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7 hidden Yorkshire beaches you must visit this summer

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Yorkshire’s best-kept secrets: 7 hidden beaches you won’t believe exist!

Here are secret spots in Yorkshire where, on a busy day, you will find only the locals—if anyone at all.

1. Saltwick Bay – Will you find the shipwreck?

We love visiting Saltwick Bay to escape the chaos. It is just past Whitby Abbey along the Cleveland Way. It is accessible via a steep path with slippery steps when wet. It’s not easy to get to, which we love because this means the beach is never as busy as other more accessible beaches.

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Saltwick Bay girl exploring the rocks and fossil hunting.

From here, you can see the MV Creteblock wreck, the Admiral Von Tromp wreck and possibly, at low tide, the wreck of the SS Rohilla.

It’s an excellent spot for fossil hunting, and you can bring your dog along to play on the sand; just be mindful of the nesting seabirds.

Saltwick Bay, Whitby YO22 4JX

2. Runswick Bay Beach – Perfect for watersports

This long sandy beach has plenty of room for children to play and for your dog to stretch its legs. It’s an ideal spot for swimming, but if you prefer to stay on dry land, you can pitch a deck chair, explore numerous rock pools or make sandcastles with the kids. 

Runswick Bay Beach.

There’s lots of nature and wildlife to enjoy. Fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, and sailing are also popular in the bay. SUP and kayaking are great ways to explore the coast and venture out.

Runswick Bay, Saltburn-by-the-Sea

3. Robin Hood’s Bay Beach – Jurassic Park vibes

Robin Hood’s Bay is a fascinating place. The name is shrouded in mystery, and the area is filled with local tales, beautiful cobbled alleys, and Fishermen’s cottages. 

Robin Hoods Bay Beach.

The beach and surrounding area are dog-friendly. During high tide, the beach is mostly submerged by water, but when it is out, it reveals a beautiful sandy beach, perfect for rock pooling. From here, you can extend your walk and visit Boggle Hole.

Robin Hood’s Bay, Whitby YO22 4SN

4. Boggle Hole – A cave that homes a Boggle

Boggle Hole is a small cove; local folklore suggests that a boggle lives in the cave. According to legends, hobs, hobgoblins, and boggles were mischievous creatures that inhabited caves along the North Yorkshire Coastline and remote moorland areas.

Boggle Hole

Some believed these boggles possessed magical healing abilities. Additionally, the caves along the coastline were used to conceal smuggled contraband like rum and tobacco.

It’s a magical place to take children, read about boggles and make up stories together. The beach is also dog-friendly.

P.s. The Boggle really likes chocolate.

Mill Bank, Whitby YO22 4UQ

5. Filey Beach – 5 miles of golden sand

The 5-mile stretch of sandy bay means that even on a busier day, you feel like you’re at a total hidden gem in Filey. The beach is dog-friendly; however, dogs are restricted to specific areas from May 1st to September 30th.

Filey Beach.

The sea at Filey is generally calm and safe for swimming. Lifeguards patrol the beach during the summer. Check the local weather and tide conditions and follow any safety advice or warnings from lifeguards or beach officials.

There are lots of lovely restaurants, cafes and pubs nearby. The Beach Hut at Filey is located on Coble Landing and offers cold drinks, hot drinks, snacks, and hot food.

Filey Beach, Yorkshire YO14 9RD

6. Hayburn Wyke – There’s a secret waterfall

Hayburn Wyke is an incredible natural beauty with cliffs, a pebble beach, and waterfalls. The beach is nestled between the villages of Cloughton and Scalby. Accessible via a short, steep path from the cliff top, it’s well worth getting to!

Hayburn Wyke Waterfall.

On the beach, search for fossils and explore the rock pools. Swimming is not advisable here due to strong currents and cold water. Please be aware that Hayburn Wyke does not have facilities, so you must bring everything you need for your trip, including food and water.

Hayburn Wyke, Scarborough YO12 6LD

7. Cayton Bay – A surfers paradise

The large sandy bay of Cayton Beach has woodland spilling onto the beach. The area is backed by cliffs and offers various amenities, including a surf shop, cafes, and toilets.

Cayton Bay.

Popular with surfers and windsurfers, it boasts one of the oldest surf schools in the UK. The Scarborough Surf School is located on this beach and offers classes and equipment rentals if you fancy trying it. This beach is lifeguarded. Dogs are welcome here all year round.

Cayton, Scarborough YO11 3NR

Important: Beach Safety

The RNLI’s water safety guides offer valuable insights into spotting hazards in the water and along the coast, empowering you to stay safe and avoid potential risks.

In case of a coastal emergency in the UK, dial 999, and in Ireland, dial 112 and request the coastguard.

Click here for beach safety tips.

These hidden beaches are waiting to be cherished by all who seek a more secluded coastal experience. Leave them as you find them, or better, and enjoy every moment.

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