Whitby Sea Salt And Vinegar, The Proper Stuff For Your Fish And Chips

Enhance your meal and enjoy a taste of Whitby at home with Whitby Sea Salt and Whitby ‘Proper’ Vinegar. 

Whitby Sea Salt is a small family-run business. Their aim is to produce Whitby Sea Salt using the most environmentally friendly methods available. We now stock their products in our online shop and you need to grab yourself some, they are perfect for Friday fish and chip nights!

Whitby Sea Salt & Vinegar Boxed

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Whilst in Whitby try and spot their recently rescued and refurbished traditional local Fishing Coble that was built in 1963. ‘SeaSalt’ regularly leaves Whitby Harbour to harvest the sea salt which in turn will help to preserve this valuable, traditional wooden fishing boat for generations to come. 

Whitby Sea Salt Fishing Cobble

How is it made?

Whitby Sea Salt is made up of naturally formed crystals that are sourced from Whitby’s historic coastline. Whitby’s history is enthralling and rich, making it a destination loved by many. Whitby Sea Salt is made using centuries-old methods of only the wind and the sun, ensuring all the minerals found in the sea are retained in the salt. The whole process from the collection in the sea to the production of the salt is done by hand, producing a distinct salt worthy of its seafaring heritage.

They are passionate about maintaining the beautiful environment that we live in.

Whitby’s coast is abundant with sea life such as dolphins, porpoises, seals, ‘sharks’, and a wide variety of fish and molluscs. This helps Whitby to gain its reputation for amazing seafood and one of the best destinations for fish and chips in the country. Their minimal impact on the environment is continued into the Whitby Sea Salt packaging which is 100% plastic-free and is designed and manufactured to be 100% recyclable.

Whitby Sea Salt £7.20

Whitby Sea Salt

Mineral-rich Whitby Sea Salt naturally formed and sourced from Whitby’s historical coastline.

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Whitby ‘Proper’ Vinegar £3.80

Whitby 'Proper' Vinegar

Whitby ‘Proper’ vinegar is a traditionally brewed malt vinegar with a carefully selected ‘secret’ recipe providing a delicious distinct taste. This vinegar is an excellent companion to Whitby sea salt. The vinegar is made from beer fermented until vinegar, the outcome is a beautifully sweet vinegar with a mild yet complex flavour.

Tried and tested, perfect for your Whitby fish ‘n’ chips.

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Whitby Sea Salt & Whitby ‘Proper’ Vinegar Pocket Size £5.00

Whitby Sea Salt & Whitby 'Proper' Vinegar

Available now in a very convenient take-anywhere size. We love to take ours on picnics down the historical Tate Hill Pier and along Whitby Harbour. Who doesn’t love a fish ‘n’ chip picnic on the beach? Enjoy the taste, enjoy the moment, enjoy the view.

Save the bottles and refill from the larger range. Great as a gift or keep for yourself.

18ml Vinegar & 15g Salt

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Whitby Sea Salt Picnic Basket £48.75

Whitby Sea Salt Picnic Basket

Made for two, it’s lightweight, waterproof, insulated, and is easy to carry. It comes with Whitby Sea Salt engraved cutlery and the Whitby Sea Salt embroidered ‘badge’ of approval they have added a personal touch by allowing you to personalise the bottle opener with your own personal message. Enjoy the taste, enjoy the moment, enjoy the view, enjoy each other.

Travel-sized Whitby Sea Salt and Whitby ‘Proper’ Vinegar included.

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