Pannett Park


Located in the heart of Whitby, Pannett Park is a peaceful place that offers stunning town views. Unlike other popular spots in the area, It is not as crowded, making it ideal for relaxing. The park is well-maintained and has something for everyone, from strolls to picnics, feeding squirrels, and exploring the Whitby Museum.

Kids can enjoy playing at the maritime-themed play area, designed to cater to children of all ages.

The park’s plants are carefully chosen to create a thriving environment for wildlife, including ancient woodlands, open parklands, hedges, and wildflower embankments. This makes Pannett Park a perfect place to spot various animals, such as foxes, badgers, squirrels, butterflies, bees, and birds.

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Children's Play Area

Floral Clock

Jurassic Garden

Commemorative Garden

Whitby Museum and Art Gallery

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Museum, Whitby YO21 1RE


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