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Screamie Jeemies books are for children 8 to 12 years old (Though they may be enjoyed by children up to 80 years old!). The sub-heading on the covers is “Weird and Creepy Tales of Whitby’. They are scary and fun adventures that chill the heart and tickle the funny bone. In the stories the various child characters meet: vampires, Goths, smugglers, fossil hunters, dinosaurs, flying fish and more, all in wonderful Whitby.

The bundle includes all four books in the Whitby Screamie Jeemies collection.

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Fog Ship Fear Trip!

It’s a lovely blue sky day. If they are lucky, Mia and her sister Rose will see dolphins on the forty minute boat ride out of Whitby harbour.
But they sail straight into a thick fog. The dreaded sea fret. Which is when the first bad thing happens.
What is the huge wooden wall beside the boat? Where does the sword that smashes into the deck come from? What is making those scary thumping noises? How can they escape? – Buy book individually

Mysteriosaur and the Saltwick Sphinx

Toby is visiting his cousin Keisha in Whitby. Keisha’s father and a team of scientists have found a spectacular fossil crocodile in a cave at Saltwick Bay.
Then, Keisha and Toby discover there are more than old bones in the cave… there are living monsters from the Jurassic! In no time they are chasing dinosaurs in the heart of Whitby! – Buy book individually

The Vampire Shadow Dog

Jack is on holiday with his friend Violet and her annoying little brother Tom when they see a strange shadow of a dog playing on the 199 Steps.
They follow the shadow dog to one of the yards on Church Street where it walks through a front door and into a cottage!
The dog’s owner is a girl called Lucy who lives with her grandfather, who seems suspiciously like a vampire. – Buy book individually

The Wrath of the Whitby Goth Moth

It’s autumn half term and there is nothing to do … until they spot the advert. The new Goth shop is looking for four kids to model vampire costumes for a short film. Perfect!
Then Ethan is swallowed by a hat. The other two don’t believe Scarlet, but she just knows that Ethan has gone bad. And there is something deeply creepy about the shop owner.
Why are there Death’s head hawk moths flying about in the shop? And those backpack Gothie keyring charms look weirdly real. – Buy book individually

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