Whitby Taxis, Everything You Need To Know About Whitby Taxis

Plan your stay with these local Whitby Taxis

Whitby is a great place to go on holiday with your own car, but sometimes you need a taxi – here's our list of local Whitby taxis.

With tempting coastlines and fascinating destinations all within easy driving distance, you can explore this region to your heart’s content. Of course, the great sights and compact nature of Whitby also mean that it is fantastic for exploring on foot whenever you want to stretch your legs.

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Yet, what about those times when you just need to get hold of a taxi to get around without any delays? This could be when you want to leave the car parked next to your accommodation for the day. Otherwise, you might even decide to leave the vehicle back at home and enjoy complete freedom around the Yorkshire coast.

Either way, you are probably going to want to get Whitby taxis to ferry you about at some point. Knowing how to do this easily and with no fuss will help you to enjoy a stress-free experience. So, what are the main companies you need to be aware of?

Abbey Taxis

Phone: +44 1947 606 666

Website: www.abbeytaxis.org

With Abbey Taxis, you can book by telephone, online or by using one of their mobile apps from the Google Play Store of the Apple Store. As you would expect, they will take you anywhere locally and will also drive you anywhere nationally that you need to go to.

This is a professional service with round the clock availability and drivers who use photo identity badges. You can also expect good quality Whitby taxis, with wheelchair access and minibuses among the options that are available upon request.

Accommodation Tip! – This taxi firm will take you anywhere, so it doesn’t matter whether you stay next to the beach, in the centre of town or in a more remote location. With services this like you can choose a quiet location on the edge of Whitby such as Sandsend. There are plenty of accommodation options in Sandsend such as these lovely holiday cottages from Sandsend Bay Cottages.

White Rose Taxis

Phone: +44 1947 604 604

Website: www.whiterosetaxis.co.uk

This is a fairly small taxi company that operates in and around Whitby. White Rose Taxis have been around since 1983 and they have an impressive fleet of vehicles as well as friendly drivers behind the wheel in them.

You can book online using their slick website. Among their services is the interesting option of getting them to take your luggage from one spot to another if you are going out on a long walk and don’t want to haul all of your stuff with you.

You can take your pick from the very best accommodation options in the region when you have a taxi service like this to rely on.

Accommodation Tip!Ellies Guest House is a beautiful place to stay that lets you choose between strolling to the beach and hopping in a taxi. This town centre B&B is within close proximity of the town’s iconic harbour and all the best attractions Whitby has to offer.

Esk Taxis

Phone: +44 1947 605 705

Another professional and welcoming service is that provided by the popular Esk Taxis. This Whitby transport firm has a number of years of experience and they pride themselves on offering a quality service at highly competitive prices.

They are best booked by phone and will take you out to explore the area or else just to get from A to B. You can expect a smooth ride in a modern car when you use these Whitby taxis to move about.

Where will you stay while in Whitby? The ability to get around with reliable taxis like this means you can spread your search out far and wide. Maybe you will stay in gorgeous Robin Hood’s Bay.

Accommodation Tip! – Famous for its cobbled streets, alleyways, and for being a smuggler’s hideout, the village of Robin Hood’s Bay is rich in history. Check out our selection of the best Robin Hood’s Bay Holiday Cottages.

Hansells Taxis

Phone: +44 7825 221 162

Any taxi firm that can boast of over 15 years of experience can safely be classed as an expert in their business. Hansells Taxis has been operating in North Yorkshire for long enough to be a part of the landscape here.

You can trust these Whitby taxis to get you out and about with a minimum of fuss. Whether you want to head to the exhilarating coast or check out the local beauty spots, this is a hassle-free way of doing it at any time.

Accommodation Tip! – Use this taxi service and you can discover all that Whitby has to offer. Do it from an extremely comfortable base by staying in a quality guest house such as The Riviera. A stunningly situated 15 bedroom guesthouse with breathtaking views, in one of Whitby's finest seafront locations.

Flask Private Hire

Phone: +44 7432 820 228

This company will whisk to your destination regardless of whether you are staying in Whitby or going further afield. Flask Private Hire uses clean, modern cars and accept credit or debit card payment for trips.

They are especially good at taking you to and from airports, train or bus stations and ferry ports. No matter how you plan to travel to this part of the world, they can make the final leg of the trip a lot smoother and more comfortable.

Since this Whitby taxi firm covers the whole area, you can use them wherever you plan on staying in or near the town.

Accommodation Tip! – Shoreline Cottages have a great selection of hand-picked holiday cottages in Whitby and the surrounding heritage coastline. Shoreline holiday properties come in all shapes and sizes; from cosy, traditional fisherman cottages for two to contemporary family homes for large groups.

Harrisons Taxis

Phone: +44 1947 600 000

These Whitby taxis are well-known for providing an excellent, punctual service. They have a good fleet of cars and tend to turn up promptly once ordered.

They offer a simple and cost-effective way of getting around the town and surrounding area. If you want to make the most of your time here then using a good quality taxi service like this will allow you to enjoy a spectacular time in a fascinating part of the country.

Accommodation Tip! – Among the accommodation choices you might want to consider are these dog friendly Whitby cottages. Browse a range of dog friendly Whitby cottages, both large and small, where your dog, and often up to two dogs, are more than welcome to join you.

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