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Fancy owning a piece of TV history? Heartbeats Aidensfield Arms is for sale!

The Aidensfield Arms, which became famous as the backdrop for plenty of drama in the classic TV series Heartbeat, is now up for sale and at a surprisingly affordable price of just £175,000.

Have you heard of the Goathland Hotel? It may not ring a bell, but you might recognise the Aidensfield Arms – the beloved local pub from the iconic TV series Heartbeat. It served as a dramatic backdrop for many memorable moments throughout the show’s run, and now, it’s up for sale.

The Goathland Hotel

The Goathland Hotel is for sale

If you have a soft spot for TV nostalgia, this stunning nine-room property in Goathland, near Whitby, is an absolute bargain. According to The Mirror, a tiny flat in London or Manchester costs a third of the price. The listing on Rightmove reveals that the property has eight en-suite rooms, a resident’s lounge, and a car park.

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The Rightmove listing of the Goathland Hotel boasts a remarkable history, having been a highly sought-after tourist destination for countless visitors. Plus, it’s conveniently situated with easy access to and from Whitby and the North Yorkshire Moors. This well-loved establishment has been family-owned and operated for an impressive four decades.

You can find the listing here.

Filming "Heartbeat" at Goathland
Photo © David Seale (cc-by-sa/2.0)

The Aidensfield Arms

The village pub in the stunning North Yorkshire Moors played a central role in many captivating plotlines. Heartbeat was a beloved Sunday night tradition for almost two decades, where families gathered to watch the show together. Set in the 1960s, the series chronicled the lives of Aidensfield’s residents, focusing on its police officers. The show ran for an impressive 18 seasons and 372 episodes, garnering a massive audience of over 13 million viewers during its prime-time Sunday night slot.

Goathland Heartbeat
© Copyright Pauline E and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Heartbeat attracts tourists to Goathland

Over almost 20 years, the cast of characters on the beloved show changed, but the heart warming stories remained constant. The show helped launch the careers of actors like Niamh Cusack, Joe McFadden, Jason Burr, and Nikki Sanderson, and it gained a devoted following of viewers of all ages. Sadly, the show was cancelled in 2010 due to declining ratings, leaving fans and the community where it was filmed devastated. The show had become such a popular tourist destination that its cancellation even impacted the local economy. While there were rumours that another network might revive the show, it ended with its last episode airing in 2010. Learn more about Heartbeat and filming locations in Goathland here.

Fancy owning a piece of local TV history? The opportunity to purchase the Aidensfield Arms for just £175,000 is incredible. The Goathland Hotel will thrive under new ownership with its rich history and loyal customer base.

Header image credit: Goathland Hotel (Aidensfield Arms) by David Dixon, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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