Whitby Sea Salt


Whitby Sea Salt is a family run business harvesting mineral-rich sea salt from Whitby's historic and wildlife-rich coast. The sea salt crystals are crafted using only the wind and the sun just as nature intended.

Our Whitby Sea Salt is kept in its natural state allowing for a range of crystal sizes in each product. You can enjoy large crystals with bursts of flavour or create your desired texture using a pestle and mortar or a spice grinder.


Our mission is to have minimal impact on the environment while maintaining maximum flavour, a perfect addition to any meal. Our naturally produced Whitby Sea Salt is irregular in shape and size giving a salt explosion to the senses. There is a range of delicious taste experiences to enjoy with our Whitby Sea Salt.

Our salt is naturally dried keeping an element of moisture to retain the mineral wealth and taste of our great Whitby coastline.