Supermarkets in Whitby, Where can you find a supermarket in Whitby?

So you've just arrived in Whitby for your self catering holiday and one of the first things you need is a supermarket. Here is a list of supermarkets in Whitby for you to choose from.

Whitby supermarkets make up an essential component of the services and local activities provided for the visitors within the town. In addition, visitors spending their money at these supermarkets in Whitby make up a significant proportion of the revenue generated by an area via tourism.

Whitby is a popular tourist resort, and with good reason. Apart from experiencing the gothic mysteries of this town, below is a list of supermarkets in Whitby that can keep tourists engrossed through their versatile products and services. There’s no telling what you might end up needing during your visit. So, it’s always good to know about supermarkets that offer food, clothing and an ATM, etc.

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Supermarkets in Whitby

Lidl supermarket in Whitby

Lidl Supermarket in Whitby

Lidl Supermarket is a seller of quality products and is the part of an international chain of grocery stores. The store at Whitby is neat with an accommodating staff. Their friendly assistance makes shopping at Lidl a pleasure. The store is filled with general everyday products.

Whitby's Lidl supermarket offers quality food and non-food products along with best quality wine collection, tasted and approved by the “Master of Wine” taster.

Lidl's weekly offers, pick of the week offer, while the stocks last offer, and super weekend offer are beneficial for both locals and visitors. Every week 4 new fish and meat offers and discounts on 4 new fresh products along with value products are offered at low prices.

Address: Stakesby Rd, Whitby, YO21 1HS

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday:8am–9pm | Sunday: 10am–4pm

Fulton Foods Whitby Supermarket

Fulton Foods Whitby Supermarket

Fulton Foods is another discount supermarket in Whitby, selling a wide range of branded frozen, chilled and fresh foods. In addition, they boast a versatile household range. They specialise in providing great discounts and offers on their products. Every day there is fantastic deal enticing customers.

Their most popular offers are the “Buy me for 1p” and “Half price or less.”

Locals and tourists can skim through their offers online. Customers are free to choose from Fulton Foods' vast variety of food and household items. You can purchase products online or from the supermarket.

The Fulton superstore has a clean and customer-friendly décor. The numerous offers are splashed boldly in all over the supermarket.

Address: 16 Station Square, Whitby, YO21 1DU

Heron Foods supermarket in Whitby

Heron Foods Whitby Supermarket

This is a simple practical discount supermarket. It deals in nearly 1200 branded groceries and food items; chilled, frozen and fresh. If you are looking for everyday grocery shopping, their discounts and offers will entice you into a shopping spree. Their most popular offer is the “Best buy now,” where big discounts accompany limited stocks. This offer continually keeps on changing as the limited stocks do sell fast. If you're lucky, you might just find something you've been looking for at an incredibly discounts price, ready for you to pick it up!

In addition, they offer everyday products like milk, eggs, sugar, etc., at discounted rates.

Heron food helps you save by offering its Saver Card Scheme that lets you buy £1 savings stamps. You can redeem your stamp savings to buy anything from Heron stores.

Address: 52-53 Baxtergate, Whitby, YO21 1BL

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday: 8am–6pm | Sunday: 10am–5pm

Costcutter Supermarket in Whitby

Costcutter Supermarket in Whitby

This is another store chain which is packed with quality baked, fresh and packaged goods. Also, to quench that thirst, an assortment of alcohol sales is also available. A classical convenience store it has a friendly atmosphere and is full of great product choices.

An added attraction, especially for tourists who might be on a budget, is their high quality low priced goods. Also, the featured competitions offering attractive prizes and discounts, give the customers a great in-store experience. Just check their website for their latest contests and offers, so you never miss that golden opportunity if you happen to visit Whitby.

Address: Upgang Ln, Whitby, YO21 3JP

Sainsbury Supermarket in Whitby

Sainsbury Supermarket in Whitby

This store at Whitby’s belongs to the second largest supermarket chain in the UK. It is well stocked and offers a wide range of fresh and frozen groceries, apparels for men, women, and children, and household items. The staff is friendly and their prices are average.

The store occasionally puts up discounts and offers which can be attractive to locals and tourists alike. Such sales offers can be checked on the official website or during your visit to the local Sainsbury store.

Whitby's Sainsbury has a petrol station where prices are comparatively lower than motorway service stations.

Address: Stainsacre Ln, Whitby, YO22 4NL

Supermarket Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday: 8am–10pm | Sunday: 10am–4pm

Petrol Station Opening Hours: Everyday: 7am–11pm

Cooperative Whitby Supermarket

Co-op Supermarket in Whitby

This town centre supermarket deals in groceries and household items. Co-op has been recognised for its role in Fairtrade in the UK for promoting ethical trading. This store has a great location, right in the middle of Whitby, with a fantastic, helpful staff and a great range of products.

Offers like “Buy one get one free,” are some of the hot deals that tourists can benefit from. This Whitby supermarket is within walking distance of most of the town centre accommodation.

Address: Langborne Rd, Whitby, YO21 1YW

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday: 6am–11pm | Sunday: 10am–4pm

McColl’s Supermarket in Whitby

McColl’s Whitby Convenience Store

It is a remarkable convenience store with a wide and versatile variety of products ranging from best brand foods to an assortment of alcoholic drinks to non-food items. Friendly staff and serene ambient surroundings make shopping a pleasure.

You'll find daily deals as well as occasional bargains on limited stocks.

Address: 31 Helredale Rd, Whitby, YO22 4JG

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday: 6am–10pm | Sunday: 7am–4pm

SPAR Supermarket in Whitby

SPAR Supermarket & Petrol Station in Whitby

SPAR supermarket in Whitby is the member of the world’s largest food retail chain. Its food quality is reflected in the numerous international awards won by this chain. SPAR deals in food and drink, where it has etched its name in providing award-winning products. In addition, it also deals in household items, pets, health, and beauty products.

SPAR is ideal for tourists as they can find practical in-store facilities like a post office, in-store bakery, Wi-Fi, fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables. Services like ATM, PayPoint, Cash Back and Apple Pay are available for making payments conveniently. There is a petrol station and car wash located here. The location is ideal for those either entering Whitby or leaving Whitby which makes it ideal for stocking up on essential items before you get your accommodation or filling up with petrol before you leave on your journey home.

Address: Castle Rd, Whitby, YO21 3LE

Opening Hours: Everyday: 6am–11pm

From fresh produce to clothing and pet care products, always keep a list of supermarkets in Whitby near so you know exactly where to travel to during your visit to this wonderful town.

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  1. Hi Thomas, please redress the balance by mentioning all the independent shops that sell handy things for visitors – supermarkets are not the only fruit! I have had many harassed visitors relax visibly when they stumble in to Whitby Wholefoods just after closing time on a Friday & find loads of last-minute really useful stuff, whether that’s herbs & spices or particular dietary specialities .. happy to help .. how many supermarkets can you phone & pre-order goodies to collect when you arrive? Try us!


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