The Dracula Experience in Whitby; A Must Visit Show For All Ages

“I want you to believe… To believe in things you cannot” – Bram Stoker (Dracula).

The Dracula Experience Whitby, North Yorkshire offers a unique, spine-chilling, eerie and gripping show. It's a little trip into the dramatic history of Bram Stoker's iconic Dracula, where his story was born, and how his connection to Whitby established the tales of the bloodthirsty escapades.

The Dracula Experience in Whitby

It all started way back when in 1885, a Russian schooner, The Demeter was hit by a wild storm and ran aground in Whitby Harbour. All of the crew was mysteriously found dead. But a huge black dog, one of many form transformations related to Dracula, was seen leaping out of the ship and up the 199 Steps towards Whitby Abbey. This was the arrival of Bram Stoker's Dracula in England.

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The property, 9 Marine Parade Whitby, also has a fantastic history dating back to hundreds of years. Originally it was the Captain's reading room but time showed many changes. Its first title deeds show Sir Isaac Newton to be one of its original owners. Now, The Dracula Experience Whitby has been residing here for over 15 years.

Sightings by several employees and unexplainable events have further added to the eeriness and authentication of The Dracula Experience. Actual ghost sightings have been claimed to be made even after all special effects and animated scenes, have been turned off.

The seaside town of Whitby is full of Gothic architecture, and The Dracula Experience has created an ambiance of eeriness and mystery, successfully creating the atmosphere of the famous stalking vampire.

A Tour of The Dracula Experience Whitby!

You the intrepid tourist, as you enter The Dracula Experience Whitby, through its dark front entrance, are met with the display of Dracula related items and trinkets for sale in the shops’ window displays. A recorded audio track is there to lure the tourists to venture into the building to witness the story of the grand Dracula.

There is also a board present outside the building, listing some of the many tour highlights with the main attraction being the actual cape of Christopher Lee, which he wore in subsequent movies.

Your Dracula Experience starts with an audio track telling the story of the arrival of Count Dracula in Whitby. It also relates some key details from the novel. Live actors are also there enacting various scenes during the Dracula Experience. They not only recreate scenes from the book but also provide a quick startle to the unsuspecting and already frightened tourists, stumbling through the dark corridors of the Dracula Experience Whitby.

The impressive sets and props take you through the Dracula Experience, enacted in 8 scenes:

Scene 1: It shows Bram Stoker sitting and writing his terrifying tale of Count Dracula from Transylvania while looking over Whitby.

Scene 2: Here Count Dracula in the disguise of a giant black bat with his menacing black cape flying, slowly but steadily advances towards you as his vampire companions, three voluptuous ladies, hungrily look on.

Scene 3: Wrenfield, a wretched patient in the Lunatic Asylum of Doctor John Steward, who spends hour after hour, amusing himself by trying to make bluebottles, spiders, sparrows and a kitten, to eat each other. This tormented soul was caught in the Count Dracula’s spell but still was able to warn the heroes of the dangers threatening Mina, although this warning cost him his life.

Scene 4: The dead captain of The Demeter, can be seen lashed to the wheel after the schooner was driven ashore by the East Cliff on Tate Hill Pier. Also, a large black dog can be seen jumping ashore and running up the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey. A watertight bottle found in the dead captain's pocket contained a written account of the bloody horrors leading up to the death of the captain and his crew.

Scene 5: One night, Lucy was spotted by her friend, Mina, sleepwalking in the moonlight to Whitby Abbey. Mina ran along the crescent along the north terrace and up the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey, to help her friend, who was in the company of a dark cloaked figure with terrifying red eyes.

Scene 6: Mina, attacked by Dracula was being treated by Professor Van Helsing, through a blood transfusion from her husband, Jonathan.

Scene 7: Lucy is killed while lying in her coffin, by her demented fiancé, Arthur, by a wooden stake driven through her heart. She had been one of the earlier victims of Dracula when he had first arrived at Whitby. She had been unable to resist the hypnotic power he possessed and succumbed to the lure of feasting on human blood.

