Mysteriosaur and the Saltwick Sphinx – Screamie Jeemies Children’s Book


Toby is visiting his cousin Keisha in Whitby. Keisha’s father and a team of scientists have found a spectacular fossil crocodile in a cave at Saltwick Bay.

Then, Keisha and Toby discover there are more than old bones in the cave… there are living monsters from the Jurassic! In no time they are chasing dinosaurs in the heart of Whitby!

Screamie Jeemies books are for children 8 to 12 years old (Though they may be enjoyed by children up to 80 years old!). The sub-heading on the covers is “Weird and Creepy Tales of Whitby’. They are scary and fun adventures that chill the heart and tickle the funny bone. In the stories the various child characters meet: vampires, Goths, smugglers, fossil hunters, dinosaurs, flying fish and more, all in wonderful Whitby.

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