Moutreys Review: Is it The Best Italian Restaurant in Whitby?

Moutreys is a cosy Italian restaurant featuring a stunning wood-fired oven as the centrepiece. Here’s our Moutreys review.

I love this restaurant as it offers something different from the other restaurants in Whitby. The wood-fired oven and open plan kitchen, along with the rustic iron-clad décor, make this a unique setting for a romantic meal or relaxing evening with friends. We hope this Moutreys review inspires you to visit. The restaurant is nearly always full in peak season, so book beforehand.

What’s the food like?

The menu has a great selection of homely Italian cuisine, fresh pizzas and pasta, great meat dishes and freshly caught seafood. Their food is cooked from only the finest ingredients, and they always use local ingredients where possible. The specials feature chicken wings and other flamed grilled meat and fish from the wood-fired oven. You can also get a selection of steaks and mouth-watering burgers. Several vegetarian choices are available.

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My recommendation is the “Americano Hot” pizza.

My recommendation is the “Americano Hot” pizza. I have tried several pizzas at Moutreys over the years, but this is my favourite. I combine this with the garlic prawns starter and wash it down with a few glasses of red wine; it’s simple food that’s well cooked and never disappoints.

There is something for everyone on the menu, and kids can be kept happy with the wide variety of wood-fired pizzas. They also do smaller portions of pizzas, pasta, and other main meals for children and seniors.

What about drinks?


Wine is never far from a table at Moutreys; they have a great selection of wines from around the world, along with champagne, beers, ales, and spirits. The staff are more than happy to assist you with matching wine with your meal choice. The service at Moutreys has always been excellent when I have visited. There is a good selection of soft drinks and coffee and tea.

What are the prices like?

Very reasonable. It’s excellent food at a sensible price. They also offer happy hour deals and run competitions, so check their Facebook page for more information.

Is it open for lunch?

Yes, Moutreys is open for lunch. I would recommend you ring ahead and book a table as lunch can also be busy during the summer season.

Can you pop in for a drink?

Moutreys is not a bar/restaurant/cafe like many other establishments in Whitby. You cannot pop in for a quick drink. Instead, book a table and settle in for a few hours with some great food and wine.

Moutreys is a small rustic Italian restaurant with a friendly atmosphere.

Moutreys is a small rustic Italian restaurant with a friendly atmosphere. You can visit with family, bring the kids or visit here for a romantic meal for two. A must-visit restaurant in Whitby! Highly recommend.

Contact details:

Address: 9 Grape Lane, Whitby, YO22 4BB

Website: www.moutreys.co.uk

Please share your own experience of Moutreys in the comments below. You can view other recommended Whitby restaurants here.

1 thought on “Moutreys Review: Is it The Best Italian Restaurant in Whitby?”

  1. The waitress service was faultless but the food was most certainly below average. The pasta was dried pasta, not fresh. The pasta sauces and pizza dishes were bland. The lasagne was also lacking in flavour and the minced beef tasted as if it came from a tin. We were asked very early on once we received our meal whether the food was OK, we said it was but then quickly realised afterwards that it was not the case and was very substandard. We did not eat much of our meals and complained to the staff when our plates were collected. When we came to pay for our meal (despite our complaint we were still charged full price) we were told that when we were asked if our meals were OK at the beginning we were then bound to that opinion and they could not reduce our bill. The staff argued and demanded we paid the full price. I compromised and said we would pay half the food price but they said we still had to pay the full price because we said at the beginning the meal was OK. We argued that this was asked very early on once the meal was served and we should not be bound by this response. I asked for £30 to be taken from our £113 bill and they offered to reduce the bill by £18.95. We eventually (after much deliberation) came to an agreement to reduce the bill by £23.19. The length of time it took to agree this figure was completely out of order and its clear that good customer service is not at the forefront of this restaurant’s mind. I’m so disappointed and will never eat there again.


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