7 Things To Do In Whitby When It’s Raining

Whitby is full of rich culture that is just waiting to be soaked in by tourists and residents of Whitby. Apart from being extremely beautiful, Whitby is packed with things to do, and when the views are ruined by the weather then it’s time to change your plans, and if that’s the case then here are some things to do in Whitby when it's raining.

7 Things to do in Whitby when it's raining

Whitby Museum & Pannett Park

Whitby Museum

Located at the top of Pannett Park is the Whitby Museum. It’s a small fee of £5 to enter, which helps the upkeep of the museum, though Whitby residents can enter the museum for free – though when I enter I like to make a small donation. The history of Whitby is frozen in time in this museum; from the story of Whitby Jet to the Hand of Glory, it’s all in here. It’s a fascinating little gem that will appeal to any history fanatic or Whitby lover, they often have galleries that are only on for a certain time so it’s always a good idea to check their website before you go.

Address: Whitby Museum, Pannett Park, Whitby, YO21 1RE

Phone: +44 1947 602 908

Whitby Shopping


Shopping in Whitby isn’t the same as shopping in your high street shops, it has an array of shops you won’t find anywhere else in the country and although you will have to brave the weather as you go from shop to shop it’s completely worth it. The shop owners and workers are always friendly and up for a chat, they also sell the most amazing things. There are a few Whitby Jet Shops for you to get your precious souvenirs, and also a fantastic fossil shop that sits right next to the Captain Cook Memorial Museum on Grape Lane. Make sure to save your pennies when you make your way to Whitby, because you will want to buy so many things from our unique shops.

St Mary’s Church Whitby

St Mary’s Church

Even if you’re not the religious sort St Mary’s Church is a fantastic stop to add onto your journey around Whitby. The church was founded in 1110, which means it’s full of rich history and some of the furniture and interior is original, including the pews. If you can I’d suggest finding a volunteer to show you around, they’re all very lovely and have an amazing amount of knowledge on the church. There is a little shop inside the church too that sells little pamphlets of information that come in handy as you take your journey in Whitby. It’s also worth noting that if you’re brave enough to go out in the rain you can make yourself around the graves and find the headstones of pirates, Humpty Dumpty, and maybe even Dracula!

Address: St Mary’s Church, Whitby, YO22 4DW

Captain Cook Memorial Museum

Captain Cook Memorial Museum

Whitby’s most famous son is the discoverer of Australia; James Cook. Although he didn’t come from Whitby he did make it his home, he learned his trade here and learnt everything he needed to know about sailing (and discovering countries!). The Captain Cook Memorial Museum is actually in the 17th century home where James Cook lodged as an apprentice, you can even go up to the attic where Captain Cook lived and stayed up all night learning the seaman trade. The museum also displays letters written by James Cook to John Walker (who taught Cook everything he knew).

Address: Grape Lane, Whitby, YO22 4BA

Phone: +44 1947 601 900

Whitby Restaurants


Feeling a bit peckish and wanting to get away from the rain? Whitby is full of restaurants that will give you a fantastic food experience. From the Humble Pie and Mash Shop to Mister Chips (which was the chosen fish and chip shop to cater for James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond when they filmed their Grand Tour in Whitby) there is plenty of choice of food for you to indulge yourself on, and also a handful of traditional sweet shops to pick yourself up a little treat.

View our recommended Whitby Restaurants.

Whitby Lighthouses

For a small fee you can make yourself up the steps of the famous Whitby lighthouses and look out at a gorgeous view, not only that but you will be soaking up a piece of history that is so important to Whitby. As a town that has thrived from the maritime business the lighthouses have played such an important role in making sure sailors made it to our ports safely, it was also bombarded with shells during World War Two. But be careful when you enter, the ghost of a lighthouse keeper is said to make an appearance every now and again!

Pannett Art Gallery

Pannett Art Gallery has been described as a “hidden gem” by many Whitby visitors. It was originally a gift from Alderman Pannett as a way to preserve his paintings, but it now boasts an array of local artists. There are three parts to the gallery, all filled with the most beautiful paintings of our town and culture. It’s also free entry, a real steal when you see what the gallery has to offer, the gallery is attached to the Whitby Museum in Pannett Park.

Address: Pannett Art Gallery, Pannett Park, Whitby, YO21 1RE

Phone: +44 1947 600 933

Things To Do In Whitby When It’s Raining

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  1. Dont forget whitby brewery at the side of abbey qench your thirst after climbing those steps phew well worth a visit’friendly hosts nice local ales.

  2. what a brilliant source of informatiom for the Whitby visitor who wants to sample the delights of the town and the surrounding area. I have listed places to visit that i didnt know existed and cant wait for October to come around

  3. Lovely place Whitby I love going there . I would like to live there . I always have lunch at trenches it’s a. Nice place. I like going up the 99 steps and and I like looking out over Whitby and the
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