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Glaisdale is a lovely village of stone-built, terraced cottages in the heart of the North York Moors National Park

The scenic hillside village of Glaisdale is located on the edge of the North York Moors National Park in the beautiful Esk Valley. This quaint village has a post office, general store, talented butcher (famous for his pork pies), and a traditional village with a popular restaurant. It’s a popular destination for walkers, long-distance hikers (Wainwright’s famous Coast to Coast Walk runs through Glaisdale), cyclists, motorcyclists, families and tourists wanting to explore the North York Moors National Park and North Yorkshire Coast.

Glaisdale is situated approximately 20 minutes west of Whitby (9.6 miles). Click here to get directions.

Beggars Bridge in Glaisdale
Beggars Bridge in Glaisdale. Photo credit: J Lawley

History of Glaisdale

Built in the 19th Century, Glaisdale was originally a mining village. Iron ore was abundant in the surrounding hills and three blast furnaces were built in 1869, along with much of the terraced housing that can still be seen today. However, the furnaces were uneconomical and closed down in 1875. Since then farming, which has always played a vital role in the economy of the region, has become the lifeblood of the village and is Glaisdale’ main industry.

Glaisdale Sheep
You can find plenty of sheep grazing on the North York Moors around Glaisdale.

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