How To Find Parking in Whitby; Find a Space and Avoid a Fine

How To Find Parking In Whitby
How To Find Parking In Whitby

Parking in Whitby is a bit of a Russian Roulette. But with our handy guide to parking in Whitby you’ve the best chance to find a space and avoid pesky fines…

Whitby, being a tourist destination, faces the ominous question as to where will all the cars bringing in the tourists, be parked? Similarly, people booking their holiday for Whitby, tend to inquire “where can we park our car?” Parking in Whitby is an issue you should be well-prepared for.

We have tried to answer these questions in this article and hope they will be helpful.
Parking available in Whitby can be paid or free, but if you choose the latter option, you might have to walk a bit of distance to reach the centre of the town.

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Whitby is a small seaside town, present between Scarborough and Redcar, along the North Yorkshire coast, which is present in the north east of England. It has cemented itself as a tourist destination, due to its proximity to the High Grounds of the North York Moors National Park, its Heritage Coastline and its association with one of the most famous horror novel icons of all times – Count Dracula.

In the early 1890s, during his stay in Whitby, Bram Stoker wrote his famous novel Dracula, which was set in this coastal town. His book features many of the streets and landmarks associated with Whitby. With time, this folklore has mesmerised the whole world with its mystery and terror. Tourists from all over the globe visit this little town to experience the aura of terror, immortality, and grandeur associated with Count Dracula.


Scarborough Borough Council Map of Parking in Whitby
Scarborough Borough Council Map of Parking in Whitby

Paid Parking in Whitby

Let us first consider the different options available as paid parking.

Scratch Cards

Holiday accommodation scratch cards are available for tourists within Whitby’s Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). Tourists who are staying in Whitby can park in the 2-hour disc, for up to 4 days with a correctly validated scratch card.

The rates of these cards are;
o 2-day cards for 80p each
o 4-day cards for £1.60 each

Guest house proprietors and hoteliers can obtain these cards upon submission of their business stationery showing their letterhead or VAT registration number.

Pay and Display Parking in Whitby

Some streets in Whitby only allow for pay and display parking, and the visitors can’t park their cars here using scratch cards or permits. Always check for any restrictions before you park your car.

Street Parking via Pay by Phone

JustPark offers parking facilities all over UK., and it has a selection of 250 parking locations in Whitby. Visitors can book their parking space in advance and at rates that are up to 70% cheaper than the market. This facility omits the needs for coins and permits and the time wasted, circling the streets, looking for a parking space.

Here is a list of off-street parking offered by JustPark in Whitby.

Off Street Parking in Whitby JustPark
Off Street Parking in Whitby JustPark

Street Parking in Whitby

Street parking is available in Whitby. There are nominal charges for the specific duration of time that the visitor uses the parking slot. Here is a list to clearly define the rates and locations in Whitby where tourists can park their cars.

On Street Parking In Whitby
On Street Parking In Whitby

Free Parking in Whitby


Many bed and breakfasts, hotels and cottages accommodating guests provide off street parking or free parking permits. These allow their guests to either park in designated parking zones (orange or blue) or in a local car park such as the West Cliff Car Park.

Disc Zones

These can be acquired from Whitby’s shops, public spaces or holiday resorts. They allow the guests free parking for 1 to 3 hours provided the disc is clearly displayed in your car showing their time of arrival and car has to be parked where the zone identifier W is present.

On-Street Parking

Some areas in Whitby allow free unlimited parking facility. But be cautious before leaving your car there. Take care to read any parking restriction signs or any other sign related to parking rules and regulations within that parking in Whitby area.

Veteran Parking

Vehicles with veteran number plate can park for free in municipal paid parking lots and on-street metered parking space, for the duration of the meters limit.

Whitby Park and Ride; Parking in Whitby
Whitby Park and Ride; Parking in Whitby

Whitby Park and Ride Scheme

It started on 1st May 2014. Its purpose was to prevent the congestion occurring on the streets of Whitby due to an increased influx of tourist cars especially the day tourists who clogged the town center which already has insufficient parking facilities.
The location of the park and ride is on A171, and it has a provision to park 450 cars. From there, buses give the tourists a ride into town. These buses run every 15 minutes with 3 stops; at West Cliff North Terrace, St Hilda’s Terrace and the town’s bus station.

Driving Through Whitby – Guide for Parking Spaces

The above map shows all of the official, free and paid, parking spots available at Whitby. Here is a small cruise through Whitby to highlight the overall parking locations available in town.

There are more parking spaces available on the West Cliff as compared to the East side. Reaching there is easy. To get to this parking location, you will have to make a left and move onto the B1460 while driving on Gainsborough Road. Doing so will bring you to Whitby’s West Cliff.

Parking in Whitby West Cliff
Parking in Whitby West Cliff

You will reach a mini roundabout which the top corner of Pannett Park and Chubb Hill. Take the road leading down to St Hilda’s Terrace heading towards Flowergate, the top half of St Hilda’s Terrace is free 24-hour parking. Its bottom half offers changing 40-minute parking zones.

If you went down Chubb Hill from the above-mentioned mini roundabout, with the Park once again on the left side, any parking spot that you will find is free 24 hours.

The little back streets running parallel to St Hilda’s which lead down to Skinner Street, also offer 24 hours free parking.
Free parking is also available along North Terrace, which starts at the corner of Royal Hotel running parallel to the beach and heading down towards Sandsend.

On the East side, there are not many parking places available. You might be able to park your car on Church Street as you head into town, but it’s at quite a distance from the town’s centre.

Here’s our pick of accommodation with parking in Whitby

Bed and Breakfasts with Parking in Whitby

The Heathfield
The Wheeldale 
The Seacliffe
The Firs Guest House
Haven Crest

Holiday Cottages in Whitby with Parking

Bumblewick Cottages
Holiday Cottages in Whitby
Robin Hoods Bay Cottages
Sandsend Bay Cottages
Shoreline Cottages
Owners Cottages

Additional Assistance

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To contact Scarborough Council regarding the new parking rules and facilities, call (01723) 232449.
For road markings and parking spots in Whitby, contact North Yorkshire county council on (0845) 8727374.
Free parking permits can be obtained from Tourism Information Centre on Langbourne Road, Nr. Station Square, Whitby. Call (01947) 602674.

For Car Parking Enquiries, contact Parking Services Manager Free on 0800 0568458.

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