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Shops In Whitby, 10 Quirky Whitby Shops You Should Visit

Whitby is well-loved for its support of local businesses, here are 10 shops in Whitby that you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether you visit during the colder months or the height of summer, one thing is for sure…people will be shopping in Whitby. When you have finished relaxing on the beach, hunting for fossils, and taking in a bit of history, explore the shops in Whitby, we promise you won’t be sorry but your wallet might be!

They have some fabulous Jewellers, selling quality Whitby Jet, of course, but also some independent, interesting, and quirky stores. You will definitely find something for everyone here, and should really take a look. To get you going on your Whitby shopping trip, here are 10 of the best places to start.

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1. Whitby Wholefoods

Whitby Whole Foods

Several years ago a young boy walked into Whitby Wholefoods with his parents and proclaimed that it ‘smelt of spices and awesomeness’. So taken was the owner of the store by this acclamation that she got him to write it in chalk on the board outside. An action that he would repeat twice more when he returned years later with his girlfriend, and then with his parents again! The compliment he gave, that the store smells of spices and awesomeness is entirely true, but not the only thing that Whitby Wholefoods has going for it. Not only does the store smell good, but it also has awesome things to buy. These come in a wide variety of different products, mainly food, but also other interesting nick nacks and oddities too.

For example, not only can you find flours, local honey, vegan chocolate, and rice, but also sustainable bamboo toothbrushes that are great for the environment. That’s not to mention the homoeopathic products, essential oils, remedies, a plethora of spices, and Ganseys! Yes, that’s right, you heard me correct, Whitby Wholefoods sell Gansey wool and Gansey knitted clothing.

Overall, this wonderful store located just five minutes from the harbour is a secret little world that will welcome you with a smile, and make you feel at home. They have everything you could possibly want and much, much more.

How to get there: Click here for directions

2. Lucky Ducks (Whitby Glass Ltd)

Lucky Ducks shop in Whitby

Lucky Ducks is a fabulous shop that sells glorious handcrafted glassware. It is located down Sandgate and I challenge anyone to be able to walk past its sparkling windows filled with the colours of the rainbow without going in.

Once inside you will find gorgeous glass flowers in vases, teddy bears, elephants, dolphins, and a whole host of other divine animals. They also stock Steiff bears, John Beswick pottery, Disney ornaments, Village candles, and marbles. These are not, however, what they are most famous for!

The Whitby lucky duck is the original and undoubtedly the best lucky duck that you could choose to buy. They come in a host of colours including twelve jewel-like ones to match the birthstones throughout the year. They are small, handmade, and every house should have one. You can purchase them online too.

How to get there: Click here for directions

3. The Whitby Catch

The Whitby Catch Seafood Shop in Whitby

There would be something very wrong if a list of Whitby independent shops did not contain at least one place where you can purchase some tasty seafood. For this reason, we have chosen to include The Whitby Catch which is situated just across the road from the fish market.

Seafood sold by the Whitby Catch is guaranteed to be some of the freshest around and of the best quality. It comes straight from the sea, onto a boat, into the auction, and across the road to the Whitby Catch. From there it is sold to you, the discerning customer for you to take home and serve a tasty meal to those you love.

You can choose from a great variety of wet fish, naturally smoked seafood, shellfish, seasonal seafood hampers, recipes, and a great variety of ready-made products such as fish pie, salmon pate, crab pate, kipper pate, mussel meat, and delicious salmon and king prawn skewers.

How to get there: Click here for directions

4. Ebor Jetworks

Ebor Jetworks in Whitby

Situated in a beautiful 17th-century workshop in the heart of Whitby’s historic east side, Ebor Jetworks is not only a great jeweller but also the home of jet research. Jet, as many probably already know, is created from wood that has been compressed and fossilised over millions of years. It was hugely popular in Victorian England for creating mourning jewellery, even Queen Victoria wore it. Over time, however, its popularity decreased with the end result being few skilled jet workers being left.

Sarah Steele is a skilled jet worker and it shows in their beautifully designed and handcrafted pieces. Items you can choose from include pendants, earrings, bangles, bracelets, brooches, and giftware such as thimbles and key rings. Read our buyers guide to Whitby Jet Shops

How to get there: Click here for directions

5. Justin Chocolatier

Justin Chocolatier shop in Whitby

It is true that I lack willpower but, I defy anyone to be able to walk anywhere near and smell the aromas coming from Justin Chocolatier’s and walk on by! The delectable smell of all that chocolate goodness makes it impossible.

For many years now Justin Chocolatier has had a passion for creating traditionally prepared treats for all those who just love and appreciate fine confectionery. They make everything on their premises and believe me when I say, what they make is a little bit of delicious sweet heaven.

