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Farm shops in and around Whitby and the North York Moors

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Who doesn’t love a great farm shop? Local produce is often much better than the comparisons we find in supermarkets, and the feeling that you are supporting local businesses is also fantastic. Here are farm shops in and around Whitby and the North York Moors.

One of our favourite things about visiting Whitby and the surrounding area is the abundance of local produce you can purchase and try here. We love to support local businesses where we can, and the quality of the produce you receive in return is second to none. Here are farm shops in and around Whitby and the North York Moors that you can visit.

Farm shops in and around Whitby selling local produce

Let’s start with Whitby, to begin with, and although there aren’t specifically any farm shops in Whitby as such, there are many shops where you can purchase local produce.

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Whitby Deli

Whitby Deli is well-known for fantastic coffee, freshly baked goods, and locally sourced produce. The small shop has a huge personality and an even more extensive selection of products.

The Whitby Deli offers local produce from Whitby and the North York Moors

They are passionate about food and drink and love sharing that passion with customers, whether dining in the deli, ordering from the kitchen, or shopping online. They proudly support many local brands and seek start-up producers offering quality, value, and originality.

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Botham’s Bakery

Back in 1865, Elizabeth Botham started her Bakery in Whitby. She began by selling her delicious bread and cakes from a basket at the local market. Eventually, she could purchase the premises on Skinner Street and establish her shop. Five generations later, the Botham family still proudly continues her traditions and serves up their famous baked goods.

Bothams of Whitby lemon buns

Botham’s Bakery is famous for its mouthwatering range of baked goods. Their specialities include the Whitby lemon buns, Yorkshire brack, plum bread, shah ginger biscuits, and chocolate Japonaise ‘Japs’, but their menu is much more extensive than that. They also have a fantastic range of seasonal treats that are eagerly anticipated each year, such as their delightful strawberry tarts, winter brack, and Easter simnel cakes.

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Read our interview with Botham’s

Whitby Butchers

Whitby has plenty of local butchers, such as Radfords, Jacksons, Breckons, and Landers. Where you can purchase locally sourced meat from friendly staff. Most of the butchers are family-run, and we highly recommend popping into Jackson’s Butchers for one of their famous pork pies!


If you want to purchase fresh seafood whilst in Whitby, be sure to visit The Whitby Catch, Cod Roe and Sandgate Seafoods. The Whitby Catch has over 120 fish products available daily; you’ll find something you love.

Fortunes Kippers are famous worldwide and one of Whitby's best loved local delicacies.

Fortunes Kippers

One of Whitby’s best local food spots is Fortunes Smokehouse on Henrietta Street. You can smell their delicious smoked kippers from the bottom of the street. Established in 1872 by William Fortune, it has been a family-run business for generations, using traditional smoking methods that have remained unchanged. They smoke their kippers over three fires for eighteen hours or more, using a unique blend of oak, beech, and softwood. These kippers are a true delicacy of Whitby and are even available to purchase online.

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Farms shops further afield in the North York Moors

There are plenty of farm shops in the North York Moors that offer a wide range of foodie goods. You can find everything from rare breed meat to freshly caught fish, delicious cheeses, seasonal vegetables, and more. Here is a selection of farm shops and delis in the North York Moors, perfect for picking up your gourmet picnics!

Cedarbarn Farm Shop and Cafe

Cedarbarn farm shop and cafe in Pickering has won numerous awards for its outstanding food. The produce they offer not only tastes amazing, but it’s also locally sourced whenever possible. They take pride in growing much of it on their farm. All the food they sell or serve comes from Yorkshire, including their own fresh meat, Whitby fish, seasonal fruit and veggies, and a wide variety of deli products made by skilled artisans from all over Yorkshire.

Cedarbarn Farm Shop in the North York Moors

Home reared beef and lamb

The focal point of the shop is the freshly cut meat selection. Customers can’t get enough of the treats they create from their own meat, especially their famous Aberdeen Angus steak pies that Yorkshire Life magazine gave glowing reviews. Additionally, the deli section boasts an impressive variety of products, such as mouth-watering roast beef, pork, and ham and top-quality pork pies, scotch eggs, and sausage rolls that make for the perfect picnic fare. Here they can customise your orders and guide you in choosing the best cuts and preparation methods.

They use Yorkshire’s finest suppliers

Naturally, they offer an array of seasonal fruits and vegetables and a delectable assortment of freshly baked bread and cakes. Additionally, they feature a handpicked variety of top-quality produce and groceries from some of Yorkshire’s most exceptional sources, such as Shepherd’s Purse cheeses, Browns’ free-range eggs, Whitby Seafish smoked fish, Wold Top Brewery ales, Yorkshire Rapeseed oil, among others.


