to 40 of the world’s best to offer is sure to float your boat!

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Abbey Wharf

Abbey Wharf Whitby

If you head down to Sandgate, you will find Abbey Wharf, this venue is amazing. It is like an adult version of a funhouse, what more could you ask for it is a restaurant, music venue, bar and it also sells cocktails. It also has a takeaway attached to it! It has different bands on and a retro disco on a weekend. It has a balcony that looks over the harbour. When you are from Whitby and you see someone, you know from Whitby whilst you are sat having a drink on this balcony, you must raise your drink to show them you are having a drink. It is quite prestigious!

The Abbey Wharf Bar serves a wide selection of traditional beers, wines, and spirits. They also serve an amazing selection of world beers, unusual spirits, sparkling wines, and champagnes. Cocktails are available throughout the day, all freshly shaken by their expert bar staff. They have an impressive range of Gins with a selection of tonics to go with them.

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Gin at The Black Horse in Whitby

There are some great pubs on Church Street such as The Duke of York and The Black Horse. These pubs take you back in time, with great pub grub and traditional ales. If you travel further up Church Street and go along Grape Lane you will find The Endeavour, The Golden Fleece and The Middle Earth. The Golden Fleece has a brilliant balcony for you to sit on and look at the boats further up the river Esk.

The Fisherman’s Shack

The Fisherman’s Shack is located underneath the Fisherman’s Wife on Battery Parade. It’s also a bar and grill which serves fresh grilled seafood or simply pop down after a delicious meal above to enjoy drinks with a view and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Check out their cocktail classes for a fantastic evening too. 

Find our full review and more information here.

Macy Browns 

Cocktail Macy Browns

The newest little cocktail bar in the heart of Whitby. Serving up delicious cocktails, breakfast, brunch and tapas. We loved the atmosphere in the quirky bar.

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Late night drinks in Whitby

Once you have used up all your drunk dance moves all over Abbey Wharf and stopped for a few at the local pubs, it is time to head back over the swing bridge to Baxtergate. On Baxtergate, you will find The Black Swan, which is another traditional Whitby pub with great local singers and where most locals will go on a Saturday night. One drink in The Black Swan and then it is off up Baxtergate to where everyone tends to finish the night. Whitby Way and JK’s Bar is based here on Wellington Road and Whitby’s only nightclub is Raw. These venues have dance floors and are where some more drunk dance moves from myself are performed.

Raw Nightclub

Raw Nightclub

With a history of insane events, from Clubland Classix with Cascada and Basshunter to the UK’s top DJs, Joel Corry, Charlie Hedges, Sara-Jane Crawford, Utah Saints and so many more, Raw does not cut itself short when we put a party on. With a classy nightclub vibe throughout after a lockdown refurb, RAW is ready and waiting for you to come and make it the party they know it can be.

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Once you have hit the point of no return from x amount of wine, lager, gin or even Jager….it’s time for Porto Pizza. Once you have got your pizza, head back towards Spoons for the taxi queue on New Quay Road. You will be holding your pizza box, feeling the warmth of it like a hug and your tongue is now becoming shrivelled with your approaching hangover…..a good night had by all!

We hope you enjoyed our locals guide to Whitby nightlife. If you have any suggestions, comments or reviews of the pubs in Whitby mentioned in this article, please leave them in the comments below.

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