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Whitby Beach Games

Nothing is more natural on a beach holiday than simply playing games on the beach together! But, if you need some inspiration, we have you covered. Here is a selection of beach games you can play in Whitby.

So your holiday is here! Whitby has some of the most beautiful beaches to enjoy. We know children can sit and play on the beach for hours on end; therefore, in this article, we have included a selection of beach games for you.

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Whitby Beach View

A few items you could take with you;

  • A bucket and spade is a must! 
  • Toy cars or diggers. 
  • A packet of water balloons are very handy for messy water games. Just make sure to pick up all of the pieces after you.
  • A frisbee.
  • A football or softball.
  • Tennis rackets and tennis balls.
  • A boules set.
  • A net for rock pooling.
  • crabbing lines and bait for rock pooling.

Whitby Beach Bucket and Spade

Whatever you choose to take with you please always take home with you too. It’s important to keep our beaches safe and clean for the use of other people and the local wildlife. 

Traditional beach games

Fly a kite

Sandcastle building

Which individual, pair, or team can build the most significant, unusual, or best-looking sandcastle? Get creative and build sand monsters, mermaids or even a boat!

Collect seashells

We always come home with pockets full of seashells for crafting, but you can use them on the beach to decorate your sandcastles or make patterns in the sand.

Ball/frisbee throwing

Set a target in the sand and see who can get the closest, play catch, or see who can throw the furthest.

Fly a kite

Ah, is there anything better at the beach than flying a kite? No way! Cheap and suitable kites are available in retail outlets in the Town. See who can fly their kite the highest, longest, etc.

Where’s Australia?

All participants are in a straight line. First, a 10-minute time limit is set up. Then, on the ‘Go !’ command, everyone attempts to dig through Australia using only bare hands. At the end of the time limit, the winner is the person who digs the deepest hole.

Long jumping/ triple jumping

Singles or in pairs or teams – add jump lengths together to see which pair or team wins.

Running races

These are simple and fun and can be of varying types: Individual, team relays, etc.

Hot Rice

Players form a circle and pass the ball amongst themselves until one drops it. And becomes ‘on.’ Then, everyone scatters, and ‘on’ throws the ball at other players, who help ‘on’ to ‘catch’ everyone. The game begins again when everyone is caught. This is a good game for including ‘forfeits’, such as all players caught, except the final one, must run into the sea, sing a nursery rhyme, etc.

Noughts and Crosses

Mark out a ‘board’ in the sands and markers can be seashells, different size stones, pieces of driftwood, etc

Games in the sand

Sandcastle Building

Beach darts

Draw a huge circle in the sand, then four or six smaller circles inside. Give a ‘point’ score to each circle. Next, let the participants collect their ‘arrows’, such as shells, driftwood, stones, etc. Draw a ‘starting line.’ Then, each participant throws 3 or 4 darts at the sand dartboard. There are many scoring variations in this game.

Writing/ drawing in the sand

Draw personal names or messages – whatever size. Then, individually or in one large group, each person undertakes one part of the picture or message.

King Canuting

Check the tides first to ensure that waves will come in during the activity. Then divide participants into two teams. Each team builds a sandcastle protected by a moat and a small sand wall in front of the moat. Teams can use additional seashore items to help in the wall construction, such as shells, stones, seaweed, driftwood, etc., as long as substantial items are not used! The winning team is the one which keeps its castle from being destroyed by the sea the longest.

Water Games

Games in the sea

Water race

Grab yourself two large buckets and two paper cups. This is a two-team relay game with as many players as you wish. Each team lines up behind a predetermined starting line. Then, each player races to the sea fills the plastic cup, returns to the team, puts water in the large team bucket and hands the plastic cup to the next team member. The winning team is the first to fill the bucket.

Water-filled balloon battle

Establish two teams. Draw two circles in the sand, 20 metres apart. Players must remain in their appropriate circle and give each team ten balloons. These will be filled with water and returned to each team’s circle. There is a 3-minute time limit before surviving balloons can be refilled. After that, another 3 minutes can be played if necessary. No winners, just wet fun! Even more fun with three teams !!

Team games or group games


Tennis ‘singles’, doubles or whatever, depending on the kit provision, Boules, Football, Volleyball, Rugby and Softball are all fun team/ group games to play on the beach.

Please ensure that children are supervised at all times whilst on the beach especially when games or activities are undertaken near or in the water.

If you are visiting the seaside this year, then Whitby is the perfect destination. Hopefully we have given you some game ideas to play on the beach on your next trip.

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