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Scravir While Whitby Sleeps, Book Review

We were recently sent a copy of Scravir While Whitby Sleeps a novel by C.M. Vassie to review, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it! Here’s what we thought…

Whenever I visit Whitby I find the atmosphere so unique in comparison to anywhere I have ever explored before. I can literally feel its history oozing out of every shop I gawk at and every cobble I stumble on. I love to imagine the people that once lived here who wandered through the narrow streets and spent their lives living at the mercy of the sea. 

Scravir While Whitby Sleeps

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For me, it’s hard to think of Whitby without thinking about Stoker’s Dracula. A text I read growing up, totally transforming my love for literature. It’s not difficult to understand why this gothic town inspires writers. I love gothic fiction and I was excited to receive Scravir and read C.M. Vassies’ take on what would happen if evil really did ever come to Whitby.

Scravir is a fast-paced modern gothic thriller set in a stormy Whitby during the Goth Festival. I have never visited Whitby during its annual Goth Festival but I have read about it and seen a lot of images. The streets become scattered with Goths and Steam Punks of all ages in the most creative and wonderful costume. The town is totally transformed. When you start this novel immediately you are transported to Whitby, you can almost smell the fish and chips. 

Scravir While Whitby Sleeps, Book Review

The main character is so interesting and like any great protagonist at first, I wasn’t too sure if I liked him or not. He has a connection to the town and an understanding of evil which is so exciting to explore and take that journey with him. The characters were well depicted, and the story is told from different perspectives, which I really enjoyed. 

If you have ever visited Whitby you will love how descriptive this novel is right down to tiny details like specific items in the shop windows. It’s in a cottage on Henrietta Street, that chaos arrives, and the anguish of Scravir takes place. 

Whether you love to visit Whitby or you’re desperate to take a trip this novel will transform how you imagine this seaside town, it blurs the lines between reality and imagination. What could be hiding right in front of your eyes? What do you miss because we simply just live day to day without really looking? Its exciting twists and turns will have you totally hooked. 

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Scravir While Whitby Sleeps

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  1. I loved reading Scravir excellent read in Whitby again at the moment and can follow the journey of the book well done C M Vassie, more please


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