Five haunted places in Whitby

Whitby is one of the most famous seaside towns in Britain, from its maritime history to the famous Whitby Jet, the town has made it into hundreds of history books. Given how old Whitby is then it is no surprise to anyone when they learn that Whitby is haunted by an array of ghosts that are struggling to cross to the other side. Ghost hunters and paranormal expert from far and wide make sure they put Whitby on their ghost hunt, and you will understand why once you’ve read our list of five haunted places in Whitby.

Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey

I can assume it will come as no shock to you to learn that Whitby Abbey his haunted by not just one, but two ghosts. As mentioned in our previous article “five places you must visit on your trip to WhitbySt. Hilda has made an appearance in the Abbey ruins various times throughout the years, it is said that she often appears in what’s left of the windows and comes out during the day to look over her Abbey.

Another ghost that is said to haunt the grounds is Constance De Beverly who died in a very tragic way. Constance was a nun at the Abbey when she fell in love with a handsome knight, she fell in love so deeply that she threw her vows of chastity out of the window, this was to be a grave mistake. When her secret was exposed she was bricked up alive inside the walls of the Abbey by means of punishment, people have recalled being able to hear whimpering and screaming, begging to be let out of the walls where she died.

Want to go ghost hunting in the Abbey yourself? You must be mad!

Visiting Information

Open Daily 10am – 6pm

Address: Abbey Lane, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO22 4JT

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Grape Lane Whitby

Grape Lane

In the days where Grape Lane was more lovingly known as ‘Grope Lane’ due to it being the red light district of Whitby (if you can imagine such a place), there stood a bakery where a tragic story happened to the most beautiful of little girls.

The young girl was running an errand for her father, whom she loved dearly, taking his dinner to the bakery to heat up during the summer months, the baker welcomed the young girl he recognised and allowed her to put the dinner in the oven herself. He had his back turned for only a second when he heard a blood-curdling scream. He was horrified to see that the young girl was engulfed in flames after her hair had been set alight by the oven. Unsure of what to do the baker beat the flames from the girl but it was too late, the damage had been done and the girl died upon arrival to the local infirmary, her skin peeling off as she walked. It has been said that her ghost often appears in front of people on Grape Lane with flames surrounding her, and you can still smell the scent of burnt hair when she makes an appearance.

Dare you walk along Grape Lane alone late at night?

How to get there – Grape Lane, Whitby, YO22 4BA

St Mary’s Churchyard in Whitby

St Mary’s Churchyard

Graveyards are extremely eerie places and St Mary’s Churchyard is no exception, even Dracula spent some time amongst the graves. Because Whitby was once full of sailors there came unfortunate times where sailors would die on dry land would have to be buried in the earth (rather than a traditional sailor’s burial at sea). Widows and families of the lost souls would often find that the graves would be visited on the third night of their burial by the Barguest Coach, witnesses to the haunting sight have said the coach is pulled by headless horses and the passengers on the coach are the skeletal remains of sailors which come to pay their respect to the deceased seaman. After the soul of the dead sailor is aboard the Barguest Coach the coach sets off again, riding through the graveyard and then driving off into the darkness towards the sea.

The graveyard can be an eerie place at night, dare you wonder up the 199 steps and risk catching sight of the Barguest Coach? Be warned, only for the extremely brave!

How to get there – St Mary’s Church, Whitby, YO22 4DW

Bagdale Hall Whitby
Would you dare spend a night in here?

Bagdale Hall

For 500 years Bagdale Hall has stood proudly in Whitby and in that time has conjured up its own array of spirits that spook the hotel workers as well as guests, but the most prominent ghost is that of Brown Bushell, a pirate that once owned Bagdale Hall. Bushell had a habit of jumping sides during the English Civil War during the seventeenth century, which is a big no in terms of war, whatever side suited him best Brown Bushell would join. The treason got back to the royalists and he was subsequently arrested and then beheaded for his crimes. Since then Brown Bushell has haunted his grounds, his presence is known by the feeling of dread and doom patrons feel when he is around.