You’ll love the dining options at this place! They offer both indoor and outdoor seating, so you can enjoy your meal in whichever atmosphere you prefer. Their menu changes with the seasons to reflect the produce grown on their farm, so you can expect to see fresh asparagus and lamb in the spring and juicy strawberries in the summer. But what steals the show is their pure-bred Aberdeen Angus Beef, which is featured in various classic dishes like Cottage Pie, Steak Pie, and Lasagne. And take advantage of their famous Sunday lunch. But if you’re in the mood for something else, they also have Fish & Chips and vegetarian and gluten-free options. And if you’re looking for a quick snack, they have delicious homemade sandwiches, coffee, and an incredible selection of cakes and scones that are almost impossible to resist.

Homemade pizza

In the warmer months, you can sit outdoors and enjoy delicious homemade pizza and bakes from their lovely Airstream-style van. The pizza menu boasts a range of delicious toppings to suit all taste buds. Some of the popular toppings include the Sticky Smoked Brisket, which is made from their locally sourced Aberdeen Angus beef, as well as the Ciao-de-Barn, Kitchen Garden (vegan), and Mandy’s Margarita (vegetarian), all of which are topped with homemade tomato sauce and freshly picked herbs straight from the kitchen garden. Another crowd favourite is the Dirty Piggy, which features a delectable combination of local pulled pork and their homemade bacon jam. 

Cedarbarn Miniature Railway

Fantastic for families

We love how inclusive Cedarbarn is for families; you can really spend time here together. For little ones, they have a play area and a Miniature Railway. The Cedarbarn Express is a wonderful train ride that takes you along a 600-metre track that showcases some of their most beloved crops. You can buy your tickets at the replica Victorian railway station and the ticket office, which is a charming experience. Then, hop aboard and enjoy the ride through the Redgate tunnel. You’ll see views of vegetable patches, apple orchards, asparagus beds, and soft fruit fields along the way. It’s a fantastic way to appreciate the beauty and bounty of our local agriculture.

How to get there

Visit the Cedarbarn website

Tree Top Press Farm Shop

This farm shop is based in Suffield on the eastern side of the National Park near Scarborough. In addition to their delicious cider, cordials, and fresh produce, the shop carries a curated selection of unique and practical items.

Tree Top Press Farm Shop

You’ll find all your organic store cupboard essentials, from basic oats to luxurious chocolate. They also offer free-range meat from Anna’s Happy Trotters and Herb Fed Poultry for high-quality, locally sourced protein. They feature a refill service that is a hit with customers, including Ecover washing-up liquid, laundry liquid, and fabric softener. Bring in your empty bottle, and they will refill it for you, so you can keep using it for as long as possible. 

How to get there

Visit the website

Hunters of Helmsley

Hunters have been offering the finest quality food and drink in North Yorkshire for over three decades from its charming location in the picturesque market town of Helmsley. At The Deli, you’ll find a fantastic assortment of cheeses and meats that have won numerous awards.

Hunters of Helmsley pie

They also offer deep-filled pies, pasties, made-to-order sandwiches, and fresh salads. If you have a sweet tooth, check out their homemade cakes and desserts selection. Its takeaway sandwiches are so good; make sure your appetite is up for it. They also have a pantry offering many options, from artisanal Italian pasta to locally produced jams & chutneys and luxury chocolates.

How to get there

Visit the website

Castle Howard Farm Shop

Castle Howard Farm Shop

Castle Howard Farm Shop takes great pride in offering high-quality produce, exceptional value for money, and friendly service. They have a superb selection of Yorkshire and British products, including artisan bread, seasonal fruits and vegetables, grocery essentials, and store-cupboard staples. The butcher’s counter and delicatessen are especially noteworthy, featuring locally sourced meat and game from within a 30-mile radius, regional cheeses, and delicious English wines.

Meet Farmer Michael and Butcher Tony as they take you on a field-to-fork journey explaining the provenance of the Castle Howard estate-reared Aberdeen Angus Beef.

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or a tasty treat, Castle Howard Farm Shop has everything you need to satisfy your cravings. And with the estate’s 1000 acres at your disposal, finding the perfect spot to enjoy your foodie delights is never a problem.

How to get there

Visit the website

Beadlam Grange Farm Shop

Beadlam Grange is a lovely family-run farm shop located outside of Helmsley in North Yorkshire. They’re known for their award-winning Limousin beef, which they breed themselves, and their passion for providing delicious, locally sourced food.

Beadlam Grange Farm Shop

Their farm shop has a butchery, delicatessen, greengrocery, and a bistro. They even have a dog-friendly seating area and a toddler play area in their undercover fold yard. It’s a great place to stop by if you’re looking for some good, honest, and tasty food!

How to get there

Visit the website

Visiting farm shops in and around Whitby and the North York Moors is a great way to support local farmers and producers while enjoying fresh, high-quality produce. Whether you’re looking for fresh fruit and vegetables, artisan cheese and bread, or locally raised meat, there’s sure to be a farm shop in the area that meets your needs. So why not take a trip to one of these fantastic shops and discover the delicious bounty of the North York Moors for yourself? You can also let us know your favourite in the comments.

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