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Best Cafes in Whitby, enjoy tea and cake in these Whitby Cafes

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There is nothing quite like a cup of tea after a walk around Whitby’s cobbled streets. Here are 8 of the best cafes in Whitby.

Are you visiting Whitby and looking for an excellent cafe to enjoy some tea, cake and light refreshments? Look no further. We have compiled a list of the best cafes in Whitby where you can enjoy tasty cakes and a delicious cuppa.

1. Rusty Shears

Rusty Shears cafe in Whitby

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A little gem tucked away in Silver Street. Rusty Shears Vintage Tea Shop is a must-stop place for lunch, tea or even dinner. You will enjoy the picturesque and charming décor of Rusty Shears while enjoying a vast menu featuring seasonal, locally-sourced produce. Try one of their homemade soups or fresh sandwiches, or perhaps you feel like sharing a board. But if you drop by for tea, you are in for a treat as the cake and tea selection is vast. Of course, you can always pop by for drinks, as Rusty Shears has an extensive offer of no less than 100 gins to choose from.

2. Whitby Deli Kitchen

The Whitby Deli is considered one of the best cafes in Whitby

The Whitby Deli, a lovely deli and cafe in Whitby, is one of the best spots in Whitby where you can sample local delicacies and produce. Filled to the brim with fresh meats, cheeses, preserves and jams, the Deli is also an excellent place to enjoy delicious coffee and tea. Showcasing local produce and innovating food a little different from the traditional cafés in Whitby, the Deli Kitchen has a seasonal menu, including a vast choice of yummy options for brunch and lunch and tea time. In addition, the Deli serves fresh homemade cakes that pair perfectly with a cup of tea or coffee (undeniably one of the best in town)!

3. The YHA Tearoom at the Abbey

YHA Whitby Abbey cafe

You should give the YHA Tearoom a try for a cuppa with a view. Located next to the Whitby Abbey in a stunning mansion and part of the YHA Hostel, the YHA tearoom is a favourite for locals and visitors alike. Boasting stunning views over the town and the harbour, the YHA Tearoom is open to hostel guests and the general public, so if you feel like enjoying delicious cakes and scones after visiting the next-door Gothic landmark, this is the place to go. Here you will find sandwiches and paninis and sweets and cakes served with a wide selection of hot beverages.

4. Sherlocks Coffee Shop

Sherlocks Coffee Shop in Whitby

Probably one of the most famous cafes in Whitby, Sherlocks Coffee Shop is housed in a stunning historical building. Set up as a shrine to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous character, this little café is popular for its friendly service and excellent coffee. Visit the place on an empty stomach as the vast array of cakes and scones (massive) on offer are all worth a try, including the traditional Yorkshire cream tea. Pair your choice with a frothy cappuccino, a tea or a hot chocolate with plenty of marshmallows, and you will leave the premises full, happy and satisfied.

5. Elizabeth Botham & Sons

Bothams Cafe

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your afternoon tea experience? Then look no further than Elizabeth Botham and Sons Tea Rooms. This historical, award-winning tea room started as a bakery where the finest ingredients are used to craft delicious treats, such as biscuits, plum bread and cakes. You will love the traditional atmosphere, the attention to detail and the delicious food. While it is an excellent breakfast place, we highly recommend you reserve it for afternoon tea (have a light lunch), as you will be amazed at the vast choice and variety on offer.

6. Marie Antoinette’s

Antoinette's cafe in Whitby

Located on Church Street, Marie Antoinette’s is one of those places that at first may not look like much that will linger in your mind long after your visit. This lovely, cosy café serves a wide range of cakes perfect for afternoon tea. From a mouthwatering peanut butter cheesecake to the decadent lemon drizzle cake and carrot cake will impress any hungry visitor. Whether you feel like having tea or prefer a latte or hot chocolate, you will have a great time. Marie Antoinette’s can get quickly busy but rest assured you can still find some seating upstairs.

7. Beckett’s Coffee Shop

Becketts coffee shop

Extremely popular with locals as the first dog-friendly establishment in Whitby, Beckett’s Coffee Shop is another excellent address to enjoy some delectable cakes and a cuppa. Here, you will find fresh, moist cakes, divine coffee and teas, yummy beverages, and filling homemade soups. All this in a pleasant atmosphere, served with smiley and friendly staff. Although it may be a bit off the beaten track, you need to give Beckett’s a try, especially if you visit with your four-legged friends.

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8. W Hamond Tea Room

W Hamond Tea Rooms

While Whitby is famous for its jet, it is no surprise you will find plenty of shops selling the gemstone in various forms and shapes. However, the unexpected combination of a jewellery business with its tea room will surprise more than a few. This is, however, what you get at W Hamond Tea Room.

For moments when you feel like tea and cake, hearty breakfast or simply a great lunch, the W Hamond tea room located on the first floor of the local Jet Jewellery Store caters for all tastes and cravings. This unique tea room has an extensive menu featuring tasteful and freshly made soups, sandwiches, sponge cakes and cream teas.

Furthermore, W Hamond Tea Room accommodates all special dietary restrictions, making it an excellent stop for everyone. The perfect way to combine a bit of shopping therapy with delicious food.

Let us know your favourite cafes in Whitby in the comments.

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  1. Hi, could you please correct the telephone number for Rusty Shears. Following the sale of the business, it is now 01947 825111.




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