Want to test your nerves and brave a night at Bagdale Hall? Good luck, rather you than me!

How to get there – 1 Bagdale, Whitby, YO21 1QL

Phone: +44 1947 602 958

The Western Lighthouse

Whitby Western Lighthouse
Whitby Western Lighthouse is rumoured to be haunted.

For years lighthouses have been the subject of many horror stories, we don’t know the reasons why but in Whitby we have our very own haunted lighthouse that saw the demise of an innocent worker who was just trying to make sure sailors were safe. On a stormy night when the rain was howling and the wind was breath-taking the lighthouse keeper at the time noticed the light wasn’t on in the lighthouse, he knew that this could be extremely dangerous for those out at sea and so he set off to do his job. The rain soaked his jacket and dripped whilst he walked up the stairs towards the light, making the steps very slippery and dangerous, but he hadn’t noticed. On his way down the heroic lighthouse keeper slipped, down each step he thumped and by the time he reached the bottom he was dead. Some ghost hunters have witnessed the brave lighthouse keeper making his journey up the pier towards the lighthouse, and some visitors of the lighthouse have even seen the ghostly image of a man laid out on the floor in front of the entrance.

Want to brave the lonely walk along the pier at night? Look out for the lighthouse worker!

How to visit – West Lighthouse, Battery Parade, Whitby

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Do you have your own Whitby ghost story to share?

That wraps up our list of five haunted places in Whitby. If you have heard any more creepy ghost stories, or even if you have had your own paranormal experience in the seaside town, please get in touch using the comments below.

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  1. I am originally from Whitby and courted and married a local lad..whom I married..but we used to babysit his niece down arguments yard and the top floor in house was used to speak to the little girl and the bedroom was icy cold you had to go up the stairs to the toilet and could hear her talking to someone and we saw an apparition stood over the bed..creepy..

    • Thanks for sharing your story. Many of the old yards in Whitby are rumored to be haunted, ill do some research and see what info I can find on Arguments yard.

      • I am the mother of the niece my brother looked after did you find anything out about Arguments Yard,it’s so strange that I have come across this story

  2. we stopped in a fisherman’s cottage up from where the supermarket is , as kids , my sister and I had the attic room , my sister would never look in the mirror , she was so scared my mum came up and slept in the other bed , I don’t remember anything but mum said she felt something like a child climb into bed with her and snuggle into her back , thinking it was my sister she turned round , she felt the bed spring up and the covers flap , she screamed and ran downstairs , next day she wanted to go home , we still had three days left of the holiday so we moaned we didn’t want to go early , so we stayed , she must have been terrified , she only told us about it when we were grown up , I think she may of told dad , but he probably didn’t believe her . we never stayed there again lol been going to whitby for twenty years , love it x

  3. Myself and my husband stayed at Bagdale Hall, Whitby. We had the en suite room right at the top of the old wooden staircase. Right next to our room was a bathroom for guests.
    I can’t sleep well and was still reading at 3am when I heard footsteps slowly coming up the stairs, I thought someone to use the bathroom, but when the footsteps stopped right outside our door nobody went into the bathroom, I waited for the noise of the bathroom door or toilet flushing etc but it was dead quiet. But what spooked me was there was no footsteps going back down the stairs or any noise of footsteps walking about the landing.

  4. A few years ago, stayed for a couple of nights in Church Cottage at the foot of the 199 steps.
    It was one evening and my Husband had gone for a couple of pints and to fetch something back from a takeaway for supper. I decided to get comfortable in one of the bedrooms, facing the steps. I had no preconceived ideas of ghosts or being scared, even though it is quite naturally eerie on a night in that area.
    The bedroom door was a paned glass style. I was sat up in bed and travelling steadily outside on the landing area, fairly low down, pass the bedroom door ( I could see it through the glass panes) was a small black orb type thing, heading towards the bathroom area. Never seen anything like it before, darted out of bed and ran down the spiral stairs as quickly as possible lol. I am a Christian so I should have Prayed though..

