Whitby Beach Games

Whitby Beach Games, Fun For The Whole Family.

So your holiday is here and you’ve come to enjoy yourself, as have the children. Whitby has beautiful beaches and with a little bit of forward planning, you can thoroughly enhance everyone’s enjoyment of your holiday.

Spending a prolonged period of time on the beach seems like any child’s idea of enjoyment and fun. A slight word of caution here, however, for very few youngsters will sit and play on the beach for very long without there being some forward planning and organisation from adults. That is not to say that you have to be suggesting and organising activities and games all the time. Children are very creative and very adept at interpreting and making use of resources close to them. Usually, children’s creativity can be quite astonishing when they experience the endless opportunities for games and play on a hazard-free beach.

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Free Whitby Mini Guide

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Of paramount importance at all times for you is to ensure the safety and well-being of your child/children and then to chip in with suggestions when ideas are running low and enthusiasm for a particular activity is showing signs of being on the wane. The adult supervision issue is particularly important when games or activities are undertaken near or in the water.

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Whitby Beach Trip Planning and Preparation

  • Most adults ensure that a bucket and spade is available! And rightly so for many beach games and activities need only these items
  • A packet of balloons – very handy for messy water games!
  • Tennis ball size foam ball – for Hot Rice
  • A softball
  • A packet of plastic forks – for sand writing and sand drawing
  • Tennis rackets and tennis balls
  • A boule set

At the beach

When you go to the beach, take time in selecting where you will be playing your games and undertaking your activities. Giving careful consideration as to your site is well worth the additional time you take in choosing where you and your family will settle for the duration of your beach stay. A site free of stones, not too close to other holidaymakers and not likely to be too affected by an incoming tide are major considerations

Traditional Whitby Beach Games

  • Sandcastle building –which individual or pair or team can build the biggest or most unusual or best looking sandcastle?
  • Sand monster creations – which individual or pair or team can create the most horrible-looking monster?
  • Collecting seashells – these can be used to decorate sand castles if needed
  • Ball throwing/ stone throwing – distance, distance and catching, target hitting, etc
  • Kite flying – cheap and suitable kites are available in retail outlets in the Town. Who can fly their kite the highest, longest, etc
  • Frisbee throwing – again, available from retail outlets in the Town. Can be played by individuals or pairs, etc. Many different ways of playing – longest distance, target hitting, goal-scoring, etc
  • Burying them! Usually a timed activity ! eg: 20 mins (or whatever) to bury … whoever …
  • Where’s Australia? All participants are in a straight line. A 10 ( or whatever) minute time limit is set up. On the ‘Go !’command, everyone attempts to dig through to Australia, using only bare hands. The winner, at the end of the time limit, is the person who digs the deepest hole.
  • Long Jumping/ Triple Jumping: Singles or in pairs or teams – add jump lengths together to see which pair or team wins
  • Running races – of varying types: Individual, team relays, etc
  • Skipping stones. Participants find 5 or whatever number is agreed, stones to skip on the water. The participant whose stone skips the most times wins.

Games which children play at school lend themselves to the beach

  • Hopscotch
  • Hot Rice – players form a circle, pass ball amongst themselves until one drops the ball. And becomes ‘on.’ Everyone scatters and ‘on’ throws the ball at other players, who in turn help ‘on’ to ‘catch’ everyone. The game must be played with a confined area. The game begins again when everyone is caught. A good game for including ‘forfeits’, such as all players caught, except the final one, must run into the sea, sing a nursery rhyme, etc
  • Noughts and Crosses – ‘board’ marked out and markers can be seashells, different size stones, pieces of driftwood, etc

Sand Games

  • Beach darts – draw a very large circle in the sand, then four, or, six, smaller circles inside. Give a ‘point’ score to each circle. Let the participants collect their ‘arrows’, such as shells, driftwood, stones, etc.    Draw a ‘starting line.’ Each participant throws 3 or 4 darts at the sand dartboard. There are many scoring variations in this game
  • Writing/ drawing in the sand – personal names or messages – whatever size. Individually or one large group picture with each person undertaking one part of the picture or message
  • King Canuting – check the tide situation first to ensure that the tide will be coming in during the activity.  Divide participants into two teams. Each team builds a sandcastle, protected by a moat and a small sand wall in front of the moat. Teams can use additional seashore items to help in the wall construction, such as shells, stones, seaweed, driftwood, etc, as long as excessively large items are now used! The winning team is the one which keeps its castle from being destroyed, by the sea, the longest.
  • Teams can build other items, not only sandcastles – aeroplanes, cars, trains, boats – where all team members can sit whilst the sea creeps closer .. and …closer

Water Games

  • Water race – items required 2 large buckets and 2 paper cups.  This is a two-team relay game made up of as many players as you wish. Each team lines up behind a predetermined starting line. Each player races ton the sea, fills plastic cup, returns to ‘base, puts water in the large team bucket and hands plastic cup to next team member. The winning team is the first to fill the bucket.
  • Water race – exactly the same as above, but no paper cup, only cupped hands can be used
  • Water-filled balloon battle   Establish two teams. Draw two circles in the sand, 20 metres apart. Players are to remain in their appropriate circle throughout and give each team ten balloons. These will be filled with water and brought back to each team’s circle. 3-minute time limit before surviving balloons can be refilled. Another 3 minutes can be played if necessary. No winners, just wet fun!  Even more fun with three teams !!

Team Games or Group Games

Careful player selection is required in all these to avoid landslide victories and defeats !!

  • Tennis – ‘singles’, doubles or whatever, depending on the kit provision
  • Boules

NB:  Each of the following games can be played on the beach OR in the sea, at whatever depth you agree upon and what target goals you agree upon!!  The latter arrangements provide considerable laughter !!

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Rugby
  • Softball

If you are visiting the seaside this year, then Whitby is the perfect destination.

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