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The Dracula Experience in Whitby; A Must Visit Show For All Ages

The Dracula Experience in Whitby offers a spine-chilling and, most of all, fun show! It’s a trip into the dramatic history of Bram Stoker’s iconic Dracula in Whitby, where his story was born.

Do you want to experience Bram Stoker’s iconic literary creation brought to life and learn about its connections to Whitby? The Dracula Experience is a great way to relive the terror that has allowed Count Dracula to exist after decades. Here’s more information about the Dracula Experience.

Dracula Experience shop front.

The Dracula Experience in Whitby

Enter the Dracula Experience through its dark front entrance. The shop’s window displays Dracula-related items and trinkets for sale. A recorded audio track lures tourists into the building to witness the story of Dracula.

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Outside the building, a board also lists some of the many tour highlights. The main attraction is Christopher Lee’s cape, which he wore in subsequent movies.

The Dracula Experience in Whitby.

Your Dracula Experience starts with an audio track telling the story of the arrival of Count Dracula in Whitby. It also relates some critical details from the novel. Live actors are also there occasionally, enacting various scenes during the Dracula Experience. They recreate scenes from the book and provide a quick startle to the unsuspecting and already frightened tourists!

The Dracula Experience is enacted in 8 scenes:

1: Bram Stoker is writing his tale of Count Dracula from Transylvania while looking over the town of Whitby.

2: Count Dracula, disguised as a giant black bat with a menacing black cape flying, slowly and steadily advances towards you as his vampire companions, three ladies, hungrily look on.

3: Wrenfield is a patient in Doctor John Steward’s Lunatic Asylum. He spends hour after hour amusing himself by trying to make bluebottles, spiders, sparrows, and a kitten eat each other. This tormented soul was caught in Count Dracula’s spell. He still was able to warn the heroes of the dangers threatening Mina, but this warning cost him his life.

4: The dead captain of The Demeter is lashed to the wheel after the schooner was driven ashore by the East Cliff on Tate Hill Pier. A large black dog can be seen jumping ashore and running up the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey. There is a watertight bottle in the dead captain’s pocket. It contained a written account of the horrors that led up to the death of the captain and his crew.

One of the Dracula Experience Scenes.

Lucy is spotted sleepwalking

5: One night, Lucy is spotted by her friend, Mina, sleepwalking in the moonlight to Whitby Abbey. Mina ran along the crescent along the north terrace. Then, she went up the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey to help her friend. Lucy was in the company of a dark-cloaked figure with terrifying red eyes.

6: Mina, attacked by Dracula, is being treated by Professor Van Helsing through a blood transfusion from her husband, Jonathan.

7: Lucy is killed while lying in her coffin by her demented fiancé. Arthur drives a wooden stake driven through her heart. She had been one of the earlier victims of Dracula when he had first arrived at Whitby. Lucy had been unable to resist the hypnotic power he possessed. She succumbed to the lure of feasting on human blood.

8: Count Dracula returns to Transylvania, with our heroes following close on his heels. They catch up with the Count at the Borgo Pass, where a fearful fight ensues. Quincey is fatally wounded. But Jonathan can corner Count Dracula and destroy him with a blow from his Kukri knife, severing Dracula’s head off.

The Dracula Experience Walls.

The Dracula Experience opening times

Please note: Opening times and prices are subject to change. Please refer directly to the Dracula Experience website for the most up-to-date information. Live actors are featured during peak times.

Is the Dracula Experience in Whitby suitable for children/families?

You may find The Dracula Experience in Whitby unsuitable for very young children or those who are easily scared. However, there isn’t anything overly gory to worry about.

Older children and families who enjoy spooky stories and legends will find it thrilling and fun. You can check with the attraction beforehand to determine if it’s appropriate for your personal group’s age range and interests.

What did we think of the Dracula Experience?

When you look at the reviews on TripAdvisor, you will notice quite a mixture! We enjoyed the experience, but we went to have fun and learn a little more about Dracula and Whitby rather than be scared. For the price, we think it’s a great addition to a day in Whitby.

Restaurants near to the Dracula Experience

Whitby Fish and Chips.

The Marine is next door for those seeking a delicious seafood meal, as is The Moon And Sixpence. Harry’s Bar is a few doors down. If you love fish and chips, The Quayside is a short walk away, and The Magpie is just a little further along the harbour. For those seeking a stiff drink after the terrors of the show, The Pier Inn is within a 2-minute walk.

For information on all the best places to eat, why not read our guide to the best restaurants in Whitby?

Photos in this article are from the Dracula Experience TripAdvisor reviews. Let us know in the comments if you have visited the experience and what you thought!

4 thoughts on “The Dracula Experience in Whitby; A Must Visit Show For All Ages”

  1. I want to come here and experience this oh so badly. To he where Bram Stoker was to write where he wrote ?❤️???

    I’m a Gothic Horror Author from America and I want very much to visit Whitby.

  2. I’m going back into the late 1980’s my then husband my 8yr old daughter and 6yr step-daughter often would visit Whitby and the surrounding areas. The girls wanted to go in to the Dracula Experience I was a little more unsure yeah! Not a fan of ghost trains to start with so I was even more weary about darkness and tunnels… Took deep breath Oh my day! The beginning was a lull into argh it’s alright so far, husband in front with the eldest I had young in directly Infront of me, it got darker the tunnels got narrower, displays lighting up stuff moving ? then a little way in the distance I saw a door open and this Thing floating out? I had my lil one by the scruff of her neck and backfired with her as fast as I could to go out the way I came… The woman on the reception was laughing she said I was grey!
    Right I’ll own I’m a yellow belly coward, yet I’ve done Paranormal Investigations for years all over the Country
    I worked night duties in a Very Old Phychatirc Hospital.
    I’ve never been as scared ? as I was in the Dracula Experience.
    Its now the 21st century so technology has sky rocketed now, so what awaits any of you brave souls that wish to have a wander in those tunnels. Good Luck ?

  3. Helloooo I’m. A massive fan of Bram stokers Dracula I love Sir Christopher Lee he’s my Fav now I been told one of his Clokes is in the museum is there a shop we’re I can buy enything from Thankyou GLYNN⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️


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