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Red Hat Ghost Walk, Our Review

We were lucky enough to be invited to a Red Hat Ghost Walk. We could not wait to hear Gill’s spooky tales. Here’s what we thought.

One of our favourite things about Whitby is the stories that ooze from every street. We love an evening ghost walk, exploring parts of the town we would not have known about and hearing exciting tales. Red Hat Ghost Walk invited us to join her, and how could we resist? Here’s what we thought.

Red Hat Ghost Walk in narrow street.
Photo by Helen @helenofwhitby

We met Gill at her Red Hat Ghost Walk sign at Whitby Bandstand, opposite the RNLI Lifeboat Museum. This is a great starting point. It’s easy to find and right next to bars and restaurants to relax in before meeting for your walk. The price is £7 per person, and you get a sticker with the Red Hat Ghost Walk logo on it, which we thought was a lovely touch.

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Gill Locker, Red Hat Ghost Walk

Gill Locker was born and raised in Whitby; she has heard and remembered the local stories from previous generations of her family through the years. These are Whitby’s stories, passed down verbally, and Gill continues this tradition.
She has refined the stories into a unique, entertaining and engaging style and thoroughly enjoys sharing them with Whitby’s visitors.

Ghost Walk Sticker.

Gill guided us on a walk. First, we were told the story of the hanging at Robert Lennard House in her own fabulous words. We had a few Whitby locals in our group, including Helen and her family. They had all heard this story before and told us how it used to scare them!

Pannet Park The Red Hat Ghost Walk

We wandered through alleyways and joined onto Silver Street, where Gill told another tale. We continued and found our way to Pannet Park, where Gill took us to the museum to learn about the Hand of Glory.

West Cliff View The Red Hat Ghost Walk.

After a few more twists and turns, we found ourselves at the West Cliff and wandered along the cliff top to the statue of Captain Cook. We finally walked down Cliff Street and finished in the Alice in Wonderland Garden.

Whitby red hat ghost walk at captain cook statue.

Gill told us tales of ghosts, witches, headless horsemen, severed hands and hobgoblins! She has written all the stories in rhyme and performed them with such ease and intrigue that we were engrossed. The walk suits all ages and fitness levels; it’s a great way to explore Whitby behind the scenes.

Wheelchair friendly ghost walk in Whitby.

Wheelchair friendly ghost walk in Whitby

Don’t worry if you’re not majorly physically fit! The group will only walk as fast as the slowest member, and there are plenty of stops along the way to catch up. Gill has significantly changed the route since our ghost tour, which is now wheelchair friendly.

How to join a Red Hat Ghost Walk

We cannot recommend Gill at Red Hat Ghost Walk enough! The walk was well-planned, lighthearted, and fun. It was a lovely way to meet people whilst visiting Whitby. To learn more about this walk and keep updated on the days and times her walks are running, please visit her website or follow Red Hat Ghost Walk on Instagram.

You can also contact Gill directly via her mobile: 07474 689 244

Header image by Helen @helenofwhitby.

3 thoughts on “Red Hat Ghost Walk, Our Review”

  1. Gill-red hat ghost walk
    Absolutely brilliant, great for all ages, given in Rhyme. We had All ages on our tour very well thought out route, lots of local information myths and truths. Thoroughly enjoyable.
    Such a lovely talented lady
    Wishing you well

  2. Gill-red hat ghost walk
    Absolutely brilliant. This is for all age groups she makes it entertaining the way she tells the stories through rhyme.

  3. We had a fantastic ghost walk with Gill, we loved all the stories she told us all in rhyme and many from her own experiences growing up in whitby


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