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Have you tried Whitby’s famous lemon buns from Botham’s?

Whitby’s famous lemon buns have been a tasty treat for locals and tourists for generations. Here is all you need to know about Whitby’s best loved sweet treat.

We love to debate things in Whitby, the best place for fish and chips, whether salt or vinegar goes first, the best beach, if there are 199 steps and of course how you are supposed to eat a Botham’s lemon bun! However, one thing we know for sure; they are a delicious local delicacy you must try! Here’s more information about Botham’s famous lemon buns.

Whitby's famous lemon bun

Botham’s Bakery

Elizabeth Botham established her bakery in Whitby way back in 1865. Initially, she sold her bread and cakes from a basket at the local market until she could purchase the premises on Skinner Street. Five generations later, Botham’s traditions are still being proudly continued by her family.

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Botham’s Bakery is widely known for its delicious selection of baked goods. Their signature items include Whitby lemon buns, Yorkshire brack, plum bread, shah ginger biscuits, and chocolate Japonaise ‘Japs’, but they offer so much more than that. They have a variety of seasonal bakes that are highly anticipated throughout the year, such as strawberry tarts, winter brack, and Easter simnel cakes. Of course, trying a Whitby lemon bun is a must-do activity, just like enjoying a plate of fish and chips.

Whitby Lemon Bun

What are Botham’s lemon buns?

They’re made with a soft, sweet dough and feature juicy sultanas. On top, you’ll find creamy white lemon icing that perfectly complements the flavours of the bun. The recipe for these buns has been passed down through the generations and is now expertly crafted by Elizabeth Botham’s great and great-great-grandchildren, who continue to run the bakery with pride.

Botham’s lemon buns have quite the reputation! Marks & Spencer has started selling a similar product; James Martin spoke about them on TV and there’s even a recipe for them in Paul Hollywood’s cookbook. However, it’s important to note that Botham’s lemon buns are the only authentic original recipe made in Whitby for over a century.

How should you eat Botham’s lemon buns? 

Let’s start a fun debate – when it comes to lemon buns, do you prefer biting straight into it or tearing it in half and eating it like a sandwich? Some locals say the correct way is to tear it in half, lightly butter it, and then turn the icing inside to enjoy it as a lemon bun sandwich. Botham’s, on the other hand, confirms that splitting the bun in half is traditional, but whether to butter it or not is still a highly debated topic.

So, what’s your take on this? You can join the debate on our Facebook page, Instagram, or comment below. 

Where to buy Botham’s lemon buns

You can visit one of their shops and tea rooms in town to try their lemon buns. They have a shop on Skinner Street with a tearoom and a shop and tearoom on Baxtergate.

Botham's of Whitby delivery van

Not in Whitby? Order your lemon buns online

With their popular UK delivery service, you can now savour the delightful taste of Whitby lemon buns from the comfort of your home. These lightly fruited buns come in a pack of six and are dispatched nationwide, making it easy to enjoy them wherever you are. To add a zesty twist to your buns, you will also receive a pot of lemony icing to decorate them at home. 

When you purchase a pack of six lemon buns, you can rest assured that they will be baked fresh on the day of dispatch. This means you can enjoy them on any of their Tuesday-Friday delivery days. In addition, they seal your buns to ensure their freshness and include a pot of special lemon icing. These buns make an excellent gift or a way to try them if you are not in Whitby. You can buy them here.

These sweet treats are a true delight for the taste buds, and their rich history and tradition make them an iconic part of this charming seaside town. So, whether you’re a local or a visitor, head to Botham’s and indulge in a taste of Whitby’s culinary heritage. You won’t regret it.

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