  5. I remember my brother telling me that, as you both looked after my daughter when I was at work,how strange I have come across this as we have not seen each other in year’s Jean

    • I stayed in a fisherman’s cottage on Henrietta Street (cobbled street) looking out to sea with my husband and 3 children. The cottage was small, our bedroom was in the attic, it only had a double bed and a small dressing table and chair. On our first night there, I woke up during the night as I heard a noise and thought it was one of our children coming into our bedroom. I looked up there was a young girl sat on the chair looking straight at me. She was dressed in old fashioned clothes- a grey dress with an off white apron type over it and short black ankle boots. Her hair was long and in two plaits. I dived under the duvet and tried to wake my husband, shaking him, jabbing him in the ribs and nipping him but to no avail. I think he had drank quite a bit of the Whitby ale that night!!! I was so frightened and sweated it out under the duvet until daylight appeared through the curtains. I moved the chair out of the bedroom and slept with the lamp on for the rest of the week! I never believed in ghosts until that experience, I have since had a couple of other eerie experiences that I try to block out!

  6. In the grave yard there is a plot with my name on it the person was born on the same date as me 200yrs earlier he
    died this September 200 yrs ago
    Should I be worried?

  7. I visited Whitby Abbey beginning of july 2019 as we have visited more of these sort of places before in England as tourists from Holland. Just exploring the Eastcoast and it’s beautiful harbor towns. When my husband paid at the entrance i started to feel emotional, my throat felt tight as if i was hurt. But i was in a good mood, no reason for it. This got worse as we walked through the abbey. As i looked up at the empty point of the old window there was a voice inside my head (4 pm). As from a young, very angry en hurt woman. She let me know that the abbey deserves to be in the state that it is in for what was done to her and that it should never be rebuild. It had a deep impact on me and i am still trying to understand what it was. Please respond to my email if you have a clue where this message came from. Only after trying to find something about it on the internet, i found out that there are “ghost walks” and a Gothic festival. Don’t read thrillers or that sort of thing. My imagination or …. Nina

  8. Hi,
    About 9 years ago my daughter (then 10) and I stayed for 2 nights for the second time in a beautiful upper apartment in SNEATON HALL together with our puppy Bill. It was October school break and on this occasion the rest of the hall was unoccupied. Our puppy needed frequent toilet breaks so I was in and out of the building going up and down the main central staircase to the gravel outside the front door. Late On our first night whilst returning from the garden with Bill I mounted the first few stairs but Bill stood at the bottom looking up barking and whimpering. He would not budge so I went back down to get him..but… as I reached the bottom he ran past me up the first flight over the middle landing and up the next set of stairs barking and scratching at our apartment door.
    I continued back up the stairs and stopped half way as usual whilst gripping the bannister ( due to health problems) As I stopped it was like I had walked into a freezer as the temperature had suddenly dropped. Then I felt a sharp push to the bottom of my back and fell onto the next stair on my knees. I wash shocked and frightened but continued up the stairs before the lighting timer ran out and Iwas plunged into darkness.
    I didn’t mention it to my daughter.
    The next morning whilst making breakfast my daughter took Bill out for his toilet break.
    When packed up and in the car driving away the following day my daughter said that she never wanted to come back to the Hall again, I asked her why and she said that the staircase was spooky and she had fallen on the stairs when being Bill back. She said she had felt that there was someone behind her making her trip and that Bill didn’t like it there either as he was afraid of the staircase.
    We have not been back to SNEATON HALL but stay in Whitby town now.

  9. We also stayed in Bagdale Hall, January 2018, in room 2.
    My fleece was flung off the chair into the middle of the room.
    But more scary was when the TV turned itself on about 3 am, at full volume and a different channel.
    The remote was across the room, and no staff were on duty that night.

  10. Never stay in Whitby one day I will and would go out at night the dead can`t hurt you it`s the living you have to watch out for.

  11. We stayed in whitby for the steam punk weekend a couple of years ago. And my partner got up through the night to use the toilet. He put the small light on …while sitting on the toilet the light went off.. Its the fastest he’s got back into bed.. Its the big hotel on skinner street i think.. Resolution hotel.. I’m sure its haunted…..


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