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7 Of The Best Places To Walk Your Dog Around Whitby

Have you booked a trip to Whitby and are taking the dog with you? We have compiled a list of 7 beautiful places where you can safely walk your dog around Whitby.

Whitby is lucky enough to be surrounded by the most beautiful scenery, it’s what most people come for, yet more often than not people aren’t aware that there are some great places for dog walks around the area. If you have brought your four-legged friend on holiday with you, or are from Whitby and looking for new places to walk, then we have compiled a list of places that are brilliant to walk your dog around Whitby.

Please note that there is a seasonal dog beach ban around Whitby, take notice of the signs when entering the beach areas.

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1. Grosmont

Grosmont is a beautiful place to walk your dog around Whitby

Grosmont can be busy at times but most of the time this area is quiet as not many people tend to venture down it. At the far end of the main car park, there is a trail heading off towards the disused railway lines, if you follow that trail you will come across an opening where there is a small river. It’s beautiful here in the summer because not only is it often vacant, it’s also the perfect place to have a picnic. It’s a great place for the family, it’s not hard to walk to, and the kids will love skimming stones in the river. 

If you follow the trackbed of the original Whitby-to-Pickering railway this is a short and easy walk in the North York Moors perfect for you and your pooch. This route heads from Grosmont to Goathland and passes Beck Hole.  The path is good for walking on and a waterside section along the Murk Esk River to admire.

Try this Grosmont to Goathland walking route.

2. Beck Hole

Beck Hole near Whitby is great for dog walks

Down in a valley covered by trees, you will find Beck Hole, a small beck that eventually connects to the River Esk. If you drive (or walk) down a downward hill you will come across a small bridge where a wooden fence with a walker’s entrance will greet you. Cross over that fence and you will be met by a small river/beck where there are large boulders and a mud path. It’s a brilliant place for your dog to run around, and the further you go the more beautiful the area gets – but be careful as it does take a bit of climbing and the rocks can be slippery when wet.

Here is a popular circular walk starting from Grosmont in the North York Moors. This is a picturesque walk that begins on the old railway trackbed, then continues through woods and out onto the edge of the moors. Your dog is free to be off the lead most of the time here.

Try this Grosmont and Beck Hole circular walking route.

3. May Beck

May Beck is not far from Whitby

May Beck is just right to the turn off for Falling Foss, you can park your car there and spend the whole day bumbling through the woods whilst your dog tires themselves out. May Beck is wonderful because of how big it is, it’s hard to get bored walking around because there is so much of it to explore. If your dog is great off the lead and wary of strangers you can find trails where you’ll happily not pass another person, you can either go high up into the woods and walk along the hills or you can walk on lower ground and pass the stream that is surrounded with beautiful nature during the summer months.

This easy route is a beautiful one to try it does have some uneven and muddy paths and some rocks which can get slippy when wet. The first section involves a fairly steep uphill so just take caution with dogs. The halfway point is marked by Falling Foss Tea Garden, which serves tasty food and drinks. It has toilets, a play area for small children, and usually a firepit and marshmallows on the go!

Try this May Beck to Falling Foss Circular walking route.

4. Falling Foss

Falling Foss Waterfall

Sneaton Forest and Falling Foss area is a wonderful walk for dogs and a beautiful place for keen photographers with the falls and river nearby. Easy entry into water under the bridge for dogs and children to paddle and play in the stream. Near Falling Foss waterfall there are some very steep drops off the path therefore you should keep your dog on a short lead for safety.

This enjoyable circular walk starts in the Forestry Commission car park which is near Falling Foss. You will quickly reach the waterfall. Its 30 ft drop is particularly stunning after heavy rain. The walk continues on to Littlebeck. From Littlebeck, the coast-to-coast path is followed back towards Falling Foss through Little Beck Wood Nature Reserve, passing the Hermitage at the top of the wooded gorge. As with the previous walk, some paths are uneven, muddy, and rocks slippy so just take caution with dogs.

Try this Littlebeck and Falling Foss circular walking route.

5. Sandsend to Whitby

Whitby dog walk to Sandsend

If you’re looking to tire yourself and the dog out then take your car to the Sandsend car park and walk the beach to Whitby and back (or the other way). The beach is absolutely beautiful any time of year, if your dog likes making friends then there are often locals who walk their lovely pets on the beach too. Be sure you check the tide times before you go as the tide does come in quite fast, especially towards the cliff on the Sandsend side.

If you would prefer to follow a walking route from Whitby to Sandsend then this 3-mile walk is on a fairly flat path with splendid cliff-top views and lovely beaches. The walk starts from Whitby Abbey.

Whitby to Sandsend walking route.

6. The Cleveland Way, Whitby to Robin Hood’s Bay 

Robin Hood's Bay dog walks

We love this route and the pathway is easy to follow and with some fairly small climbs, it is suitable for anyone with moderate fitness. Please take caution as you are walking along clifftops so appropriate footwear and care when taking your dog with you. This 7-mile stretch from Whitby to Robin Hood’s Bay boasts some of the best views of the North York Moors heritage coastline. Admire the beautiful bays and beaches below as you walk along the cliff-top.

Try this Whitby to Robin Hood’s Bay walk.

7. North York Moors National Park

North York Moors National Park

If you want to get yourself in the midst of some of the most spectacular views in Yorkshire, then head over to the North York Moors National Park. On their website, they document a number of routes that are dog-friendly. Most walks are lead walks only as there is livestock often present on The Moors, but if you want your dog to walk freely and off the lead then there are plenty of walks to do in the Forestry Commission owned parts of The Moors (55 miles to be exact). The woodland includes Dalby, Langdale, Cropton, Boltby, and Silton. The parks are fantastic to walk around and incredibly beautiful during every season.

If you would like to share more areas to walk your dog around Whitby then please comment below. We will add your suggestions to our article.

8 thoughts on “7 Of The Best Places To Walk Your Dog Around Whitby”

  1. I don’t believe any dogs should be allowed on beaches – fouling of beaches by dogs is a major health hazard as much as the littering of rubbish by humans. My wife and I are looking forward to our first holiday to Whitby at the end of next week so will keep an eye on the state of the beaches.

    • Hi Tony, thank you for taking the time to comment on this article. It is our experience that the vast majority of dog owners are considerate and clean up after their pets. There will be the odd exception of course but the overwhelming majority of dog owners will ensure Whitby’s beaches are kept clean. There is a seasonal restriction for dogs on some of Whitby’s beaches from the beginning of May to the end of September.

    • Tony Comley, you are the reason I prefer dogs to most human beings. You miserable git.How perfect that you will be spending your holiday looking for dog poop on the beach.

    • Well I dont’ believe miserable people should be allowed on the beach either, wow your a real joy, not every dog owner is that irresponsible not to pick up after their pets.

  2. Wow Tony your a joy to listen to!!!! Have you not seen how much human waste is being put into our seas and getting washed up on our beaches, it’s probably all yours. Enjoy searching the beaches for dog poo. I always pick my dogs up.


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