Favourites from among their fudge, toffee, and chocolate smorgasbord include Captain Cook’s rum truffle cannonballs, fondant filled Dracula’s coffins, rum n raisin, chocolate orange, and special Christmas fudge. Mint and cinder toffee flavoured chocolate are also worth a try. 

How to get there: Click here for directions

6. Natural Wonders

Natural Wonders fossil shop in Whitby

For over twenty years now Byron Blessed has been the proud owner of the marvellous Natural Wonders on Grape Lane in Whitby. It sells items that started out as a passion for Byron in his university days and turned into a full-time much-loved career.

Whitby and the North Yorkshire coastline are well known for being the source of the items within Natural Wonders. And no, we aren’t offering up another Whitby jet shop but rather something spectacularly different. Natural Wonders is the home to beautiful and ancient fossils.

Found by Byron himself and his trusted fossil hunting friends around the world all the fossils within the store are of the highest quality and guaranteed 100% genuine and authentic. There is nothing within the store that Byron wouldn’t love to own himself. Most of the fossils are cleaned and prepared on-site ensuring that they have been treated with the utmost care.

Whether you fancy just browsing or are interested in purchasing one of Byron’s delightful discoveries, you can peruse or choose from ammonite, trilobites, vertebrae, dinosaur teeth, and even museum-quality pieces.

How to get there: Click here for directions

7. Fortunes Kippers

Fortunes Kipper House in Whitby

Nestled beneath the ancient cliffs of Whitby and under the constant gaze of St Mary’s Churchyard is narrow and cobbled Henrietta Street. It is here that you will find the famous Fortune’s Kippers and Smokehouse which has stood in this spot, at the bottom of the 199 Steps, for over 139 years.

It would be very difficult for anyone not to notice the Fortunes Smokehouse as the air in the vicinity is filled with the scent of oak wood smoke. Fortunes produce the only genuine and authentic Whitby kippers as they run the only traditional smokehouse there.

Famous fans of Fortunes kippers include the royal family, especially HRH Princess Anne, who wrote to the shop telling them just how much she enjoyed their fare. You can also purchase the tastiest ever smoked bacon here plus kipper pate smoked salmon and haddock.

How to get there: Click here for directions

8. Whitby Galleries

Whitby Galleries

The wonderful Whitby Galleries is unusual in that it has been split into two distinct shops; one selling original artwork and the other quality prints. Many of the pieces that you will find in both are supplied by local artists, some exclusively, and many of the Whitby and surrounding areas. Artists include Catherine J Stephenson, Jeff Streets, Anne Fryers, and Jonathan Shaw. Interestingly, but not more so than the wonderful artwork they stock, the two Whitby Galleries stores have different names related to some Whitby folklore. The first is named the Hermitage and the second is the Penny Hedge gallery.

How to get there: Click here for directions

9. The Owl and the Pussycat

The Owl and the Pussycat clothes shop in Whitby

The Owl and the Pussycat are a small vintage-style shop situated in the old part of Whitby. Here you can pick up some beautiful, great quality, unique vintage clothing for very reasonable prices.

They stock all sorts of clothing and accessories from vintage floral patterns to gothic glamour. The owners are more than happy to point you in the direction of something they think would suit you. We love the colour and vibrancy portrayed in this shop. Searching for a statement piece to add to my wardrobe doesn’t get better than in here.

How to get there: Click here for directions

10. Pandemonuim

Pandemonuim goth shopping in Whitby

Pandemonium is also known affectionately known as Whitby’s original goth shop, it opened in 1999 and sells a vast range of items such as unique clothing, shoes, baby/childrenswear, hair accessories, jewellery, makeup and gifts. It caters for the Goth, Punk and alternative markets. You can find the shop on Golden Lion Bank in Whitby.

We cannot resist visiting this shop and treating ourselves to something cool and quirky to remind us of our time in Whitby. It is a shop that captures Whitby’s energy completely and it’s a firm favourite place to visit during Whitby Goth Weekend too. 

How to get there: Click here for directions

Header image credit: Paul Lakin, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. We have been on holiday to Whitby almost every year for about 15 years, maybe longer and absolutely love the place!! Unfortunately we didn’t book to come this year because of the virus. However we are booked to come next year and look forward to enjoying our stay in wonderful Whitby. Lots of interesting places roundabout and in Whitby itself – something for everyone!

  2. Quirky shops yes but they all close at 5 o’clock, unlike other European destinations gift shops stay open until late, I’m not sure we in the uk know what working long hours is…. It’s meant to be a tourist hot spot … hmmm…..

  3. this place is never boring !!!!!!!! been coming for years and years, more compact than Scarboro’ stayed in many b/b’s cottages and all the hotels, Trenchers is the best eatery, sure its not cheap, but it can’t be beaten on any level……..

  4. Away to come down from Dundee to Whitby,for my wedding anniversary, I can’t wait to experience the feel of Whitby..


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