Scene 8: Count Dracula returns to Transylvania, with our heroes following close on his heels. They catch up with the Count at the Borgo Pass, where a fearful fight ensues. Quincey is fatally wounded. But Jonathan is able to corner Count Dracula and destroy him with a blow from his Kukri knife, severing Dracula's head off. It seems like the end to all the terror and chaos created by Dracula through the years, but then again, is it really over?

Paranormal Investigation Nights at The Dracula Experience Whitby

The Dracula Experience Whitby has joined hands with the website ‘Most Haunted Nites,' to offer an amazing deal, taking you one step further into the terrifying domain.

Recent studies, have actually shown paranormal activity at 9 Marine Parade. Different mediums and paranormal investigators have experienced some very interesting activities. Some of these have been recorded, and their video footage clearly shows certain paranormal activities, like orbs present in specific areas in Whitby Abbey, and controlled Ouija Board experiments revealing high levels of paranormal activity.

Whitby Abbey itself boasts the ghost of a youth who died tragically in the 1800s due to tuberculosis.

The Dracula Experience Whitby invites you to join their paranormal team, with their hi-tech equipment and mediums, on an all-night vigil of seances and capture real paranormal activity at Whitby Abbey. The organisers do remind people that all these activities are real, and no help from any special effects has been taken.

These events take place on the first Saturday of each month from 11 pm till 3 am. You can book your place by calling 0793 2065 304. As limited seats are available, you can also call Dracula Experience Whitby and buy tickets for around £24.99 each or reserve them with a £10 non-refundable deposit.

Contact The Dracula Experience Whitby

Address: 9 Marine Parade, Whitby, YO213PR

Phone: +44 1947 601 923


Opening Times

Winter Season (November-Easter): Weekends only: 9:45 am – 5 pm
Half Term (School Holidays): Open Daily: 9:45 am – 5 pm
Summer Season (Easter to end October): Open Daily: 9:45 am – 5 pm

Admission Prices

Adults: £3.00
Children (13 and under): £2.50
A family of 4: £9.00

Special Offers

Discount for group bookings.
Live actors are only featured during peak times school holidays and group bookings.

Merchandise / Gift Shop

Dracula Experience T-shirts, Pens, Pencils, Mugs.
T-pots, Pendants, and Guides are also available in our gift shop.
Many other Dracula items are also available.

Group and School Bookings

Groups, school children along with their teachers are always encouraged to visit Dracula Experience.
Risk assessment is done on request.
No entrance charges apply for supervising teachers.
Discounts can be availed for large groups (Groups of 10 and over).

Wrapping It Up

If you’re a thrill seeker or want to experience Bram Stoker’s iconic literary creation at a more intimate level, then you should consider going on The Dracula Experience in Whitby and relive the terror that has allowed Count Dracula to still exist after decades.

Places To Stay Near To The Dracula Experience Whitby

The Marine is a great place to stay since it's just next door to the Dracula Experience Whitby. Harry's Bar and Lounge has rooms too which are very close.  There are also rooms available at Ellies Guest House which is a short walk and provides excellent accommodation or there's Sandpiper House. For a luxury self catering option there's Direct Whitby or Discovery Accommodation have a wide selection of properties for you to choose from.

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Restaurants Near To The Dracula Experience Whitby

The Dracula Experience Whitby is located in a perfect spot for those seeking a refreshments either before or after their tour. The Marine is right next door for those seeking a delicious seafood meal as is The Moon And Sixpence. Harrys Bar is a few doors down,  For lovers of fish and chips the The Quayside is a short walk, The Magpie is a few steps further along and there's the Star Inn and Skipper Cafe on Haggersgate . For those seeking a stiff drink after the terrors of the show there's The Jolly Sailor and The Pier Inn. For information on all the best places to eat why not read our guide to the best restaurants in Whitby.

Things To Do Near To The Dracula Experience Whitby

Other attractions close by to the Dracula Experience Whitby include the amusement arcades; Funland and Fun City. There's the Whitby Whale Watching Tours and of course, the RNLI Whitby Lifeboat Museum.

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