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Northern Lights Captured Over Whitby By Local Photographer Chris Evans

We absolutely love Chris Evans photography. Recently he captured a stunning image of the Northern Lights gracing the Whitby skyline. We interviewed him to learn more about how he captured these incredible images.

1. We recently saw your incredible images of the Northern lights appearing over Whitby. We were wondering if it is a once a lifetime shot or can you capture the Northern Lights over the North Yorkshire Coast regularly? How do you know the lights will be appearing on a given night?

It depends on the statistics, it is very rare to get them as potent as that. Yes, you can get them regularly in dark areas, it all depends on the solar cycle and how active it is. They can often be seen in the dark but not always as clearly visible as this. I have a friend who runs the Aurora watch page on Facebook and I use websites and monitor conditions such as visibility, the clouds can also disrupt this even if the chances are high.

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2. Can the lights be seen with the naked eye, or do you need any special camera equipment to see them?

It can be seen rarely with the naked eye, it is hard to see and would be very faint. If you have a good quality phone you may be able to use that to see them.

3. How long did you wait out in the winter cold to capture those images?

I waited around 4 hours that night, had many attempts prior to this but never managed to get the shot. This night was perfect.

4. Can these incredible images be purchased from you as prints or canvasses?

Yes, they can be purchased in many formats on the online shop or from the actual shop in Flowergate.

5. We know you opened your shop during the height of the pandemic. How has the first year gone for you?

It started really well but of course, with all the current Covid issues it was not as busy as hoped but did well. It has been a challenge opening in the middle of it but hopefully, things will improve more going forward and I have a lot of support from my Facebook followers that has helped a lot.

Thank you so much Chris for taking the time to answer our questions and for sharing your images with us.

You can learn more about Chris and buy some of his wonderful products on his website. – www.chrisevanswhitbyphotography.com

Northern Lights Whitby

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