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Relax Fully On Your Holiday With A Professional, Mobile Massage Treatment In Whitby

There must be a thousand ways to relax in Whitby. You could take a stroll along the award winning beaches, sit back and unwind with a cocktail in one of the Harbourside bars or you could even enjoy a tasty meal at one of the excellent restaurants in town. But what about really relaxing, you know, like remedial relaxation?

One of our favourite ways to get ready for the weekend is to have a mobile massage therapy treatment. There’s nothing quite like the restful moments that wash over your body as you enjoy a massage therapy treatment in the comfort of your own home (holiday cottage or bed and breakfast visits are possible too).

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Home visits are increasingly popular for their ease and convenience. Clinical, sports or general massage therapy treatments can be implemented to suit client specific requirements. Simply book an appointment and you can enjoy the rewarding benefits of massage therapy in Whitby during your holiday or working week.

Mobile sports massage in Whitby

Perhaps you have an old sports injury that never quite healed, a repetitive strain injury from work related activities or maybe you’re busy with work and need a helping hand to unwind after a stressful week at the office (how many hours do we sit at our desks each week?). It could be that you just really like to have a general massage because it makes you feel amazing for days afterwards. Whatever the reason, a clinical, sports or general massage can be applied to suit your requirements. It will be a great way to reward yourself and is one of the best ways to take good care of your body. A regular massage can reap huge health benefits and can add years to your life – we aim for one session a week to help keep our bodies in tip top condition. A sports massage is especially good, pre or post event if you’re performing in or for a marathon, triathlon, charity activity etc.

If you’re looking for a massage therapy treatment in Whitby then we would recommend choosing a specialised practitioner with the right qualifications. You want to know that your treatment will be based on sound academic principles from the latest research and insight from sports science and modern medicine.

Jamie Risato is on call to provide a professional, friendly service to new clients across Whitby and North Yorkshire. Jamie is a fully qualified and fully insured clinical and sports massage practitioner with qualifications from the Northern Institute of Massage. With numerous industry accreditations and diplomas you can rest assured that you’re in trained & caring hands when you book a service with Jamie.

Massage treatments can be provided for the neck & shoulders, hand & arm, back, abdominals, hip, leg, foot & ankle. Clinical, sports & general massage therapy treatments can be implemented to suit client specific requirements.

How to book

Contact Jamie Risato using the details below

Website: http://www.jamierisato.co.uk/

Phone: +44 7792 644 004

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