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Historic Walking Guides, Whitby by Paul Chrystal, Our Review!

We were recently kindly sent a copy of Historic Walking Guides, Whitby, Robin Hood's Bay, Runswick Bay, and Staithes to review. Here's what we thought…

The author, Paul Chrystal writes features for national newspapers and history magazines and appears regularly on BBC local radio, BBC Radio 4, and on the BBC World Service. A reviewer for Classics for All, he is also the author of around 100 books, and articles on a wide range of subjects, including many on classical literature, ancient warfare, and the social history of ancient Greece and Rome.

Historic Walking Guides, Whitby by Paul Chrystal. Our Review!

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It's no secret that I love to visit Whitby so I was excited to get my hands on this book. It has shown me parts of Whitby I never even knew existed and I'm really excited to take it with me on my next trip to follow some of the routes and learn more about the history of the town.

This Whitby Historic Walking Guide takes you on a tour of the town's best, historic locations. Perfect for those who love to learn about history. What I really loved about this guide is how accessible it is for all reading abilities, when it comes to history I can get a little lost in the jargon but this was so interesting, informative, and not difficult to read. I felt like I was learning and it gave me a lot of inspiration to further research certain topics, events, and writers.

Historic Walking Guides, Whitby by Paul Chrystal. Our Review!

If you're not a history buff, don't worry as there is truly something for everyone in this book. From the legend of Dracula and the ruinous abbey in Whitby to the tales of Captain Cook in Staithes and smuggling in Robin Hood's Bay. Paul Chrystal has created the perfect tourist guidebook for visitors enjoying the North Yorkshire coast enabling them to discover the fascinating history of the towns on foot through a number of themed walks.

As a writer, the first walk that really grabbed my attention is the Literary Whitby Walk. I loved reading about the various writers who were in awe and inspired by Whitby, from of course Bram Stoker to Elizabeth Gaskell. I cannot wait to try this one.  I loved reading about the Whitby Streets particularly, and learning about the Street names I would have otherwise just overlooked whilst wandering through the town. The pub walk also is definitely one I'm adding to my list!

With maps, interesting details, and guides to the visitor's attractions in each town. This book is the perfect accompaniment for any visit to the North Yorkshire coast. Get your copy now in our online shop.

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