Parking in Whitby, Car Parks, Parking Zones & More

Parking in Whitby can be a challenge, especially at peak times. With our handy Whitby parking guide, you have the best chance of finding a space and avoiding a fine.

Parking in Whitby is an issue you should be well-prepared for. Whitby parking is often confusing for tourists and parking zones can change seasonally. In this article, we explore the various parking options available for your break in Whitby.

Designated Parking Zones in Whitby (W Zone Scratch Cards)

Many bed and breakfasts, hotels and cottages accommodating guests provide free on-street parking scratch cards. These permits allow their guests to park for free in Whitby's designated W zones. Tourists who are staying in Whitby can park for up to 4 days with a correctly validated scratch card. Please speak to your accommodation before you arrive to see if a free, pre-paid parking scratch card will be provided for you.

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The streets within the Whitby W parking zones include:

  • Argyle Road
  • Back St Hilda’s Terrace
  • Crescent Avenue
  • Havelock Place
  • Hudson Street
  • John Street
  • Well Cl Square
  • West Terrace

The following map highlights the different on-street W parking zones in Whitby.

Whitby W Parking Zones
Map provided by Stay North Yorkshire

Pay and Display Car Parks in Whitby

There are several ‘pay and display' car parks in Whitby. You can find them here;

Endeavour Wharf Car Parks

There are both short and long stay car parks around the marina and Endeavour Wharf. – Langborne Rd, Whitby YO21 1YW

Church Street Car Park

This is a short or long stay car park with 92 spaces and 3 disabled spaces. – Church St, Whitby YO22 4AS

West Cliff Car Park

This is a short or long stay car park with 424 spaces with 4 disabled bays. – 17 Royal Cres, West Cliff, Whitby YO21 3EG

Whitby Abbey Parking

This is a short or long stay car park with 415 spaces and 6 disabled spaces. – Whitby YO22 4ER

Whitby Park and Ride Scheme

Whitby's Park and Ride scheme is a great option for getting into the town, it's affordable and can be a much easier way of getting into town during peak times. Whitby Park and Ride operate daily from Saturday 19 February to Sunday 27 February. It will then start again in April 2022 and operate daily until the end of October 2022. You can purchase tickets on the bus from your driver.

Free On-Street Parking

Some areas in Whitby allow free unlimited parking facilities. But be cautious before leaving your car there. Take care to read any parking restriction signs or any other sign related to parking rules and regulations within that parking in the Whitby area.

There are more parking spaces available on the West Cliff as compared to the East Side. To get to this parking location, you will have to make a left and move onto the B1460 while driving on Gainsborough Road. Doing so will bring you to Whitby’s West Cliff. You will reach a mini-roundabout which the top corner of Pannett Park and Chubb Hill. Take the road leading down to St Hilda's Terrace heading towards Flowergate, the top half of St Hilda's Terrace is free 24-hour parking. Its bottom half offers 40-minute parking zones.

If you went down Chubb Hill from the above-mentioned mini roundabout, with the Park once again on the left side, any parking spot that you will find is free 24 hours. The little back streets running parallel to St Hilda's which lead down to Skinner Street, also offer 24 hours free parking.

Free parking is also available along North Terrace, which starts at the corner of the Royal Hotel running parallel to the beach and heading down towards Sandsend. On the East Side, there are not many parking places available. You might be able to park your car on Church Street as you head into town, but it's quite a distance from the town’s centre.

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  1. Hi we are staying at a holiday cottage in The centre of town in Sept this yearfor a week but they don’t supply parking 4 day scratchcards is it possible to purchase these anywhere ????

  2. all SBC car parks that are available to the public that charge, do so through a pay and display machine these car parks are free to park in between the hours of 18.00 and 9.00 as advertised on SBC information sites and even on flags of lamp posts around the town, however what is not advertised and cannot be found on any information website is the pay and display parking on north promenade which is marked out parking, and by all accounts an SBC car parking area do not allow free parking till 19.00 this is not a disc zone area which do start at 19.00 a dirty sting in the tail for many people and the traffic wardens are waiting for people to fall into this trap

  3. just stayed in whitby at caravan site so establishment parking etc not applicable . have a blue badge – why do we holders not get reduced rate parking ? co-op has 1 hr free, there are very few on-street spaces which you can only have 3 hrs then must move. this doesn’t encourage the disabled to visit – we have limited mobility so cant get far before we have to vacate the space ! why cant we have lower charges – maybe pay an hour get an hour free ?

  4. Hi, we are staying in the centre of Whitby next week (mid sept) from Monday to Friday, can you recommend a car park or advice with parking.

    • Hi Ann. Thank you for your comment. We tend to use the car park at the Abbey and walk in to town. This is easy if you travel light and don’t mind the steps. Alternatively, the park and ride is popular if you don’t plan to use your car often during your stay, this would be best. Finally, there are permits available for you to park on most streets – ask your accommodation provider for details. Have a great trip!

  5. We often visit Whitby for a day and find it strange that the free parking on westcliff finishes at the end of March and yet the park & ride doesn’t start until Easter which is often mid to late April, also the park and ride (when operating) closes at 6.00pm not leaving time for ‘tea time’ fish and chips as you need to start queuing for the bus at around 5.00pm to avoid long queues at peak times.

  6. Hi we are staying at captain cooks haven soon. Do any of the car parks do a weekly ticket?? If so how much and where do you get it from ? Thanks

  7. Hi we are staying I Whitby this next weekend 15- 17th November the cottage has no parking available can you please advise the best place for us to park, the cottage is near the market square/clock tower

  8. All the car parks and parking areas state ‘no sleeping in vehicles overnight’, I have searched and cannot find any information on what the penalty for this infringement is likely to be. Can anyone help please?

  9. Might be worth noting that disabled badge holders can park without time limit on any disc zone on street bay.
    Also park for free and no time limit in pay and display on street bays.

  10. Disabled badge scheme does not apply on private lands, so if you do go to a private car park or park on private land that is being enforced by a private car park management company, be aware that they will issue you with a £100 “Parking Charge Notice”, this happened to my gran a few years ago and she paid the PCN. Always look for the signs.

  11. A few years ago we bought a parking pass from the tourist office, which was valid for four days and covered all SBC car parks. Is this still available?


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