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Scarborough Nightlife, Where to go on a Night out in Scarborough

Fancy a night out in Scarborough? Here is our guide to Scarborough nightlife and where to go on a night out in Scarborough.

Scarborough is as vibrant in the night as it is in the day. There are pubs, clubs and live music to enjoy. Here is our guide to Scarborough nightlife and where to go on a night out in Scarborough.

Craft, Nightlife in Scarborough
Image from Craft, Nightlife in Scarborough

Craft, for craft beer and a relaxed atmosphere

A short walk from the town centre and an excellent spot for a night out, Craft feature 13 taps of craft beer and three hand pulls. They also have plenty of unique whiskies, ciders, fine wines, gins and much more. Live music is on here twice a month, and you can find dates on their Facebook page. This a relaxed and casual spot for a great time trying new drinks. Dogs are allowed to join you too.

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Address: 7 Northway, Scarborough YO11 1JH

Sanctuary, Nightlife in Scarborough
Image from Sanctuary Facebook, Nightlife in Scarborough

Sanctuary, for cocktails, music and a fun night out

Sanctuary is a popular spot in Scarborough and a great place to enjoy a cocktail and party the night away. The staff here are really friendly and accommodating. They have a cocktail expert, premium spirits, wines and world craft beers to enjoy. They serve great food here if you fancy a bite to eat. Everything is cooked fresh daily, and they use a selection of fresh produce to create their dishes. Prices are reasonable, and special offers are available for you to take advantage of daily. The reviews are great. Dogs are very welcome too!

Address: 4-13 St Nicholas St, Scarborough YO11 2HF

Roscoe's, Nightlife in Scarborough
Image from Roscoe’s Facebook, Nightlife in Scarborough

Roscoe’s Bar, for parties, dancing or enjoying the football

Roscoe’s Bar and function room always has a great, lively atmosphere, the staff are welcoming, and it is ideally central. If you fancy hosting your own party, you can hire the function room, the team are accommodating, and drink prices are reasonable. In addition, the space is often used for games, chess clubs, and dance classes, so check out their Facebook page for more information.

Address: Roscoe Rooms, Roscoe St, Scarborough YO12 7BY

Hole in The Wall, Nightlife in Scarborough
Image from Hole in The Wall Facebook, Nightlife in Scarborough

Hole In The Wall, for a local pub atmosphere and open mic nights

This great little pub is a haunt for tourists and locals as the staff is welcoming. They feature live music and open mic nights. Just check their Facebook page for updates. The beer garden is a great little hidden gem; they serve a selection of craft beers, wines, spirits, and much more at reasonable prices. Dogs are allowed here too!

Address: 26 Vernon Road, Scarborough YO11 2PS

The Green Street Bar, great for cocktails and fantastic food
Image from The Green Street Bar Facebook, Nightlife in Scarborough

The Green Street Bar, for vintage inspired cocktails and fantastic food

This little bar is located on one of Scarborough’s oldest streets, right in the heart of the town. They sell a range of vintage-inspired cocktails, quirky modern, and fun cocktails. They also have a vast range of excellent quality award-winning wines from all over the world. Peckish? From breakfasts to burgers, there is a little something for everyone here. This is a great place to visit if you want to celebrate a special occasion.

Address: 19-25 Bar Street, Scarborough YO11 2HT

Stephen Joseph Theatre, for a night at the theatre
Image from Stephen Joseph Theatre Facebook, Nightlife in Scarborough

Stephen Joseph Theatre, for a night at the theatre

For theatre shows, live music, cinema and events. Who doesn’t love a night out to the theatre? The theatre staff are professional, and the theatre is well looked after, always clean and comfortable. Reviews boast about how excellent the acoustics and performances are here. They have a well-stocked bar to enjoy in the interval.

Address: Westborough, Scarborough YO11 1JW

Olympia Bowling, for bowling, arcades and a bar with sea views
Image from Olympia Bowling Facebook, Nightlife in Scarborough

Olympia Bowling, for bowling, arcades and a bar with sea views

We love a night out bowling; it’s a great way to spend time with friends in Scarborough, book a party or spend a few hours having fun. There are 12 lanes at Olympia Bowling, an arcade and a well-stocked bar with fantastic sea views of Scarborough’s beautiful South Bay.

Address: Foreshore Rd, Scarborough YO11 1NU

Have you visited any of our suggestions? Let us know in the comments if you think we have missed a great place for a night out in Scarborough.

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